Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Go for walk

Friday the sun came out in the Pacific Northwest and I decided that I would do my errands by foot. Where I live is a large area, but the town itself is pretty small, with that I can walk to 4 different Starbucks in less then a mile. I thought I would take you on a little tour of my errand run. .

Leaving my  house. The shared breezeway with my creepy neighbor. Our garage holds my treadmill, spin bike and one car. :) I love having a large garage. The second floor is the main living space and the top floor is the bedrooms. Our house is small, but I like it - it means less to clean, plus living in a townhouse means no outside work.

Getting ready to head out! I was excited to wear my sunglasses out on my outing. Just outside our little neighborhood is  my killer hill. Its not that long, but man is it steep.

This restaurant is about .5 a mile from my house. In the eight years we have lived here it has been 3 different restruants. The first restaurant was a Mexican joint, which we nicknamed Taco Hut. Since the Mexican joint went under it has been a Teriyaki place and is now some sort of Coffee/Deli place. The location is prime for a great restaurant, however there haven't been anything successful enough to stay a few years.

About mile one - depending on which way you go from my house you hit a Target.  How perfect is that.  Of course that also means, that to much of my money goes to Target because it is within walking distance and I drive by it daily.

My first errand took me to the post office which is about 1.5 miles from my house. Dropped off a few items, and continued on my way.

When it is sunny out in Washington, I love it here. However, most of the time it is dreary.  Of the eight years I have lived here I have not gone hiking once near my house. From what I have heard there are great trails all over the place. Something I need to look into.

Stop by and you can get a burger at XXX Restaurant and if you are lucky they might even be hosting a car show there that day.
They also have  a bus outside that painted like a Buddy Holly tour bus, honestly I have no idea if this is real or just a replica. We have only been there once even though it is about 2 miles from my house.

Just a little bit past the is one of my favorite spots Boehms Candies. They have awesome chocolates and it is made on site. My favorite thing is in the summer they have ice cream bars that they dip in chocolate - it is so good.

On to the older part of town. Front Street is a cute little part of town that has great restaurants, play house, cupcake shop and my destination the library.

Old Shell Station that is restored

Across the street from the Library is Jaks Grill - our favorite place to have breakfast in town.

Dropping my kids movies off at the library. Scooby Doo is a family favorite.  I checked my Garmin and I was at 2.6 miles at this point. I decided to circle back the way I came to get to 4 miles.

The local fish hachtery, which we have a town festival called Salmon Day's in October.

And then my Garmin died.

On my way back to my house I walked by Dairygold
Got milk or in my case got Chocolate Milk #TeamREFUEL

One last stop, Starbucks of course, it was right next to REI and I need to pick some stuff up there. I will admit I am a Starbucks junkie.

After that I circled back by Target and headed home. Since my Garmin died I had to map it out on Map my run and it turned out I walked 5.5 miles instead of my intended 4 miles. It was a nice day and I was glad to be outside. Plus I was able to test my backpack I want to use for the 3-day walk. The town I live in has the small town feel, but is close enough to everything and only 15-20 minutes outside of Seattle.  Of course the favorite part of my town is the Lake!

What is that favorite part of your town or city?


  1. You have a lot of places really close by. That's nice! We live a little outside the city so I can't really walk to anywhere but I wish I could!

    My favorite local coffee shop is on the opposite side of town and almost a 30 minute drive but so worth it! We haven't found a local breakfast place that we love YET but I'm sure there are some good ones that we need to discover.

  2. I wish I had a few places that were within walking distance. It would be good to walk to Target b/c I wouldn't be able to buy as much since I would have to carry it home. Hmmmm....the muscles I could build up though could be nice. ;-)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the sun and what a fun little tour! There are so many amazing hikes so close to you. You have to go hiking this summer. My hiking website will tell about some close to you that you can even take kids on:) Http://livinthehikelife.blogspot.com . As soon as my boys get out of school we hit the trails at least once a week but usually more. So much fun!

  4. Fun! I love that my town is countryish and has little to no commerce. I also hate that about it because I have to drive everywhere.

  5. What a fun post! Thanks for taking me on a walk with you.
    So . . . you say you live in a small town - ummmmm the closest target to me is 40 minutes away and Starbucks is probably heck I don't even know - maybe 50-60 minutes away.

    It looks like a beautiful place to live.

    My favorite part of my town is that safety is almost a no brainer - there isn't a lot of serious random crime here.

  6. Jenn - totally check out trails :) WE found one by our house and if you do all the loops it's 3.5 miles! True trail, with hills (steep) mud, water hazards, roots, sticks and a few frogs, deer, and raccoons! the group that goes just keeps growing! At first it was just my husband and myself. then another friend. then another friend. then a friend of the first friend. Now another friend! I'm in love with the "challenge" of the hills and such! Kinda feeds my moderate need for adventure!!!!!!

    Sparkle on!

    Stephanie :)

  7. Definitely look into the hikes! Even if foggy or rainy weather prevents you from seeing those rewarding views which we all hike for, it's still a great way to truly enjoy and appreciate the landscape around you.

    I love doing errands by foot - I usually have our daughter in the jogger, so it prevents me from buying TOO much when I step into the stores!

  8. Looks like you had a fun walk! Gotta love nice days for running errands by foot! :)

  9. i love walking to do my errands and you ahev such pretty scenary!