Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying new things

At a recommendation of a friend I picked up Bob Harper's - The Skinny Rules. It's a set of 20 rules to help you take control of your eating and get back on the right path. All of the rules are actually pretty easy, and I will say he isn't heartless, which he likes to remind you of.  Some of the rules I already do and some I need to get better on.  A few rules:

Rule 1: Drink a Large Glass of Water Before Every Meal - Easy Peasy!  He actually recommends starting your day with water, so I have already started doing that. The first think I consume is water and I am trying to get 16 ounces in before I finish breakfast. He likes you to have it all in before - but that is a lot of water.

Rule 6: Eat Apples and berries every single day. - I like this rule and look forward to enjoying the apples and berries

Rule 7:  No carbs after lunch - This is tough, but I think once I get in the habit I will be able to do better. I have had success on low carb, but I love the idea of limiting carbs (basically refined carbs) after lunch. He encourages lean proteins and veggies for dinners.

Rule 11: Get rid of those white potatoes - I couldn't agree more, but I am breaking it this week as I had 5 small red potatoes left and I wanted them in my lunch so following rule 7 at least.

Rule 20: Plan one splurge meal a week - Just one meal, not a whole day. He also encourage control in this pick larger portion of something good or have the dessert you normally would skip. Enjoy your splurge meal.

Those are just a few of his rules. He also provides a meal plan and recipes. Since I had an extra day this week to prep for my work week I did more meal planning and preparation.  I followed one of his meal plans, swapping around some recipes for my tastes.  Here is what my day looks like today:

I missed this so much when I was low carb
1/2 serving of Vanilla Chobani (he recommends plain, but I like vanilla)
1 serving Granola - I have Bear Naked fit this week, but usually like Safeway brand
1 serving frozen raspberries, that I take out the night before and leaving the fridge to thaw
Coffee with Cream - which also breaks a rule, suggest drinking it black, but I will just factor in those calories. Coffee is one thing I don't like to give up. I just like it. 

Lunch and Snacks for work:
  • Lunch - Orange Glazed Chicken from The Skinny Rules. w/ greens cooked in he orange glaze and roasted carrots and potatoes. I made enough for the 4 days I work this week and the total calories is 370.
    • Orange Glazed Chicken is super easy to make...he suggest broiling it. I just diced the chicken and mixed it in 1 tablespoon fresh squeezed orange juice, 2 teaspoons agave, 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated Ginger and 5 oz boneless chicken breast. Super easy to scale up and make more then one serving at a time. I tossed it in a fry pan and seared the chicken and then cooked until there was no pink.  When the chicken was done I pulled it out and cooked the greens int he remaining glaze.
  • Snacks -  hard boiled egg and apple for the AM, cucumbers, hummus and strawberries/grapes for the afternoon.  

 All wrapped up and ready to go in my daughters lunch box. Toss it in the fridge and reheat around lunch time. Makes it simple and now I have no excuse to eat bad during the day.

I am going to try to implement these rules for a full 30 days in June, until then I am going to slowly work towards getting used to the few changes I need to make....ummm cut the crap out of my diet.  Dinner, well I am not sure yet what we will be having. Tuesday's are pretty much fend for yourself night as we are busy with activities for the kiddo.I will do my best to cut the carbs after lunch and hope for the best. 

Do you have any rules you follow for living a healthy lifestyle? Do you ban any foods?

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  1. Yea..I need to try new things...I am thinking about WW tonight...to jump start the body for about a month. Pretty depressing...

    Can you share the other rules and save me having to buy the book? ;-)

  2. Interesting rules. I would have a hard time with the white potato one. We love potatos:) I do want to increase my water intake and the apple and berries thing sounds good too. Good luck!

  3. I don't have any real dietary rules right now. I tend to avoid carbs for dinner mostly because I don't like cooking rice or pasta, and potatoes tend to take too long. So, it's low carb based on laziness. I guess that still counts.

  4. That sounds like a great book. I am going to look into getting one.

  5. I have wondered about this book so I'm glad you give me an idea of what to expect. Some of it sounds easy and some of it sounds hard like the no carbs after lunch and no white potatoes. I just love potatoes. I think it would be worth trying though!

  6. this sounds like it would work. of course, if i could cut out potatoes and have no carbs after lunch, i wouldn't need him. sigh.

    i'll buy the book. maybe tomorrow. i need the motivation.

  7. Oh girl I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR how this goes for you. Seriously I'm hoping you'll be making lots of posts about the good and the bad (hopefully not much of that) the easy and the hard (again hope there isn't much of that) and lesson s you've learned along the way. I'm contemplating jumping into a new weight loss plan (with my co-worker and we'll really need to chat about it).

    good luck - hope it's easier than anything else and much more successful!!!!

  8. Hm, thanks for posting. There was an article about his book in the Costco Connection magazine that came today and after reading, I was thinking about purchasing the book. No carbs after lunch is tricky and carbs for breakfast is touch too, but not so bad if I just plan ahead. That's always the trick, right? As for food rules, I just always try to fill my plate at least half full at lunch & dinner w/ veggies.