Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I never said I could cook

I am not much of a cook. I can follow a recipe and it won't come out looking anything like the picture. If I am telling the truth, I have a hard time follow the recipe exactly. If you have been around the blogland long enough you have stumbled on SkinnyTaste at some point.  One of my all time favorites from her site is Crock Pot Minestrone Soup, which I tweaked and messed with so much my friends said that's not really minestrone soup. Either way the base recipe was awesome and my master piece well I enjoyed.

For a few days I have been drooling over her latest creation Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Stuffed Chicken. I decided I might as well try it. I of course tweaked it to my liking which you should interrupt to my laziness. I don't enjoy cooking, even if the food is good, I want quick easy meals. My advice follow her directions as mine, are well, ehh at best.

The right way to make this can be found here:Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Stuffed Chicken.
Of course Mike and Ikes are optional, but make cooking more fun.
Here is what I used:
Ignore the Olive Oil I never used it
1.6lbs of thin sliced chicken breast
Spray Oil
Cream Cheese w/onions and chives (3oz)
jalapeno peppers (I diced 1.5 of them w/o seeds)
scallions (chopped a handful)
center cut bacon  (4 pieces)
limes (1 precooking, 1 post)

It is simple cook the bacon and crumble. I would suggest making this on a night you had bacon for breakfast. Cooking just 4 slices of bacon seems like such a waste to me. :)  Once bacon is done cool and crumble. Mix with 3oz cream cheese, diced jalapeno peppers and scallions.

Rinse chicken and lay flat. You cold pound it out a little to make it thinner but I didn't bother.  Evenly distribute mix on chicken and then roll the chicken up. Secure with toothpicks if needed. I found that mine stuck together just fine. I then squeezed the juice of one lime over it and sprayed with a little olive oil.  

 Bake at 450 for 20-25 minutes. When it was done - it looked a little sad.
So I added some cheese and melted it. The original recipe called for shredded cheese inside, but I didn't have any. Melty cheese on the outside is much better and these photo doesn't help my story but I promise it makes it yummy. 

Not exactly the work of art in photo photography the is shown on SkinnyTaste, plus I left off the bread crumbs to keep the carb count down. I am sure they taste lovely with them. This entire pan has a total of 1,320 calories, if you make 3 servings out of it it is 440 calories a serving. I actually split these up into 4 servings. Dinner and leftovers for lunch making it 330 calories per serving.

 Don't be afraid, the chicken only looks undercooked in my photo. I think this would great with some black beans or lime rice, but I ended up cutting it up, slapping it into a tortilla, adding salsa and calling it a day.

I think this is a simple recipe and if I can do it, then anyone can. The filling is super yummy and could be used in a variety of ways. I think it would make a great enchilada filling with chicken mixed in it or as spread for a sandwich. Of course I say this but I doubt I will make this variation of a recipe again. That is the problem when you don't follow directions well. 

I can't wait to eat the leftovers!
Do you love or dread cooking? Share or link an easy recipe - I like trying new stuff, but it has to be easy.


  1. mmmm...I Like that you are able to make your own variation! I loved it when I made it!

  2. for someone who claims she can'tcook, thast impressive. reminds me of chicken cordon bleu!

  3. that looks really good! i lurve cooking, and those flavors would be delish.

    unfortunately, i was too late to register for the color run. i wanted to run it sooooo badly, but didn't get there in the like 37 seconds it was open. LOL have fun!!!

    1. I know I can't beleive it sold out in 3 hours.

  4. That looks really good! :)

  5. Looks good! My favorite easy recipe is a Rachel Ray Chicken Marsala Casserole. Not sure if you eat carbs/rice, but if so, it's wonderful.

    PS - I cut way down on the butter, & it's still excellent. And,I use instant brown rice so it cooks faster.

  6. I loooooove to cook! I tweak recipes ALL the time. Mainly because I have to eat gluten free due to celiac disease. There are very few things I can leave alone.

    However, I lost the spark for cooking after moving to Washington almost 2 years ago. I have no idea what happened. After years of sitting on the fence, I went totally vegan in January (actually started in December as a test run), and I haven't looked back. I miss very few things (feta cheese, mainly). Anyway, going vegan totally renewed my love of cooking. I could (and sometimes do) spend all day in the kitchen. One of my favorite sites is The Happy Herbivore: http://happyherbivore.com/

    My favorite cookbook is Veganomicon.

    PS...my kids are to an age (12 & 14) where they refuse to eat anything I cook even if it's something they typically love. So I didn't feel guilty going vegan without considering them. lol Luckily, my husband is on board. My son very quickly jumped on board and loves pretty much everything I cook. My daughter is a total picky eat and lives off peanut butter sandwiches and school food. I had to let it go & just not care anymore. Hopefully, she will change her mind one day. And I'm not pushing veganism. Just pushing whatever gets you cooking healthy meals for your family...whatever that might mean for you. :)

  7. I love cooking, I have about 90 cook books, although I choose easy meals a bit too often these days. I don't have a favorite recipe, I love a lot of food.