Thursday, June 28, 2012

The lull after a race

Ever wonder what people do after a half marathon? I know they say that you are supposed to rest a certain amount of days. I did that with my first half and the month after I only ran 16 miles. This year I am more motivated to keep the momentum and no lose the running ground I started.

Saturday - After the race I did relax, I did a little walking around Seattle. Mostly from our hotel to the movies and then back to the hotel. Sitting in a movie theather for over 2+ hours not recommended post half. My knee and ankle were not happy.

Sunday - We woke up and picked up the little one from grandma and grandpas and headed home. It was nice to be home and not in full recovery mode. I wish  more races happened on Saturday's instead of Sunday.

Monday - I jumped back into things with a ChaLean Extreme Burn 2 DVD and a spin on my bike. It felt great. My right ankle was a little sore, but since it is mostly an arm workout with lunges and squats inclued my ankle survived the workout.  I did wear my Tommie Cooper ankle sleeve the rest of the day though.

Tuesday - The plan was ChaLean Extreme Intervals and then 3 miles. I couldn't even get 10 minutes into ChaLean Extreme as my ankle would hurt if I pivoted or moved wrong on it. I decided to ice it and wait a while and try to go for a 3 mile walk outside. Less impact.  About an hour after I iced it I head out,  I got to the end of the block and turned around. The pain was probably only a 5-6 out of 10, but I didn't want to injury it more. Tuesday turned into a rest day.

Wednesday - ChaLean Extreme Burn 3 DVD, this workout again is mainly weights and legs (squats/lunges) - the ankle can handle this.  I should have just done this workout yesterday, but I thought of it to late in the evening. After the DVD I hoped on my bike to see if I could at least still ride with minimal pain. No pain during the ride, which is a bonus but I made sure to ice my ankle afterwards anyways.

Whats up for the rest of the week for me -
Thursday - Today my day is busy, lots of stuff to do for work.  I want to try to get in ChaLean Extreme Burn it off and Recharge - I have done this workout before but I don't remember much about it. If it hurts my ankle to much I will just trade it with one of the weight workouts. My 3-day walk plan calls for 4 miles - we shall see how the ankle feels. If I have pain I will switch to the bike.

Friday - Rest Day - I am actually thinking just an easy walk. Distance to by the weather or the Netflixs selection.

Saturday - Foam Fest 5K, this should be a blast and I plan to wrap my ankle to make sure it holds.

- Run walk, distance to be determined by the weather. I really would like to do it outside.

Basically my first week after a half, I give myself some wiggle room. Wait, I always give myself some wiggle room, but with another run so close  I need to keep moving - even if the run is just for fun.

How many days do you take to recover after an event?


  1. hey you! we are finalizing our arrangements for saturday. will let you know as soon as i do. did you get the email about getting there early? LOL no, really? ahahahahaha! Team Barely Legal!!!

  2. I have an ankle that gives me trouble from time to time, too and love my Tommie Copper ankle sleeve.

    I usually go by feel after a race. I walked some Saturday and Sunday, took a piyo fusion class on Monday, ran an easy 4 on Tues, did 30 minutes of bike and 15 of kettlebell yesterday. Was going to run this morning, but slept in instead. Hoping to get a few easy miles in later and some easy miles this weekend.

  3. Have fun at Foam Fest! I usually give myself a couple days after a half to recover:)

  4. Well you've done a lot more than I have since that race! I DID dance at the concert though - if that counts for anything?!?

    My recovery seems to vary depending on the course, distance and how hard I ran it. With Seattle I walked around non-stop after the race on Saturday AND Sunday ... then the tedious 6 hour drive home. So it was hard to recover and I didn't do anything exercise related until last night!

  5. well sounds like a busy post-race week! crazy lady!! I think I took like four days off after my half...I was pooped! Of course I wasn't trained enough and didn't go into it, rocking that half but next time things will be different and hopefully I can have a post-week like YOU!!!!

  6. You rocked it this week! I have pretty much done nothing all week! I definitely definitely need to get back on the wagon! Thanks for The motivation!

  7. Goodness, you've been busy but it all sounds like fun. Glad to hear you are enjoying your workouts.