Thursday, May 17, 2012

TripleT on Friday Eve

Frist - I am currently hosting a fundraiser with Tastefully Simple. They are an awesome product that helps to make my life easier. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to my SGK 3-day walk fundraising efforts. My goal is to use the host credit as an incentive. If you make a purchase of any amount from my fundraiser your name will be put in a hat and one lucky winner will the host credit once the party closes.  If you are interested in purchasing a product please  Click Here and enter Jennifer Adams to find my party. Once you have located my party  start shopping.  Again, I can't thank everyone enough for the donations and support they have provided me so far.

Second - Tonight is my final run before Portland RnR. I have so many things running through my mind for this event. The biggest issue, what to wear. I have two outfits in mind I will post photo's tomorrow. They says that 14,000 people are registered. It will be my largest half yet and am looking forward to meeting some folks that I have only know through blogs and email so far.

Third - Did you see this article? Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer.  There is a good reason for my coffee addiction and now science can help to back it up. Of course as I was reading it I thought, did Starbucks or Kuerig sponsor this article? LOL. Either way I am not giving up my addiction anytime soon.

I am off to get a cup of coffee and watch some Portlandia.  I leave you with this.


  1. Good luck this weekend! I will sending fast thoughts your way:)

  2. Now I feel like I should go for a run. Thanks. LOL

  3. have my coffee too..

  4. haha, I saw that about coffee and my husband and I were THRILLED!!!