Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Update

The first weekend of June is complete. Friday, my schedule called for a workout DVD, but I wasn't in the mood so I jumped on my bike turned on Netflixs and went for a ride. It felt great and I know I got a good workout in as was drenched in sweat afterwards. Friday night started the wedding festivities with us heading into the city for a rehearsal and dinner.

Saturday after getting the little one to Grandma and Grandpa's we headed back to the city to check into the Hotel and let the day of wedding fun get started. I am not going to post any photo's of the Bride and Groom as I think they should be the first to share those photos. But I will share a few photo's of myself.  When checked into the hotel, the said we had a view of the Space Needle, which is nice and all, but as a local I would much rather of had the lake view.

View from our room

Lake Union view! The clouds were awesome!
 My husband was in the wedding party and had to be ready early. I sent him on his way and relaxed in the hotel until it was time to get ready. We were lucky that the rain decided to stay away for the wedding and it made it a beautiful day.
All gussied up and in heels, something that rarely happens
This should be a shout out to Spanx also!

The Hubs and I pre-wedding!
The wedding was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, the cocktail hour was fun I was told by some random stranger that I had the most beautiful smile there. I was told this several times and in front of my husband so - I think the guy might have been a little drunk early on.

We headed upstairs to the reception area which had amazing views of Lake Union. Dinner was awesome and the company was great. During the Maid of Honor speech my husband told me to turn around and there was a boat across the lake that was on fire. It turns out the person who lives on this boat was cooking and a large wave from another boat caused the oil she was using to spill and that started the fire. We took a brief intermission from the speeches to close up the windows to keep the smoke from coming in. Not sure how the Best Man tops a boat fire with his speech, but the rest of the night went well.
The fire just starting
Toasting to safety of the people involved in the fire
About an hour later, the boat was till flaring up. Emergency vehicles had moved the boat to the shore and away from other boats so they could get support from fire engine's on land to get the first out.

Overall the wedding was a beautiful event that I was happy to be invited to. We stayed out late, danced our booties off and had a wonderful time overall. Dancing in heels counts as cardio right? Sunday we woke up, picked up the little one and headed home. I supposed to go out running with a friend around 7PM, but after taking a nap I realized that would be a bad idea and bailed. I really hate missing a longer run, but I am not sure I could even run 1 mile right now. This blog post is probably riddled with errors as I am about to fall asleep typing it out. Who gets an early bedtime tonight, this girl!

How was your weekend?


  1. I second that! You look beautiful!

    My weekend definitely did not go as planned - cancelled wedding in the family. Drama and stress and long strings of very bad words.

  2. i third that you look amazing! glad you had a great time!

  3. What a great weekend. You look fantastic, the dress and shoes look very good on you.

    Our weekend was as cold as Christmas day last year. Can you believe it? In June?

  4. Sounds like a fun night! Too bad about the boat fire, that just really lit up fast! Crazy! You looked beautiful:)

  5. That's terrible about the boat fire but at least no one was hurt. Great pictures of you in the little black dress!!!

  6. You look amazing! Love the dress!