Monday, May 7, 2012

New Game Plan

Operation new game plan is in the works. Alright, maybe not yet but I need to figure something out. I feel like I am falling apart at the seams. Last week was terrible for me here a quick recap:

Sunday: Heroes Half
Monday: Spin Class and a visit to the chiropractor
Tuesday: Logged 1 hour and 16 minutes on my spin bike at 75%
Wednesday: Logged 45 minutes on my spin bike
Thrusday: Attended a Wrap Party, lost a few inches around the waist for a few days (need to measure to see where I am now)
Friday: Went to the gym and ran 4 slow miles on the treadmill. Oh going to the gym after 8PM on a Friday night is great for the self esteem also.
Saturday: 3 mile walk with the mini me.
Sunday: Early morning run, the goal was to run 8 miles. I came home after 3. My back started acting up and it just wasn't worth it to push through the pain to end up not being able to run all week. I felt terrible. The weather was perfect for a run, then when I got home at 7:15AM I had to wake the family. I didn't take any keys with me as I had planned to be out past 8AM when I knew they would be up.  I posted on daily mile how bad my run is and Heather helped to pick my spirits up.

What does this week have for me:

Monday: Was early morning Spin class, which I almost skipped. I felt my back more then I should and I am glad I have a chiro appointment this afternoon.
Tuesday:  3 Miles
Wednesday: Spin
Thursday: 6 Miles
Friday: Treadmill 10 - doing this on the treadmill as it will be easier on my body
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Color Run 5K

I feel like I am walking a fine line of being really injured again like I was in December and not pushing through the pain. Since I have two half's coming up for now I am taking it easy to get me through both of these. Then it will be plenty of rest and start training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. My goal is to continue to run the shorter miles, but walk the longer distance. This will help me keep my running base and prepare my body for the longer distance walking.  Check out my fundraising page above SGK Fundraising if you are interested in donating or learning about my current fundraisers.

Do you have a plan for work out and/or avoiding injuries when you feel the pain start to hit?


  1. I'm sorry your back is still bothering you:( I hope the chiro appt. will give you some answers. When I feel the pain coming on, I stretch, ice and try to rest. I know with a little one, that's easier said than done:)

  2. I'm sorry your back still hurts.

    But I also hate you for getting in on the color run. ; ) I have a 5k on Saturday, and God KNOWS how that is gonna turn out. I ran some intervals today for the first time since April 5.

    RnRPDX here we come! lol

  3. Hey. I just got home from vacation at Disney World and had a wonderful surprise in the mail....the gift card to Starbucks! Thanks so much. Now I just have to keep it away from my teenager:-)

    Hope you are feeling better.