Thursday, May 24, 2012

TripleT Thursday

1. SGK Fundraiser update. As of this morning I have raised $1,870 towards my minimum goal of $2,300! The latest donation came from our housecleaning service, the local MaidPro office. When raising funds they tell you to ask everyone you can think of. I sent letters out to many business that I visit or services I use regularly as kind of shot in the dark.  I figured if the didn't want to donate the would just toss the letter and if they did it was an added bonus of the 5 business I sent letters to so far 2 have made donations.  I still have my Tastefully Simple Fundraiser Open. See my Fundraiser page above if you are interested in making a purchase. Every little bit helps and I am appreciate all the donations I have received so far.

2.  I ordered my first tank from Firedaughter Clothing and I think it is adorable and provided me with some much needed inspiration yesterday.  The tanks are a bit pricey, in my opinion, but the message is what I needed. The shirts are hand screened and a little thin for the price, but I still love it. The seller warns the tops will shrink a size so make sure to order up. Wouldn't it look great with a teal Team-sparkle skirt? Idea for Seattle RnR maybe?

3.  Had my first workout post Portland RnR yesterday, I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill followed by arms and abs. It was nothing fancy, but it felt good to get my legs moving again.  No rest for me as I have to keep on top of things as Seattle RnR is right around the corner in 1 month. The goal for Seattle is to have fun and to break 3 hours. Sounds slow, but for me its fast. Just keeping moving and Don't Stop Believin'!

If you are local don't forget to entery my 5K Foam Fest Giveaway. Don't be afraid to get dirty!


  1. Have you ran in the tank yet? I'm wondering how cool and try it stays, since it isn't tech. I run really hot so need to ensure I'm not going to overheat in it. I am smitten with her "Amaze Yourself" tank and am thinking I may place my first order to wear at the K-100 (Same day as RnR Seattle).

    1. I emailed you but I thought I would respond here also. The tops are super thing, so I think they would be fine. I plann to wear something underneath if I wear it for the event. I am also wearin an XL.

  2. Way to go on the fundraising! Almost there:) I agree about asking everyone. When I was fundraising for Team in Training, I sent a letter to my accountant and he donated $1000 and put me over the top for my goal. I was so happy I cried and called him to thank him. Ever since then he has donated the same amount every year to my causes. You just never know:)

  3. That tank is super cute! I might have to go get one for myself :)

  4. i like that tank, I will have to check out their website.

  5. That's great that you are already so close to reaching your fundraising goal! I'm planning to do a post soon with links for everyone whose blogs I read that are fundraising right now.