Friday, June 15, 2012

Please Give Blood

Life right now is a  bit hectic for me, I am sure I have mentioned that once or twice lately. I am my own worst enemy though. I posted my training schedule for this week earlier. I even looked at it yesterday morning to remind myself that I have to run 5 miles on Thursday w/ 3 miles at 11:45. I decided to sleep in Thursday and run the mileage in the evening. Then on my way to work I was reading emails on my phone (I was on the bus, so don't worry) and I get this email - Please GIVE BLOOD.

As I was walking from my office to the blood donation place, I realized if I gave blood I would miss my run tonight. I told myself it was ok as I needed a rest day anyways. Plus I had road the bus , so walking to my office, the blood place and back to the bus terminal was about 2 miles. Turns out I wasn't able to give blood today. My iron was low again.  Not low enough to be considered anemic, but low enough that I cannot donate blood. This is happens often to me. My Hemoglobin number needs to be a minimum of 12.3, today it was 11.3. The person looked at me and encouraged me to give it a couple of weeks, eat more protein and my green veggies. When I told her I did, she looked at me like I was lying. That is always a great feeling. Okay I might not be eating them this past week as much as I usually do. Maybe this is a kick in the butt I need to get myself back on the eating right track.  I left the donation place really disappointed because I really wanted a cookie.

Last night after a healthy dinner of lean protein and greens leftover pancakes and coffee I deiced to do a full outfit test for the Seattle RnR. I think the outfit I picked will workout  unless it gets hot out as I am wearing black and gold. My run was kind of sucky, I would do the tempo miles as my legs just didn't want to move. Instead I added an extra mile to punish them....ha actually I was just watching a show and wanted to finish it. But punishing my legs sounds all hard core and stuff.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, if you are race enjoy your race, if you are just training my the weather be in your favor.


  1. I am so happy for you that at least you get to hip is still giving me issues and walking/cycling is it for me...for awhile. (Oh and swimming too but I am not one who enjoys downing a suit that often) ;-)

    I will think about giving blood next time our church has its monthly drive.

  2. They would have given you a cookie! :) Plus they have those special "I tried!" stickers. :)

    I have given gallons (literally) of blood but after all the ferritin work I've had with the hematologist, he banned me from blood donations for life. And you know what? I only "failed" their iron test at the blood center once! I wonder what they test versus what was (is) so screwed up with my iron levels.

    Good for you for going all hard core and stuff - err, finishing your show. :) I did the same thing the other night, had to see who was eliminated on Chopped. :)

  3. That is frustrating when you are all ready to give blood and they turn you down. Good job getting your run in though:) Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun!

  4. I freak out hematologists because my iron levels are so high. When the blood donation center does the "Drop test" with the blue liquid, it looks like my iron is too low to donate because it apparently tests the range. I read somewhere that people with very high iron levels might have had ancestors infected with and then survive the bubonic plague.

    Doesn't help when I want that cookie, though.

  5. Sorry you weren't able to give blood. My sister has never been able to give and my mom can't but my dad and I both give as often as we can.