Monday, June 25, 2012

Seattle RnR - 2012

I had a personal worst for time, but I had the best time ever.  Before you read my recap, you should read Pensive Pumpkins! I did my best to keep her from giving up in every annoying way possible.

Warning I am sure this post will get long, a lot happened that day.
Wake up call 4:30AM, I hit snooze. After the next alarm I got up and got ready. Breakfast was an eggo sandwich w/ PB&J, coffee and Nuun. After getting dressed, kissing the kiddo and the husband I headed out. I was walking about .30 of a mile to meet up with my carpool ride.  It was raining, so I decided to wear my Ugg knockoffs down the hill. I figured the longer I could keep my shoes dry the better.

Carpool and running buddy Lori showed up right at 5:30. We headed to Seattle and found parking relativly easy. I was originally going to bag check my stuff but decided to leave it in her car. The plan was to have a fun run and run with her and Pensive Pumpkins. We visited the porta potties, as well as meet up with a bunch of bloggers at 6:30AM for some photo ops. 
The lovely blogging community
Kim and I

If you have never done a Rock and Roll race - you won't understand the amount of photo's that they take on the course and after the course. Which is awesome, but I only wish it didn't cost so much to get copies of them.  You can view all the photo's I have been tagged in here.  Its only a few days after the race, I am sure more will show up soon. Ok...we were done with the photo op so we head to our corral. I was in 38 and talked Pensive and Lori to start with me. There numbers were in the 40s. The race started and we found our area. We waited a while for the porta potties to clear out so we could make another stop before we crossed the line. It took us over an hour to cross the starting line.
The outfit - Skirt from, Coat Nike DryFit which didn't wear, Zensah Socks, Tank was from Target, hat from Chocolate Milk Team REFUEL.
Race #6
Found this sign on the way to the starting line

Lori and I before the start
As I was saying, it took forever to cross the starting line. Shortly after 8AM, we finally made it. I tried to remember our starting time, but that quickly slipped my mind. I didn't wear my Garmin, so I wasn't a very good pacer. I frequently asked Pensive what our pace was. I am a fast walker so I knew even if we walked I wanted to try to keep her around 15 minute miles. I also didn't take my iPod or my camera. All photo's are from my phone. I didn't want to risk the weather with my camera and my Garmin needs a new battery.  The start was awesome, a nice down hill slope. It actually warmed up pretty quick and I was glad I didn't wear my coat or switch to capris.  Since I had no Garmin data to remind me of where we were this is going off my memory, I might be off on the locations of some things.

Mile 1-2 Were very quite. It was interesting leaving the noisy corral - everyone had there game face on and things got quite. Shortly after mile 2 we saw Mel heading the other direction. She had just finished the I-90 tunnel and was smoking quick. We yelled for her, but I am not sure she heard us. Next up was the Nuun station, where the DJ was playing a little Sir Mix-a-lot and I made sure to shake my booty!
Mile 3-4 We stopped to take a potty break. While I waited I texted my husband and actually sent it to Pensive, tell her we were going pee...which...she already new! LOL. This is why you shouldn't text while running.  We passed the O'Boy Oberta Factory Outlet where I made sure to let everyone know that if you buy so much product you get to spin the wheel of fun..which you coulds see through the window. Then we passed a bakery and the smell made me want to drool.
Mile 5-8 We the toughest parts of the course to me. A super step up hill, followed by a sharp decline. After this we had another pee break and then headed up a gradually incline to the lake. Along the lake was pretty and I encouraged everyone to keep moving. Then we had a nice down hill before the climb up to the I-90 tunnel. I had done this hill before and knew I would be walking it.

Mile 9-10 We came out of the tunnel and the sun was out. Right before we exited RicoleRuns tagged me as she was going strong on the Full Marathon.  We screamed for her to kick some ass and then she was gone. At this point the course was a down hill and then a up hill.
Mile 10-13 We hit mile 10 and I said if my math is right, if we can pick it up just a little we can get you a 10-15 minute PR.  Pensive didn't have much left but I keep annoying the piss out of her to keep her going. I wanted her to hit her goal. We had already reached on which was to run more then the first event.  Plus the vaiduct was really pretty.  Our view during the last leg.   We came out of the last tunnel and I was turned around until I could locate the Space Needle. Once I found it I realized we had about .5 of a mile left.

The last .1 - Pensive had told me the only time she ran her first half was at the begining and the last bit in the gates. This time I did everything I could to get her to run and she had nothing left. Instead I danced to the music until we got across the finish line.  Even though she told me to run ahead, I told her we started this together we will finish together.
After crossing the finish line I grabbed a water and a chocolate milk. Took my finishers photo's slammed my milk and kept moving. I really wanted another one, but was to lazy to walk back and get one. Plus I heard the ran out by the time some of the marathoners finished. Wish totallly sucks, so I am glad I took only one.
This photo - goes with the if you still look good you didn't train hard enough. That much is true, but I had a on my skirt I told tfab time. The entire race. When I got compliments hem. I am not fast, so I might as well look good when I run. I am the perfect person to advertise your stuff. I will be on the course for a long time. Lots of exposure. :)  Plus with Pensive in the Team-Sparkle skirt I had my own disco ball for me to dance around in my Rock and Roll skirt from Sparkle Skirt.

I met up with my carpool buddies and got my coat. Right as we finished the race it started raining. For us it was the perfect race day, for many marathoners they were ending there race in heavy rain.  Pensive and I both recieved a double medal for running Seattle RnR and Portland RnR, so we made our way to that tent to claim our medals.

My first goal for this race was to have fun! I had a blast. My second goal that I created the day of was to get Pensive a PR, which we did.  I was told several times I could go on, but you know I didn't want to. I know what its like to be hurting in a race, even if the person is annoying you its nice to have a friend near by just incase. I hate the feeling of being all alone at the race. I think this is the first race that I didn't get down on myself or tell myself I am done with running halfs. Instead we talked about the next one See Jane Run. Which was funny because at the start of the race she was talking me into doing See Jane Run next month. Mile 10 she was telling me not to register I can just use her bib, she was done. Then I see a comment on twitter a few hours later:

Guess I better get registered. There is a discount code on Zozi right now if anyone is intersted. You can use this link to save an extra $10 - HERE.

After the race we headed back to our car and the Lori was nice enough to drop us off at the hotel. Sean and I had booked a hotel for our anniversary. It was a nice way to end a race wish I could afford a child free recovery and hotel room after every race. 

I am sure I missed something, but like I said at the top read Pensive Pumpkins recap for her side of the story. If you ever need a running running buddy and think I can keep up let me know. All speeds slower then me welcome, you speedy ones, well maybe one day I will join you.


  1. You are such a wonderful friend! I read Pensive's report and laughed OUT LOUD about that whole what to bring on a trip game you guys played! :-) Love that skirt! WAY TO BE AN AWESOME PACER TO A PR!!!

  2. this was 100% accurate, except she left out the part about her running backwards for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles... LOL


  3. Pensive's report cracked me up, except the part where you ran backwards. Don'! I can't believe it took you guys an hour to get to the starting mat. Wow, you are troopers AND the best advertisers around.

    I'm so glad we met for real. Hopefully I'll see you in Seattle soon for another race.

    1. See she lost me in PDX because I didn't look back enough. This time I wanted to make sure she stayed with me so running backwards helped.

  4. you are a good friend! I love that!

  5. Great job and way to help push your friend through it! Wow an hour to cross the start line?! Crazy! Good luck in See Jane Run. I was going to sign up for that one but my RRCA coaching cert. is that weekend:( bummer, not sure why they scheduled it then.

  6. Awesome job at pacing (and pushing) your friend!

  7. You got some great photos! Congratulations on a great race & helping out a friend.

  8. Great recap - it was so fun meeting you this weekend. You not only helped out Pensive but I thought of you guys a few times during my run too, which made me smile and helped me keep going. Thanks!

  9. Congrats, sounds like you had a great time!! I love pacing friends!!

    So fun to meet you this weekend!!

  10. I loved this recap. It really sounds like you all had such a great time sticking together the entire race. Congrats on earning another medal for running both Portland and Seattle!

  11. The Ryan gosling sign is awesome. Definite motivation!! Congrats on the race!

  12. Seriously awesome friend you are...such an unselfish thing to do! You are a hero :)

  13. I freaking LOVED your recap! Sounds like you were just a bundle of fun on that course!! We certainly got lucky with the weather, too! Congrats on number 6!!

  14. Love the photos! Sounds like you had a really fun race. I wore a Target tank and Team Sparkle skirt, too! My race recap is here if are interested in checking it out:

    I look forward to following your blog!

  15. Great report - loved Pensive Pumpkin's report too! I was at the blogger meet up at the expo, not sure that I met you two though. Maybe another time!

  16. You are a great friend! Congrats to you both- I enjoyed reading both of your recaps!!