Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seattle RnR Expo

I have been sitting here trying to think of what to write. There was just so much going on I don't know where to start. I usually would do all of the race weekend in one post, but this weekend needs to be broken up. I was blessed to attened a Another Mother Runner House party on Thursday.  Friday, thanks to Mel @ we had a blogger meet up at the expo wth John Bingham. The little one begged to be picked up early from school and come to the expo with me. I was taking a risk, but decided to do it. Evie and I arrived at the expo  around 1:30PM and had plenty of time to kill before the blogger meet up. 

After getting my bib we headed to the Chocolate Milk milk tent where I was quickly recognized by Ashley. She was awesome to talk with about this event, the weather and of course Chocolate milk.  The Chocolate Milk booth was close to the blogger meet up so I told them to head over and chat with some of the other amazing ladies after the talk with John.  Evie and I found the sign for the speakers and on it was our Blogger meet up, it was offically.

With time to spare we went to the Brooks booth to play a few games.  Evie enjoyed the fortune teller and couldn't quite figure out the skee ball. 

Soon it was time for the blogger meet up. I bribed my child with a Sprite and a purse full of snacks to hang out and relax while Mel and John did there thing.

Afterwards the introductions started. I of course to a photo with Kim at (Just) trying is for little girls. Kim was the first person to comment on my blog and welcome me into the blogger world.

Meet a few other awesome girls HeatherKim and Ronda

Oh and the rest of the Seattle area + visiting blogger community! This wasn't even everyone that I had the privleage to meet this weekend. Photo stolen from Facebook.

We left the expo and headed to meet up with the husband for dinner. The little one feel asleep and ended up sleeping all through dinner. She woke up as I was picking her up out of the booth to take her home. When we got home we went through all of the goodies we picked up at the expo. Take a 4 year old to an expo leave with a bag full of stuff you don't need. This picture proves it...a conductors hat and blue sunglasses from Brooks.

It was already starting to get late, so I got my stuff together for my early 4:30AM wake up call and went to bed.

Up next the race.

What's your favorite part of the expo?


  1. Dude, I was the first one to comment, evah? So cool.
    I loved finally meeting you. Finally. And, Evie, how cute was she? I think I need to spend some more time with the two of you. She was so great, with her "camera" taking pictures. Love that kid.

  2. Looks like you had a ton of fun at the Expo! So jealous that you met some of the bloggers whom I read regularly! Maybe some day I will meet all you gals in real life :) Can't wait to read your race report!

  3. My favorite part of expos? SKEE BALL!!! lol

    Now go write your race post, I am DYING to read it. hahahahaha And steal your photos. ; )

  4. Wow sounds like a great time! I was wishing I was there every time someone tweeted or blogged about it.

  5. Nice you made the bloggy meetup on Fri. I was bummed to miss it :(

  6. I hit the expo first thing in the morning ... but I'm so glad I went back again so I could finally meet you! Naturally I'm the slacker that shows up AFTER the meet-up has officially happened. Oh well!

    My favorite part of the expo? Shopping! I love making my pass through the official merchandise. And then I totally love all the free stuff! I went home with two t-shirts this year and endless hours of "Energy". At last count I think I had 25 hours of it bottled up in various flavors!

    Your daughter is absolutely adorable, by the way! I almost tried to claim her as my own!