Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Workout Wednesday

I headed to Spin class this morning and what seems to be a regular occurrence our instructor was late. Not a few minutes late but 15 minutes late. Seriously this is getting old. I am thinking of switching to going to Spin on Tuesday/Thursday's instead of Mon/Wed. The problem is I am pretty picky about instructors and I have no idea who the other two instructors are that teach on the other days. One of these days I will try another instructor, bu not this week.

I wanted to get a short run in today so I decided on a RuNCH, you know a run at lunch time. Since I was working from home, it made it ways. I could be smelly afterwards and no one would care. There was one problem. My garage was freaking 70 degrees, no amount of fan would circulate the air to a tolerable.  I kept the run short at a 5K using a run walk method to keep my hip from going all wonky since PDX RnR is Sunday.  I haven't done a double workout day in a while and it felt great, it might be something I need to work back in a couple days a week. Something about getting 2 workouts in in one day, even if the one is shorter makes me feel strong.

Did you get a good workout on Wednesday?  Do you like doubles?


  1. That is weird that the INSTRUCTOR can get away with being late!! I hope you are complaining or writing up a comment card....

  2. ok, when I taught aerobics we HAD to be there 15min before the classes began, I'm shocked she's getting away with that. It's awful, but you should probably tell her manager at the front desk...ya hate to taddle, but she's the one messing with your workout time! That's a huge NO NO!!!

  3. haha Runch, I like that. Ive been seeing all over blog land that more and more runners are doing spinning and that all of them are picky about instructors. I don't do spinning, but I gather that the teacher kind of makes or breaks it for you and I think thats what is holding me back from starting.

    Good luck @ RnR Portland!

  4. I hate it when instructors are late! So annoying. I have done a few doublers lately and I love them:)

  5. I actually like doubles also! Makes mefeel like I have accomplished something!