Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slacker with a side of lazy

I had to look at my dailymile to see what I did last week. I seriously was a slacker with a capital S. Sitting around eating some slackerjacks last week.
Last week - 
Tues  - 3 mile slow run
Wed - 30 minutes weights, 30 minutes on the bike
Fri - 5 mile walk
Sat - I planned to workout - but then I ended up decorating our house for Evie's birthday.
Sun - We spent 5 hours walking around celebrating Evie's birthday. 

That brings me to this week, today my 3-day walk called for a rest day. My normal plan calls for a Spin. I did a whole bunch of nothing.  I am 16 weeks out on the 3-Day Plan - this week calls for a total of 15 miles. 4 walks - 3mi, 4mi, 5mi and 3mi. As long as I make the time - these miles will get completed. The goal is also to get back on the ChaLean Extreme DVDs.  

I know have to dig down inside of me and find some way to make this easy schedule work - I need to get off my lazy butt and make it work also. The plan is easy, the plan is simple now it is time to execute it this week.

Anyone else eating slackerjacks?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday

we found out we were pregnant an you were nicknamed meatball
then you became genevieve

Or evie for short 

by your first birthday you gained the nickname of booger or boogie

by your second birthday you defined yourself

by your third birthday, I felt like you were turning thirteen 

your fourth birthday was celebrated the way you wanted

today you turn 5, yesterday we celebrated your 5th birthday in style

you have turned 5 years old, but you will still be my little boogie

i can't wait to see what this next year will bring

happy birthday genevieve

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I am struggling posting lately. I just feel like I have nothing to post. I apologize for that! I clearly have bothered a few people as I lost two followers lately.

2. If  I participate in the Snohomish River Run in I really want to dress in a Halloween Costume. Of course, the only two costumes that come to mind is Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb or Thing 1/Thing2. Hey Julie do you want to dress up in costume for your next half?

3. 5 years ago today I was put on bed rest.  4 days later my little girl was born. She is turning 5 on Monday! My little girl is turning 5, I swear time is speeding up.  More details on Monday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fundraising Roll Call

If you have followed my blog for a while or just a few weeks you probably know that I am currently fundraising for the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk. I know this event is either loved or hated by people. I strongly believe that you should support the organization that you want to, so here is a list for other organizations to donate:

1. Support Me in my 3-day 60 mile walk - donations can be made Here. I will also an Online ThirtyOne Bag party in August. Check out there products here if you would like to place an order in August, more information to come.

2.  Support Cori - in her TNT 'Cori's Going Goofy' efforts. Donations accepted HERE.

3. Ronda is raising money for Active Hero's - donations accepted HERE.

4. Michel passion is raising money for Autism. Her donation page is HERE.

5. Our family raises money each year for Brain Cancer - our donation page was just set up. Donations can be made under Team Amazing Joe - HERE.

6. A friend and fellow 3-day walk partner is also raising money for a cause close to her. The Seattle Heart Walk, in honor of her nephew. Donations can be made on their team page HERE.

My challenge to you is to find an organization this month that means something to you and make a donation. Whether it is donating your time by volunteering, making a monetary donation or donating household items. Any thing will help.

If you are currently fundraising feel free to past a link in the comments section.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday already?

Ummm, where did Monday go? I started a part time job last week to help get us over the hump of unemployment. I then was offered a full time job and well life got a little crazy. Good news is I am now gainfully employed or will be. What makes this crazy, well since the beginning of July or the start of my unemployment I have been wearing primarily running capris, yoga leggings or loose fitting clothing. This morning I tried to put on a pair of jeans and what appeared was not pretty. Can we say muffin tops? Yes, multiple muffin tops - so so sad. Note to self do not wear only leggings for almost month. This has renewed my weight loss efforts  - operation make muffin tops disappear is in full effect this morning.

Besides that not much happened or was exciting over the weekend. Saturday we spent some time with the family as they hosted a Garage Sale. Which meant telling my daughter, a million and one times that we could not buy something. To turn around and have a family member tell her, for her the price was FREE. Thankfully, we were able to forget some stuff when we left, but we still came home with a bunch of jewelry which she loves to play with.  To my own surprise I got my workout in on Saturday night 4.25 miles on the treadmill, the first of many back to back walks to come.

Sunday we relaxed and then took our boat out for a while. Sean recently acquired a wake surf board and he wanted to try it out. Wake Surfing is rather interesting you start off holding the rope and then when you are comfortable, let go of the rope and surf the wake. Here is a photo - note this is not my husband or our boat.

Since the weather was pretty crappy, we didn't stay out long. Which was good as it allowed me to get part two of my back to back walk in. This time the walk was 6 miles, I did run a few laps, as I just felt like I it. I kept my pace slow when running though. Preparing for the 3 day walk is going to be interesting since walking is different on your body then running.

Monday I pulled something in my back or maybe shoulder area. I went to the chiropractor for some relief by Monday evening it was still hurting. I ended up turning Monday into a rest day. The rest of my week should look like this:

Tuesday - 3 miles & ChaLean DVD
Wednesday - Spin & ChaLean DVD
Thursday - 5 miles
Friday - Spin & ChaLean DVD
Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 4 miles

Providing my back/shoulder area cooperates I can get back into training this week. 

How did your weekend treat you?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Funny race pics

This weeks workout - we will just call them a fail. I have completed some of them but with less then stellar effort. Yesterday, the photo's from the See Jane Run Event came out. Most of them look pretty standard, but one photo needs to go into that bad photo category.

I thought I looked like this:

I actually look like this: 

I hope this gives you a laugh, I know I was cracking up.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Need a race to PR at?

Then I think the Snohomish River Run is perfect for you.

Mark your calendars for Saturday October 27th and be one of the first to participate in this event.

I received an email yesterday about this event.  The Snohomish River Run is an amazingly flat
course, don't believe me from the website.

Run along the scenic banks of the Snohomish River on a FAST and FLAT course designed to make the miles fly by! This beautiful level course enjoys views of snowy mountains, weathered barns and peaceful farmland. But did we mention it’s FAST? And we mean really fast! Total elevation climb over 13.1 miles? A mere 115 feet! This course is perfect for your very first half marathon or to work on that personal best

When I read the website I thought this race is for me. The only problem is its the day before the LA Rock and Roll that I am planning on running - so if all works out perfectly I won't be in town this weekend.  However, if I end up not going to LA then I am in.  I love flat course. I may not be fast, but a flat course makes me love running. If you are in the PNW you know there are not many Fast and Fast course out there.

My only question is the event is 3 days before Halloween do you think it would be okay to rock a Halloween costume?  I love Halloween and would love to have a good excuse to dress up. There are some discount codes already floating around out there check out there so do a quick little search and find one and sign up.  Mark your calendar and start preparing for you first half Marathon or your next PR.

Check out the Snohomish River Run
Website: http://snohomishriverrun.com/
Twitter: @runsnohomish

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weather Wednesday

We shall see what actually happens.
The weather in Washington is like playing Plunko.
Just because something is in the forecast doesn't mean its going to happen.

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fundraising Update

My fundraising for the Susan G. Komen walk in November is going well. We have finally settled out my Tastefully Simple Party that I held in May. $125 from the party was donated from my walk. I am extremely gratefully to Jesi @ Tastefully Simple for hosting the virtual party.  After adding the donation and a few other donations my total has reached $2,095 as today.

I have $205 left to raise to reach my minimum goal. In August, I will be hosting a Virtual Party for Thirty-One Bags.  I can't wait to get my own order in for a few things.  If you would like to help me reach my goal, donations can be made on my donation page HERE.  A big thanks to those who have donated money and those who have sent me emails supporting this cause. Thank you!

In other news, the week after a half I have to hold myself back and let my body rest. Especially since last week I didn't do much because I was sick. Being sick last week, I didn't do ChaLean Extreme DVDs  and my arms are starting to feel it. It is amazing how quickly you feel like you are losing definition. The plan this week is to work that slowly back into my schedule and then jump back into the routine next week. I have no races planned until the Iron Girl 5K, which I plan to PR at. My training plan is going to be a combo or walking and running to work on my speed while training for the 3-Day Walk. Here is what this week looks like:

Monday - Spin - Done! Did 45 sweaty minutes yesterday. Felt great to move my legs which are a little sore.
Tuesday - 3 easy miles and ChaLean Extreme Burn 1
Wednesday - Spin and ChaLean Extreme Burn 2
Thursday - Warm up, 3x800 in 5:41 w/400 jogs - my first speed work in a long time
Friday - ChaLean Extreme Burn 3 & Ab Workout
Saturday - Walk 7 miles
Sunday - Easy run 6 miles

How is Tuesday treating you?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The $7 deal for race #7

Sunday, I participated in the See Jane Run Half Marathon in Seattle. Originally, I hadn't planned to run this event, I did plan to volunteer at it. Then Zozi offered a deal for $57. I posted it a few times online, with my referral credit making it $47 for new users to Zozi. I had a few credits saved from referrals to other events - so See Jane Run would cost me $7. I still didn't want to do it. For a variety of reasons. This was my 5th half this year and I had only planned to run 4 this year.  It was in July, which is a warmer month for us Washingtonians. While running Seattle RnR Pensive Pumpkin talked me into spending the $7 and joining in the fun. At the last minute Julie decided that she wanted to run her first half marathon.

We had the Rookie (Julie), The Instigator (Pensive Pumpkin) and The Veteran (yes that is me, I figure running 6 halfs prior to this one earns me the title).

The plan was to meet up at 6:45am I would drive us to the starting line and have running/walking good time.  As I was in line at Starbucks before picking the ladies up I get a text message from The Instigator saying that she wasn't feeling well and didn't know if she should go. I gave her a peep talk and she said "against better judgment" I will meet you in a second. We were all on our way to Seattle. I kept trying to talk them into breakfast instead, especially after we arrived and it was cold and windy. I also tried to talk them into downgrading to the 5K, you got a medal for the 5K also. I wasn't sure how good I was going to do as I had just been sick all week with a stomach bug. I had not run anything over 6 miles since Seattle RnR.

A little clowning around before the event. I ended up wearing my jacket for some of it as I was cold and it was windy.  I felt like I was running into a headwind most of the time.

We started off with a run/walk - I hung back to motivate The Instigator since I knew she wasn't feeling well and let the Rookie take off ahead of us. I told her to just run what felt comfortable and I would be back for her.  As we reached mile two I caught back up with the Rookie on the first out and back. She was doing great and holding strong. I can't tell you what we were running as my damn garmin was lapping at .63 of mile. No idea how that happened. I kept The Rookie in my sights until about mile 4, then I lost her around a corner and would not see her again until mile 10. I kept hoping she would stop at use the bathroom and I would catch her. I thought about slowing down and syncing back up with the Instigator, but I didn't know how far behind me she was. The route overall was beautiful, it went around Lake Union so 90% of the time you had an awesome view to lose yourself in your run. I ran/walked most of it and felt great overall.  The course was mostly flat with just a few hills in the middle which were over quickly.
My Garmin Data
At mile 8, I checked my phone and realized that the Instigator was not going to finish. I kicked myself for not staying with her. Maybe I would have helped her finish even when she was feeling bad.  There wasn't much I could do about it then but keep pushing.

At my mile 10 I saw The Rookie again. She looked strong and still had a smile on her face, I told her I would see her at the finish line and completed the last out and back. Which was the worst. Nothing like running past the finish line  and having to turn around and come back.  Although the support through this area was awesome. If I remember there were two water stops, but because of the out and back it was 4 water stations. At the last one a lady even said - hey are you runnermaybe. Hi Jen! I have never been recognized from my blog! So hello to you!!! Thanks for the motivation, it really helped at that point.
As I came across the finish line The Rookie was there waiting for me. She took a few photos of me being crazy as usual.

My watch said 3:15, which was better then I expected given my condition and lack of preparation. Of course this is probably wrong as I didn't start my watch until .10 into the event, and I forgot to stop it right away. Race results are not up yet so I don't know my official time.  We received a medal, a champagne glass with chocolates in it. The Rookie and I skipped the free glass of Champagne and heading to our car. The walk back tot he car seemed longer.  The medal was tiny, but I knew it would be as the one last year was small also - either way it was put with the rest of my medals.

I got my $7 worth out of this event, I had a great time. I am not sure if I would do this event again though. I really hated the last 3 miles course wise. It was flat, but it was dull and boring. Of course if I get another great deal I just might sign up again. Next time, I am not getting my booty handed to me by the Rookie! Next time Julie, I am hanging with you. Yes, I just said next time.....that means you will be running another half.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

I am a miserable bundle of joy right now. It is just easier to explain in bullet points.
  • Officially unemployed - wah wah wah
  • Have had a stomach bug since Sunday
  • Haven't lost any weight from stomach bug, instead get the privilege of looking pregnant several times through out the day
  • Eating dinner makes me feel ill because of said stomach bug
  • Ran 3 miles yesterday, had to stop because of barfy feeling
  • Not sure how I am going to do 13.1 on Sunday if this bug does not leave my body
  • Hit my head on the door Tuesday, while cleaning the bathroom floor
  • Have a single horn growing out of my head where I hit said head
  • Pretty sure a pimple is forming on top of said horn
  • Not sure what I am wearing this weekend besides a blue sparkle skirt, Pensive Pumpkin suggested I go topless
  • The solstice 5K was a few weeks ago don't think I could get away with going topless on Sunday
  • I met with a recruiter yesterday and pulled a pencil out of my purse to take a note and it was a Smurf pencil
Trying to look on the bright side of things
  • Our awesome weather has made my skin a beautiful golden tan
  • I still have coffee to make every morning, that hasn't been cut from the budget
  • I have a great and wonderful family, even if they do make fun of said horn, and fat tummy 
  • Making fun of me,  is in a 4 year old manner,  it always makes me laugh
  • Laughing is good when my list of bad things is longer then good things

Make me laugh today. Have you ever injured yourself in a manner that was embarrassing to explain?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weather Wednesday

Weather for SJR on Sunday.
For the rest of the world - this is HOT for us.
Now to figure out what to wear!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stomach Bug

Sunday afternoon I got sick, I ended up eating a package of Ritz crackers for dinner and going to be miserable.

Monday I started my day out slowly. Water, coffee then venturing into the land of a protein drink. The stomach was upset but stable. Lunch was part of a Jamba Juice, a protein drink and a banana, more crackers - not all at once but over the day. By dinner my stomach was feeling well enough to try some real food. A little pasta, a slice of bread and it revolted. The worst pain ever. I final caved in and went to the store for some Pepto when I realized I looked 4-5 months pregnant and I couldn't even suck in my stomach. An hour two later I felt like what I can only imagine contractions feel like. Yes, I have a child, but I never had a contraction. It was terrible. I went to bed early feeling like my stomach was going to explode. 

Tuesday I woke up feeling a lot better. My energy was back and my stomach was not distended. I wasn't taking any risks with food. I started the day with water. After that caused no pain around 10:30 AM I had a protein drink and a banana.  I got a little adventures at lunch and made a Vanilla Mango Smoothie and had some Edamame to snack on. All was well in the solid food department. For an afternoon snack I ate a granola bar with no protest. Dinner tonight I went easy - with a salad, with sliced pork and ranch dressing. That sounds kind of gross but it was taste.  I was feeling good. Little. to no stomach pain, I decided it was time to hit the treadmill and see if I could run pain free. I made it all of 1.25 miles before my stomach bloated out to pregnant women and discomfort set in. Not the kind of discomfort you can push down. The kind that says....you are either going to barf or shart you better stop running. 

I need to get over this freaking bug! I just confirmed my registration for the See Jane Run today, as well as talked Julie into joining in the fun. Truth be told - I didn't really have to talk her into it. She said she wanted to do it and I just found her a discount code.

I will get better, I must get better.  Share your remedies for getting over stomach bugs!

Monday, July 9, 2012

What's next?

Last week workout wise was a big fat fail.

We went on a mini vacation to the warm side of Washington. I hadn't planned on taken my running gear, but after getting my new shoes. I decided to go for it. We  left after work on Tuesday and had planned to come home Thursday. I got my run in on Wednesday before the 4th of July festivities started.  I think running in the early morning sun, might be the only time I like getting up early to run.
Waiting for the Parade to start on the 4th
Thursday we had planned to leave, but the little one and I ended up staying and extra day while the husband headed home. One of us had to be responsible and work on Friday and it wasn't me.  Thursday afternoon after the husband left we noticed that helicopters were coming to the Columbia River near where we were staying and getting water. There was a fire near Lake Chelan - more info here. The helicopters continued until dark and started up on Friday. When I was leaving the fire was still burning in the canyons.

Saturday we spent the entire day out on our boat. We toured Lake Union and then did some tubing in Lake Washington. By the time we got home I was completely spent. There was no fitting a workout in.

Sunday I had planned to get up early and run, but when I woke up I just felt off. I was supposed to attend a Blogger Meet Up, but the sunshine was calling my name. We spent a few hours at Lake Sammamish letting the little one play in the sand, and then headed home around 3PM. I took a shower and then passed out.  I woke up a little later vomiting. Oh the joys of stomach flu.

What's up next for me? I was supposed to run the See Jane Run Half Marathon on July 15th, but my lack of training has me doubting if I can even walk that distance. This morning I am still feeling off, but I am hoping that it will pass today and I can get back to my regularly scheduled programing. After my failed 'fast' run last week - I decided that I want to train for a 5K PR, sure I already PR'd this year, but lets be honest I am still slow. I know that if I work a little harder I can get it.  Plus  training for a 5K PR is much easier to add into my 3-day walk training.  I just need to figure out a plan as I already have a race in mind  - the Seattle Iron Girl 5K/10K event.

How was your weekend?  Any suggestions for 5K PR training plans?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mezamashii Run Project

I  was lucky enough to get an invite to the Mezamashii Run Project. I am not going lie, at first I was skeptical. All I do is call a number, give them a special code and they send me a free pair of running shoes. AWESOME! First I checked out what the Mezamashii Run Project was about.

Then I went to Mizuno USA  to check out there shoes. I instantly feel in love with their color schemes. After looking around I figured that the Wave Inspire 8 would work perfect for me. I called and spoke with a rep at Mizuno and determined those would be the best fit. A few days later these appeared on my doorstep.

They arrived on July 3rd, they day we were heading out of town. I hadn't planned on running when we were out of town, but after these arrived I packed my running clothing.  On the 4th of July I woke up at 6:30am and headed out for a quick run. One of the first things I noticed about these shoes was how much lighter they felt then my other running shoes. The shoes I usually wear fall under the support and control category, and can feel heavy on an early morning run. But on this run,  I felt light and for the first time a long time was not dreading my AM run.

As I was running I looked at my Garmin and thought, this can't be right. I know I have had a lot of down hills in my run, but with every down hill there was an uphill. I looked at my watch at 2 miles and was in shock, I thought this can't be right. I was in the middle of a long down hill and kept pushing it. Figured I might as well take advantage of it. I pushed up the hill and ran back to the house. At the house the temp said 75 degrees in the sun and it was a little after 7AM.  I had just ran for 35 minutes and was feeling the run love.

I told them about how awesome my run was and how something has to be wrong with my watch - as I had the quickest 3.5 miles EVER!  I felt on top of the world. Not only did I run in new shoes that felt great, but I had a Brilliant Run! I had felt great and was ready for the day.

Two days later, I am back home and finally had a chance to upload my data. On Garmin Connect it says I only went 2.25 miles, not the 3.5 I thought. Well, that makes more sense. After a better examination of my Garmin - my miles are in, yup you guessed it kilometers. I have no idea how it got switched, but I still can't wait to go out for another run in my new Mizuno shoes - even if I am still slow.  That run, even if shorter and slower then I thought gave me a confidence to push harder next time.

What makes a run Brilliant for you?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Post Tuesday

Sunday I had some errands to do so I decided to walk them. Before I left my child was shooting a nerf gun at my husband. They were frighting over it, to stop the fighting my child decieded that I should take the gun with me. I walked 4.8 miles with a nerf gun in my backpack. This is not the first time I have had to carry around one of my childs toys and I am sure it won't be the last.

Monday after I did ChaLean Extereme Burn 1 DVD and rode my Spin bike for 30 minutes, I decided to refuel with Chocolate Milk and a bowl of cherries. Best summer refuel ever! It is a good thing I have my own in house chocolate milk tester to make sure I get it just right.

 Looks like the rest of the USA is getting a heatwave.
As usual Washington State is sucking big time.

 How awesome would this fourtune be if it was actually real?

Share your random thoughts for today?

Monday, July 2, 2012

June Monthly Recap

The month of June was a little out of control for me. I didn't really set any particular goals except to survive and that I did for the most part.  My body is having lots of aches and pains, and what I like to call if I go to the Dr. its an injury. If I can wait it out then it won't be. :)

A quick review of June:

We went to a wedding

Started ChaLean Extreme

Seattle RnR Weekend Fun
Ending the month with the Foam Fest 5K

I am on track to reach all of my goals for 2012, here is a quick recap on those:
Running Goals 
  • Run 4 Half Marathons - 4 down - Race Recap's - GOAL REACHED
  • Try a new distance - SGK 3-Day walk in November 2012
  • Run 12 Races Total - 8 down - 4 to go - Race Recap's
  • Year of the PR -work on PRing in 5K, 10K and Half - PR - 5KSt. Patricks Day Dash PR - Need to work on that half...but not right now. 
  • Run more miles then 2011 Miles(505.29)/2012 Miles (376 run/walk)
    • January - 10 | 40February- 56 | 65March - 61 | 61.5
      April - 72- | 76
      May - 34 | 65June - 16 | 59 +  10 walked
Where does these put me for July?
  • Not to injury my ankle
  • Complete ChaLean Extreme 4x a week, I am going to have to skip some of the workouts as my ankle cannot handle it. Plan to stick to the Burn DVDs and Abs for now
  • Run/Walk See Jane Run Half as a training run for 3-day walk
  • Lose 5lbs or more if it wants to come off.
  • Run more miles then last year  - I ran 31 miles in July of 2011
Besides that I don't have any other runs scheduled for July or August. I was going to participate in Ragner, but decided against it for a variety of reasons. One day I will do a relay, but not this month.

How was June? Any big goals for July?