Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do you have the support you need?

I am talking about for the ladies. Are you one of the lucky people that does not have to be picky about finding the right bra for running or other high impact workouts. If you are you can stop reading now. :) I need support and lots of it. At my last half I saw a number of ladies who were in dire need of some support.  My motto don't be like Katie.
In this photo Katie is running the a marathon without a bra...or at least that is how it looks. You would think with all for the money she has that she would want to have support while running. That tank top is getting the workout in this photo.

For the first time in my short running career I experienced chaffing from my sports bra. Not much but enough to bother me for a couple of days. My go to bra is Enell. I love its like a straight jacket for the ladies, but I think it is getting a little  big, thus causing the chaffing. I am thinking about changing it up for my next half. I usually train in the Enell or Juno/Fiona (by Moving Comfort) all of which I love, but I always seem to pick the Enell come race day.  Maybe it's just the habit of more then the fit/comfort of it.

If you have more then a handful what is your bra of choice for running?


  1. Who runs a marathon in just a tank top?! Ouch! I saw a lady the other day who was running and she needed some major support. I don't how (or why) they do it.

  2. Chances are, since we are geographically close, you won't see me running in person! But if you do, and my bosom's look like that, hand me some duct tape, PLEAZ!!! I will know why! Lol! Yuck!

    1. *we are NOT geographically close! Lol!

  3. OMG I totally forgot about that Katie NYC pic and I looked at it and thought it was an old woman. Yikes that looks painful she is hanging so low.
    I am no help as I don't think I've got a handful on my best day. Bra chafe must suck.

  4. More than a handful, here, and I SWEAR BY Glamorise sports bras, style #1006 in particular. Here's an Amazon link.

    Seriously. I started wearing them when Athleta carried them, then had to chase them to JC Penney, then chased them to Amazon. If you can find somewhere to try them on then yeah, do, but if you go to the company website their measurement stuff is spot on.

    My. Girls. Do. Not. Bounce. I mean, jump up and down in front of the mirror and continuously see the label on the band do not bounce. It's amazing. The only chafing I've ever had was from a strap adjuster that got all caddywonkers, but that just happens on my nude one and only at ten miles. Not bad. Considering putting some tape in that spot for RnRPDX because I'll probably wear the nude one anyway. Love these bras that much.

    Plus when brand new they are total 1950's cone bras and look better under clothing than my normal bras. LOL I promise they don't pay me. Though I'm open to it.

  5. That photo just looks PAINFUL! I only have a handful so I'm no help in this department, sorry!

  6. Well I basically have no boobs but my sister has tons. She bought the Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer and she said she has never ever worn a bra that is THAT good. It lifts those puppies up and holds them in place like nothing else. And yeah, if I had Katie Holmes kind of money I'd be looking a whole lot better than that when I run!

  7. Oh Katie Katie, what ARE you thinking?!

  8. She was trying to get bigger (longer) boobs . . . :)

    Hey, I found this post to be helpful . . . maybe it might help you too.

  9. I like the Champion Double Dry bras. They are very comfy and supportive.