Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Color Run - Seattle

I started a new tradition last year by running a race on Mother's Day. This year the Color Run happened to fall right on Mother's Day. Mother Natured decided it need to be a beautiful day here in Seattle! I woke up around 6AM and felt tired. I hadn't slept well and had spent most of Saturday not feeling well. I hoped that I could get the energy I needed for this event. My dad showed up at 7AM to watch the little one and Sean and I headed into the city. We arrived early and actually made it to the starting line 30 minutes before the race started. This allowed us to start in the front of the pack.

They give you a bag of powder for the final dust toss, but you have to carry it with you on the race. I found that my SpiBelt held my car keys and my dust perfectly.

I broke all of the rules and wore my white shirt to the race. The reason for this is I don't own a white shirt and I didn't want to buy one so that it would get ruined. I wished I would have turned it into a v-neck but by the time I thought of it I was on my way to the event.  I added a little Sparkle to my out fit via my Team-Sparkle skirt.

Sean and I before the event. Notice how crisp and clean we look. We are are already thinking of ways to make our outfits better for next year's event. Since this is a non timed event, the outfits are limitless.

Waiting at the starting line. Like I mentioned we were about 30 minutes early so we just sat down to save our spot. They were doing waves every two minutes so we wanted to make sure we were in the first wave.

Before you knew it we were on our way. The first two stations didn't get me very well even though I ran through the high impact lanes. Because we were in the first wave the color throwers were laughing so hard at times when they hit someone, meaning other people were missed.

We noticed this sign along the way which I thought was pretty funny. There really was't anything around, excpet this sign.

The first color station was blue, followed by yellow and then it was time for Green. These color throwers stepped it up a notch.

After Green was the final color orange! They got me good also. From that point on the orange and green just mixed to great a merk color. Yes that is a color, you know the color of mud that looks greenish orange.

After you finish the 5K, you gather in a central area, to create the big colorful cloud that The Color Run is known for.  Sean led us up to the front of the crowd. I look over and I am standing right next to Lindsay On the Go.  Out of 7,000 peeps I run into a blogger!

So what they don't tell you about the awesome cloud dust photo's as it doesn't look anything like that when you are underneath it.  You can see a few people tossing there color early.  

But when the time really comes, this is what it looks like! Insane, the sun was completely blocked out. That blue dot is color on my camera lens. I couldn't see anything for 30-45 seconds. Breathing was even more difficult. Oh and if you are laughinhg like I was you end up with color in your mouth.

Post color cloud! You can still see the haze and my now purple teeth! Don't worry its not toxic, or at least that is what they tell you. I am sure I will be having colored boogers for a few days!

A few post color cloud photo's to show how covered we were. Once I rinsed out my teeth and coughed up a cloud of powder I felt so much better.

My husband's hair actually looked pretty cool.

My hair on the other hand, looked fake! It was caked with the powder and two showers later I still feel like I am washing it out. 

The shoes cleaned up well with a hosing off! Ready for our next non traditional 5K - Foam Fest

At the end of the day I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a blast.  It was interesting to see some people not wanting much color on them and other's just caked head to toe before the event was over.   There were 7,000 bibs sold and it sold out in 3 hours! The race felt small and not crowded compared to other Seattle events, like the St. Patrick's day race.  I did feel like the needed more color throwers but overall it was a fun event.  

Edit to add - I used my old Canon Point and Shoot for this run. I didn not put it in a plastic bag or anything.  I think it survived the event pretty well. I know a lot of people had iPhones and what not out, but I didn't want to risk using my Crackberry. If you have an old digital camera I would suggest using it for a run like this.


  1. So jealous...not really jealous but just wish I could be there doing this!! How awesome...I hope they have more runs like this in my area. FUN FUN FUN!!

    Great photos girl!

  2. ahhhhh!!!! i'm so mad i missed the second registration opening but we are doing FOAM FEST so that will be RAD!!!

    i really think i'm only doing 5ks when they involve cool stuff like this from now on. awesome photos!!!

  3. Fantastic and fun ... what running should be about :-)

  4. Glad you had a great time! Love all the pics:)

  5. That looks like so much fun! What awesome pictures.

  6. I wish that run didn't conflict with the Kirkland race (maybe it won't next year?) because I would love to do it! It looks like a blast. Love your post-color-dousing pictures. :-)

  7. I'm waaaaay too paranoid to do the color run. I'll have to live vicariously through your blog. lol You were VERY colorful!

  8. LOVE IT!!!! His hair is awesome!

  9. This is AWESOME!!! I want to do this someday! It looks so fun!

  10. Glad you had as awesome a time as we did! I am looking forward to the Foam Fest as well! :)

  11. Registration for our Color Run opened this past tuesday at 6pm- I was online at 6:05 with my credit card haha. I believe out of all the photos I've seen of people running this, you are the first to get it on your teeth. (that tells me you were having a grand old time!)

  12. This looks like a really fun race. You got some great pictures!

  13. Great recap Jen! I'm running Color Me Rad 7/21 and if I I enjoy it (I'm sure I will) I'm registering for a Color Run in Oct.

    Love the idea of the sparkle skirt. Now you have me wondering if the paint washes out?