Friday, June 1, 2012

Fitting it all in

Today June 1st, starts the month of craziness. Really, it started last night. See, I was lazy on Thursday morning and didn't want to get up early to run. I knew I should so I wouldn't  have to start the month of crazy a day early. Instead I slept in with a valid excuse, I didn't limit my water intake Wednesday night like usually so I woke up 500x to pee! Makes for a very sleeping morning, hence the sleeping in. 
Thursday I picked the little one up from preschool and brought her home. I made a deal that if she was good while I ran on the treadmill that she could watch whatever she wanted. I also promised a trip to the park when I was done.  Loaded with snacks and Alvin and the Chipmunks queued up I started my 6 mile run.

Since the TV is set right in front of the treadmill I had no other option but to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks during my run. I have never wanted to be speedy more then last night. Especially, because the movie ended before I was done and I had to turn it to Sponge Bob Square Pants and wanted to poke my eyes out with sharp objects while running. Once I got in a grove I alternated running at 5-5.5mph for 5 minutes then walking 1-1.5 minutes rinse and repeat. The last mile I just wanted to be done so I bumped it up to an 11:15 mile and pushed myself.  My legs actually felt great when I was done and I think had I not been watching Sponge Bob I might have gone longer.

After the run I quickly changed, we went to Subway snagged some dinner and went to the park.  I had to keep up my end of the deal since she was actually really good while I ran. I think she only asked to run on the treadmill 2 or 3 times, which is down from her 1001 times she normally asks.

This weekend I have an 8 mile run planned with a friend. I am actually excited to get out and run with someone. Maybe my solo running days are over. I ended up saying NO to the Ragner Relay, but now I am wishing I had said yes. I told her if they don't find someone in a few weeks ask me again.  I am just afraid. I know they have fast runners on their team, but I feel like I need to be able to hold my own and be able run under the minimum pace before I step and do something like that. 

Any big plans for the weekend? Have you had to suffer through bad TV to get your workout in?


  1. I hate Sponge Bob.

    I think you are smart about Ragnar. Running under a minimum is a great standard. However, you should ask the team what that minimum is, not assume it. You might already be there...

  2. I have never watched Sponge Bob and probably never will (or should I say HOPEFULLY)! At least you got your run in. Can't you put one earbud in and listen to some tunes or is it too hard to pay attention to everything at once?

    1. I could, but I also have to keep an eye on the little one as she always inches closer to the treadmill.

  3. haha!! I have no idea why you wouldnt want to watch spongebob or alvin! tv at its finest :)

  4. with 4 children, I've watched my share of spongebob, victorious, scooby doo <~although I like this one, icarly, that would be a big yes!

  5. wow. and here i am complaining about this summery weather we've been having. sheesh.

  6. Ha! That would definitely be motivation for me to finish more quickly, too! We had such a mild winter, I've been outdoors for all my runs, but now that the heat kicks in I can see the treadmill in my future...

  7. I can't remember exactly but when I ran Ragnar a few years ago the pace needed was around a 12 min mile. It was a fun experience, go for it! :)

  8. Man, I wish I had a TM in my house. I'd watch all the Dora in the world to run whenever I needed to.

    Don't give up on that Ragnar! So many people fight and claw their way into those races. It's a great experience (so I've been told/have read -- I'd love to join one, myself) and is all about the act of running together, not so much who had the better splits.

  9. About Ragnar. I say go for it if you get the chance again! Not getting to run Ragnar Seattle was such a huge disappointment. Next year and you should join me :)

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