Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Mother Runner House Party

Last night I attended Another Mother Runner House Party hosted by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, authors of Train Like a Mother.  The setting was informal hosted in a local runners home. The ladies bloggers that attended were endless, I don't even want to list them as I am afraid I would miss someone. The night in Seattle couldn't have been more perfect. You won't hear me say that often, but we were able to take the party outside and relax in her lawn.  Here is a quick glimpse into the evening.
The view as I was driving across the I-90 bridge into the city. The cloud lately have been amazing. 
 Nuun bar, and the outside gathering area

The event was held outside, it was warm and honestly I am not sure the house would have fit all of the ladies that attended, with out turning into a sauna.  Awesome products were shared and names were drawn for giveaways. One lucky lady walked away with a stroller, while others received a variety of things from water bottles, free shoes, calf sleeves and gift cards.

If you haven't read either of their books Run Like a Mother or Train Like a Mother, read them they are funny, which I know I have posted before.  Even if you are not a mother I think you can relate.  You can also follow  Dimity McDowell & Sarah Bowen Shea the following ways: or on Facebook
Twitter: DimityOnTheRun & SBSOnTheRun or on Pinterest
And listen to them on another mother runner radio

A big thanks to Dimity, Sarah and the Hostess Jennifer!


  1. So jealous that you got to go! How fun. I love their podcast, I just wish it was longer than 30 minutes.

  2. SO cool! What a fun night:)

  3. That looks like a LOT of fun!!!! Okay, I'm a little jealous - I want to hang out with a bunch of cool running blogging women!!!!!

  4. Looks like a fun event! :) Hope you kicked Seattle's butt today! Can't wait to see your race report!

  5. Thanks for the nice recap--and great photos. Glad you could join us.