Saturday, June 30, 2012

Foam Fest 5K Recap

I signed up for this race because I got a discount on zozi for it. I was nervous about it, since it was one week after the Seattle RnR. I have never done a mud run or foam run before, but because of the good deal and the fact that it was 5 minutes from my house I had to sign up.

Deatils on if a Foam Fest is coming to your location can be found on their website.  Here are the details to our course, which isn't even in the right order of what we did.  I think next time I just want to do the kids course. All they did was run through the foam.

Getting ready to leave the house

Meeting up with PensivePumpkin before the race 

A few of the interesting outfits

One of our runners wore corcs

About to start our 10AM Wave, I think they had about 100 runners each wave.
Some of the photos are fuzzy because I carried my camera in a plastic bag.  I should also add the warned us not to inhaled the foam. Hmmm wait how do you not inhale foam on a 30ft slip and slide?

The first obstacle don't worry I didn't take photos at all of them

another one

This was the scariest obstacle. I heard that it broke shortley after us which could explain why a ton of the 10:20 people caught up with us. However, when I left it was up and running again.  Do you spot PensivePumpkin at the top there.  Seriously scary!

Scaling the 5ft and 8ft walls

Sean pretty much just hopped over them

Pensive and Chevalier making it over

The grossest part, not just because of the mud - but it smelt like goose poop!

The longest wait was for the tire tubes, I attempted a few and after falling in a million times just waded through. Sean completed them all.

After this was:
Army crawl under electric wire
Slip and slide into a pool of water
Car Wash
Gaint Slip and slide, which most people ran, but I dove in for a few feet
Bouncy house full of bubbles
One final Slip and slide into a pool of water

These photos were after the last slip and slide!


Pros / Cons
Pro - Event was small and heats were small overall
Con - Seemed like a lot of running at the start with few obstacles
Pro - Two water stations at a 5K
Con - Water tasted like a stong plastic taste
Pro - I could do all of the obstacles
Con - Very few volunteers on course or at obstacles so very little direction was given
Con - lots of waiting to do each obstacle, took us 1 hour 34 minutes to finish
Pro - recieved a cute medal, shirt (which I passed on), hand towel and headband
Con/Pro - Free Beer was Miller (i think, you decided if this is a pro or con
Con - I still smell poop, after multiple washings and showers.

Overall rating - ehh. Not sure if I would do it again, unless I got another cheap deal on it.
 Not a race I would be willing to pay full price for.


  1. Love the foam picture! You got a medal too...NICE. The water and tube obstacle looks hard. Great job...glad you had a good time. Fun day.

  2. omigod you are right- the exact opposite of my recap! I loved it and had a great time! LOL

  3. Sure looks like a lot of fun. YUCK though to crawl through something that smelled like goose poop . . . and that the funk is lingering.

    Great recap - love the pros/cons list. Way to try something different!

  4. Foam is just not my thing so I probably wouldn't have enjoyed that part but the other parts sound fun!

  5. Looks like a great race! I love the pics they make me want to sign up for one of those!

  6. It's more than mildly disturbing that an obstacle collapsed mid-race!! Eek!!!

    Glad you had fun - but could you please shower? I can small you all the way down here! ;)