Saturday, June 30, 2012

Foam Fest 5K Recap

I signed up for this race because I got a discount on zozi for it. I was nervous about it, since it was one week after the Seattle RnR. I have never done a mud run or foam run before, but because of the good deal and the fact that it was 5 minutes from my house I had to sign up.

Deatils on if a Foam Fest is coming to your location can be found on their website.  Here are the details to our course, which isn't even in the right order of what we did.  I think next time I just want to do the kids course. All they did was run through the foam.

Getting ready to leave the house

Meeting up with PensivePumpkin before the race 

A few of the interesting outfits

One of our runners wore corcs

About to start our 10AM Wave, I think they had about 100 runners each wave.
Some of the photos are fuzzy because I carried my camera in a plastic bag.  I should also add the warned us not to inhaled the foam. Hmmm wait how do you not inhale foam on a 30ft slip and slide?

The first obstacle don't worry I didn't take photos at all of them

another one

This was the scariest obstacle. I heard that it broke shortley after us which could explain why a ton of the 10:20 people caught up with us. However, when I left it was up and running again.  Do you spot PensivePumpkin at the top there.  Seriously scary!

Scaling the 5ft and 8ft walls

Sean pretty much just hopped over them

Pensive and Chevalier making it over

The grossest part, not just because of the mud - but it smelt like goose poop!

The longest wait was for the tire tubes, I attempted a few and after falling in a million times just waded through. Sean completed them all.

After this was:
Army crawl under electric wire
Slip and slide into a pool of water
Car Wash
Gaint Slip and slide, which most people ran, but I dove in for a few feet
Bouncy house full of bubbles
One final Slip and slide into a pool of water

These photos were after the last slip and slide!


Pros / Cons
Pro - Event was small and heats were small overall
Con - Seemed like a lot of running at the start with few obstacles
Pro - Two water stations at a 5K
Con - Water tasted like a stong plastic taste
Pro - I could do all of the obstacles
Con - Very few volunteers on course or at obstacles so very little direction was given
Con - lots of waiting to do each obstacle, took us 1 hour 34 minutes to finish
Pro - recieved a cute medal, shirt (which I passed on), hand towel and headband
Con/Pro - Free Beer was Miller (i think, you decided if this is a pro or con
Con - I still smell poop, after multiple washings and showers.

Overall rating - ehh. Not sure if I would do it again, unless I got another cheap deal on it.
 Not a race I would be willing to pay full price for.

Friday, June 29, 2012

i am katniss

ok no i am not

i am girl on fire

ok that is a lie also

but i do volunteer as tribute

for the foam fest 5k
Foam Fest 5K outfit

the team i joined for this weekend is called barley legal

i don't really fit that but it will be a blast anyways

my the odds be ever in your favor

i hope they are in my favor

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The lull after a race

Ever wonder what people do after a half marathon? I know they say that you are supposed to rest a certain amount of days. I did that with my first half and the month after I only ran 16 miles. This year I am more motivated to keep the momentum and no lose the running ground I started.

Saturday - After the race I did relax, I did a little walking around Seattle. Mostly from our hotel to the movies and then back to the hotel. Sitting in a movie theather for over 2+ hours not recommended post half. My knee and ankle were not happy.

Sunday - We woke up and picked up the little one from grandma and grandpas and headed home. It was nice to be home and not in full recovery mode. I wish  more races happened on Saturday's instead of Sunday.

Monday - I jumped back into things with a ChaLean Extreme Burn 2 DVD and a spin on my bike. It felt great. My right ankle was a little sore, but since it is mostly an arm workout with lunges and squats inclued my ankle survived the workout.  I did wear my Tommie Cooper ankle sleeve the rest of the day though.

Tuesday - The plan was ChaLean Extreme Intervals and then 3 miles. I couldn't even get 10 minutes into ChaLean Extreme as my ankle would hurt if I pivoted or moved wrong on it. I decided to ice it and wait a while and try to go for a 3 mile walk outside. Less impact.  About an hour after I iced it I head out,  I got to the end of the block and turned around. The pain was probably only a 5-6 out of 10, but I didn't want to injury it more. Tuesday turned into a rest day.

Wednesday - ChaLean Extreme Burn 3 DVD, this workout again is mainly weights and legs (squats/lunges) - the ankle can handle this.  I should have just done this workout yesterday, but I thought of it to late in the evening. After the DVD I hoped on my bike to see if I could at least still ride with minimal pain. No pain during the ride, which is a bonus but I made sure to ice my ankle afterwards anyways.

Whats up for the rest of the week for me -
Thursday - Today my day is busy, lots of stuff to do for work.  I want to try to get in ChaLean Extreme Burn it off and Recharge - I have done this workout before but I don't remember much about it. If it hurts my ankle to much I will just trade it with one of the weight workouts. My 3-day walk plan calls for 4 miles - we shall see how the ankle feels. If I have pain I will switch to the bike.

Friday - Rest Day - I am actually thinking just an easy walk. Distance to by the weather or the Netflixs selection.

Saturday - Foam Fest 5K, this should be a blast and I plan to wrap my ankle to make sure it holds.

- Run walk, distance to be determined by the weather. I really would like to do it outside.

Basically my first week after a half, I give myself some wiggle room. Wait, I always give myself some wiggle room, but with another run so close  I need to keep moving - even if the run is just for fun.

How many days do you take to recover after an event?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weather Wednesday

Weather watch for a 5K this weekend, the question how do you prepare for this:

Oh wait, its the Foam Fest 5K....a fancy name for a mud run with foam.

I don't think the weather will matter.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Seattle RnR - 2012

I had a personal worst for time, but I had the best time ever.  Before you read my recap, you should read Pensive Pumpkins! I did my best to keep her from giving up in every annoying way possible.

Warning I am sure this post will get long, a lot happened that day.
Wake up call 4:30AM, I hit snooze. After the next alarm I got up and got ready. Breakfast was an eggo sandwich w/ PB&J, coffee and Nuun. After getting dressed, kissing the kiddo and the husband I headed out. I was walking about .30 of a mile to meet up with my carpool ride.  It was raining, so I decided to wear my Ugg knockoffs down the hill. I figured the longer I could keep my shoes dry the better.

Carpool and running buddy Lori showed up right at 5:30. We headed to Seattle and found parking relativly easy. I was originally going to bag check my stuff but decided to leave it in her car. The plan was to have a fun run and run with her and Pensive Pumpkins. We visited the porta potties, as well as meet up with a bunch of bloggers at 6:30AM for some photo ops. 
The lovely blogging community
Kim and I

If you have never done a Rock and Roll race - you won't understand the amount of photo's that they take on the course and after the course. Which is awesome, but I only wish it didn't cost so much to get copies of them.  You can view all the photo's I have been tagged in here.  Its only a few days after the race, I am sure more will show up soon. Ok...we were done with the photo op so we head to our corral. I was in 38 and talked Pensive and Lori to start with me. There numbers were in the 40s. The race started and we found our area. We waited a while for the porta potties to clear out so we could make another stop before we crossed the line. It took us over an hour to cross the starting line.
The outfit - Skirt from, Coat Nike DryFit which didn't wear, Zensah Socks, Tank was from Target, hat from Chocolate Milk Team REFUEL.
Race #6
Found this sign on the way to the starting line

Lori and I before the start
As I was saying, it took forever to cross the starting line. Shortly after 8AM, we finally made it. I tried to remember our starting time, but that quickly slipped my mind. I didn't wear my Garmin, so I wasn't a very good pacer. I frequently asked Pensive what our pace was. I am a fast walker so I knew even if we walked I wanted to try to keep her around 15 minute miles. I also didn't take my iPod or my camera. All photo's are from my phone. I didn't want to risk the weather with my camera and my Garmin needs a new battery.  The start was awesome, a nice down hill slope. It actually warmed up pretty quick and I was glad I didn't wear my coat or switch to capris.  Since I had no Garmin data to remind me of where we were this is going off my memory, I might be off on the locations of some things.

Mile 1-2 Were very quite. It was interesting leaving the noisy corral - everyone had there game face on and things got quite. Shortly after mile 2 we saw Mel heading the other direction. She had just finished the I-90 tunnel and was smoking quick. We yelled for her, but I am not sure she heard us. Next up was the Nuun station, where the DJ was playing a little Sir Mix-a-lot and I made sure to shake my booty!
Mile 3-4 We stopped to take a potty break. While I waited I texted my husband and actually sent it to Pensive, tell her we were going pee...which...she already new! LOL. This is why you shouldn't text while running.  We passed the O'Boy Oberta Factory Outlet where I made sure to let everyone know that if you buy so much product you get to spin the wheel of fun..which you coulds see through the window. Then we passed a bakery and the smell made me want to drool.
Mile 5-8 We the toughest parts of the course to me. A super step up hill, followed by a sharp decline. After this we had another pee break and then headed up a gradually incline to the lake. Along the lake was pretty and I encouraged everyone to keep moving. Then we had a nice down hill before the climb up to the I-90 tunnel. I had done this hill before and knew I would be walking it.

Mile 9-10 We came out of the tunnel and the sun was out. Right before we exited RicoleRuns tagged me as she was going strong on the Full Marathon.  We screamed for her to kick some ass and then she was gone. At this point the course was a down hill and then a up hill.
Mile 10-13 We hit mile 10 and I said if my math is right, if we can pick it up just a little we can get you a 10-15 minute PR.  Pensive didn't have much left but I keep annoying the piss out of her to keep her going. I wanted her to hit her goal. We had already reached on which was to run more then the first event.  Plus the vaiduct was really pretty.  Our view during the last leg.   We came out of the last tunnel and I was turned around until I could locate the Space Needle. Once I found it I realized we had about .5 of a mile left.

The last .1 - Pensive had told me the only time she ran her first half was at the begining and the last bit in the gates. This time I did everything I could to get her to run and she had nothing left. Instead I danced to the music until we got across the finish line.  Even though she told me to run ahead, I told her we started this together we will finish together.
After crossing the finish line I grabbed a water and a chocolate milk. Took my finishers photo's slammed my milk and kept moving. I really wanted another one, but was to lazy to walk back and get one. Plus I heard the ran out by the time some of the marathoners finished. Wish totallly sucks, so I am glad I took only one.
This photo - goes with the if you still look good you didn't train hard enough. That much is true, but I had a on my skirt I told tfab time. The entire race. When I got compliments hem. I am not fast, so I might as well look good when I run. I am the perfect person to advertise your stuff. I will be on the course for a long time. Lots of exposure. :)  Plus with Pensive in the Team-Sparkle skirt I had my own disco ball for me to dance around in my Rock and Roll skirt from Sparkle Skirt.

I met up with my carpool buddies and got my coat. Right as we finished the race it started raining. For us it was the perfect race day, for many marathoners they were ending there race in heavy rain.  Pensive and I both recieved a double medal for running Seattle RnR and Portland RnR, so we made our way to that tent to claim our medals.

My first goal for this race was to have fun! I had a blast. My second goal that I created the day of was to get Pensive a PR, which we did.  I was told several times I could go on, but you know I didn't want to. I know what its like to be hurting in a race, even if the person is annoying you its nice to have a friend near by just incase. I hate the feeling of being all alone at the race. I think this is the first race that I didn't get down on myself or tell myself I am done with running halfs. Instead we talked about the next one See Jane Run. Which was funny because at the start of the race she was talking me into doing See Jane Run next month. Mile 10 she was telling me not to register I can just use her bib, she was done. Then I see a comment on twitter a few hours later:

Guess I better get registered. There is a discount code on Zozi right now if anyone is intersted. You can use this link to save an extra $10 - HERE.

After the race we headed back to our car and the Lori was nice enough to drop us off at the hotel. Sean and I had booked a hotel for our anniversary. It was a nice way to end a race wish I could afford a child free recovery and hotel room after every race. 

I am sure I missed something, but like I said at the top read Pensive Pumpkins recap for her side of the story. If you ever need a running running buddy and think I can keep up let me know. All speeds slower then me welcome, you speedy ones, well maybe one day I will join you.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seattle RnR Expo

I have been sitting here trying to think of what to write. There was just so much going on I don't know where to start. I usually would do all of the race weekend in one post, but this weekend needs to be broken up. I was blessed to attened a Another Mother Runner House party on Thursday.  Friday, thanks to Mel @ we had a blogger meet up at the expo wth John Bingham. The little one begged to be picked up early from school and come to the expo with me. I was taking a risk, but decided to do it. Evie and I arrived at the expo  around 1:30PM and had plenty of time to kill before the blogger meet up. 

After getting my bib we headed to the Chocolate Milk milk tent where I was quickly recognized by Ashley. She was awesome to talk with about this event, the weather and of course Chocolate milk.  The Chocolate Milk booth was close to the blogger meet up so I told them to head over and chat with some of the other amazing ladies after the talk with John.  Evie and I found the sign for the speakers and on it was our Blogger meet up, it was offically.

With time to spare we went to the Brooks booth to play a few games.  Evie enjoyed the fortune teller and couldn't quite figure out the skee ball. 

Soon it was time for the blogger meet up. I bribed my child with a Sprite and a purse full of snacks to hang out and relax while Mel and John did there thing.

Afterwards the introductions started. I of course to a photo with Kim at (Just) trying is for little girls. Kim was the first person to comment on my blog and welcome me into the blogger world.

Meet a few other awesome girls HeatherKim and Ronda

Oh and the rest of the Seattle area + visiting blogger community! This wasn't even everyone that I had the privleage to meet this weekend. Photo stolen from Facebook.

We left the expo and headed to meet up with the husband for dinner. The little one feel asleep and ended up sleeping all through dinner. She woke up as I was picking her up out of the booth to take her home. When we got home we went through all of the goodies we picked up at the expo. Take a 4 year old to an expo leave with a bag full of stuff you don't need. This picture proves it...a conductors hat and blue sunglasses from Brooks.

It was already starting to get late, so I got my stuff together for my early 4:30AM wake up call and went to bed.

Up next the race.

What's your favorite part of the expo?

Happy Anniversary, Babe

No race recap today.
I am spending the day with my husband celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Mother Runner House Party

Last night I attended Another Mother Runner House Party hosted by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, authors of Train Like a Mother.  The setting was informal hosted in a local runners home. The ladies bloggers that attended were endless, I don't even want to list them as I am afraid I would miss someone. The night in Seattle couldn't have been more perfect. You won't hear me say that often, but we were able to take the party outside and relax in her lawn.  Here is a quick glimpse into the evening.
The view as I was driving across the I-90 bridge into the city. The cloud lately have been amazing. 
 Nuun bar, and the outside gathering area

The event was held outside, it was warm and honestly I am not sure the house would have fit all of the ladies that attended, with out turning into a sauna.  Awesome products were shared and names were drawn for giveaways. One lucky lady walked away with a stroller, while others received a variety of things from water bottles, free shoes, calf sleeves and gift cards.

If you haven't read either of their books Run Like a Mother or Train Like a Mother, read them they are funny, which I know I have posted before.  Even if you are not a mother I think you can relate.  You can also follow  Dimity McDowell & Sarah Bowen Shea the following ways: or on Facebook
Twitter: DimityOnTheRun & SBSOnTheRun or on Pinterest
And listen to them on another mother runner radio

A big thanks to Dimity, Sarah and the Hostess Jennifer!