Monday, May 21, 2012

Manic Monday

First things first the Gel-Bot winner - might as well get the fun stuff out of the way.  There were only a few entries, so I collected them in an excel spread sheet and used to select a winner.

Crystal @ Am I a runner....or just crazy? Email your address at and  will get it in the mail to you this week. 

And now on to the main event. I am not going to do a full recap today as my head is still swimming with details. We had a whirlwind trip to Portland.  Leaving Seattle on the train at 10AM on Saturday and coming arriving back in Seattle on Sunday night around 6:30PM.  To say this was a quick trip was an understatement, but it was filled with running into old friends, meeting new friends and oh a half in the middle of that.  For today I leave you with how I looked leaving the hotel room.

How was your weekend? Were you racing?


  1. You look so cute! Can't wait to hear your recap:)

  2. Great job, Jen! Looking forward to your recap!

  3. Can't wait to hear the rest!!!!!! I love that sparkle skirt.

  4. Love the outfit, bet you look just as fresh at the finish. Bring on the recap :-)

  5. Whirlwind trip indeed - congrats on finishing yet another half - awesome! Love the outfit . .. and your fb pix shows the "post" race . .. awesome!!! High 5 girl!!!!

    p.s. thanks for the ankle advice!!!!

  6. Yay, I won!! Congrats on the race!