Thursday, May 31, 2012

A month in review and a winner

First the winner winner for the entry to the Foam Fest 5K.  With only a few entries I still used to pick a winner. Kerrie send me an email and I will send you the discount code.
May was a busy month for me. I knew it was going to be crazy when I set up my goals so I kept them simple and attainable. I didn't really have time to push myself and June isn't looking much better.

May Goals In Review
Run the Color Run - It was a blast, no pressure 5K. I would recommend this event to anyone and everyone. Seriously a great time.

 Run Portland RnR Half - A whirlwind trip to Portland and back

Focus on my diet, keep tracking  - I slacked on this big time. Like I mentioned life just got in the way. I am trying to find a happy balance in June so we shall see what it brings. I didn't lose any weight in May, unless you count the weight I gained and lost again. Overall May was a wash.

No signing up for races, but look into volunteering at an event - I think I signed up for the Foam Fest 5K, ooops! 

Overall 2012 Running Goals: These goals are coming along nicely.
  • Run 4 Half Marathons - 3 down - Race Recaps
  • Try a new distance - SGK 3-Day walk in November 2012
  • Run 12 Races Total - 6 down - 6 to go - Race Recaps
  • Year of the PR - work on PRing in 5K, 10K and Half (really stop being content with my speed and push myself) - PR - 5K, St. Patricks Day Dash PR - I need to work more on this for the half distance.
  • Run more miles then 2011. In 2011 I ran 505.29 miles, as of 5/31 I have run 307 miles. Over halfway to my goal.
    • January - 10 | 40
    • February- 56 | 65
    • March - 61 | 61.5
    • April - 72- | 76
    • May - 34 | 65
Goals for June 2012: I have no idea where to start for June's goals. My June is so jammed packed with so much life I am going to be lucky to just survive. We have a wedding, college graduation, pre-k graduation, SGK fundraiser event, Father's Day, Seattle RnR, Our 8th Anniversary and the 5K Foam run packed into June.  Call me lame, call me a slacker but for June I just need to survive. Not gaining weight would be an added bonus. I know I will run more miles in 2012 then 2011, because last year I ran a total of 16 miles.

What are your big goals for June? Do you every look at your calender and cringe?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Word Up Wednesday

I was going to do wordless Wednesday but I have so much randomness to share today I figured I might as will just spew it all out in bullet points.
  • I did really good on my eating yesterday, until I almost had a food breakdown. It started with a handful of SpongeBob shaped Cheeseitz and ended with two small cookies before I walked away. Making lunches for the next day is my weak point. If I am good I brush my teeth first and put in my sexy retainer to keep me from eating, last night I snuck a few bad foods before kicking myself in the pants.
  • Someone asked if I would post all the Rules and I might but for now here are a few I am going to focus on today, slowly work up to all 20.
    • Rule 2  - Don't drink your calories - my weakness flavored coffee creamer. I mentioned that yesterday. Besides coffee I usually drink water, an occasionally tube of Nuun and more water. While I like Nuun and it helps me drink more water my ass is cheap, so plain water it is 90% of the time.
    • Rule 3 - Eat Protein at Every Meal -  Not to bad, just need to get creative.
    • Rule 5 - Eat 30 to 50 Grams of Fiver a day - good rule, but I will work up to this as I don't want a negative impact from to much fiber at once.
    • Rule 18 - Go to bed hungry - this one is tough for me, because then I wake up starving. I need to find a happy balance with dinner and bedtime.
  • It's official after running PDX RnR I qualified for Half Fanatics. You are now looking at member #2482. I accomplished this by running 3 halfs in 71 days. I didn't know if I should register then I figured why not. 

  • Working out and losing weight around a small child is a delicate subject. I start to get worried when my almost 5 year old likes to tell me what foods have protein in them and that fruit is much healthier then something else. She also told me today that if you eat a fiber tablet, which we do, that we need to drink water with it so it doesn't just expand in our stomach. I have no idea where she learns these things.  I hope I am teaching her healthy habits and not ones that she will use improperly at a later date.

  • 3 for 3 on workouts planned vs workouts completed this week. I like it when I am on a roll. 
What is your randomness for Wednesday?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying new things

At a recommendation of a friend I picked up Bob Harper's - The Skinny Rules. It's a set of 20 rules to help you take control of your eating and get back on the right path. All of the rules are actually pretty easy, and I will say he isn't heartless, which he likes to remind you of.  Some of the rules I already do and some I need to get better on.  A few rules:

Rule 1: Drink a Large Glass of Water Before Every Meal - Easy Peasy!  He actually recommends starting your day with water, so I have already started doing that. The first think I consume is water and I am trying to get 16 ounces in before I finish breakfast. He likes you to have it all in before - but that is a lot of water.

Rule 6: Eat Apples and berries every single day. - I like this rule and look forward to enjoying the apples and berries

Rule 7:  No carbs after lunch - This is tough, but I think once I get in the habit I will be able to do better. I have had success on low carb, but I love the idea of limiting carbs (basically refined carbs) after lunch. He encourages lean proteins and veggies for dinners.

Rule 11: Get rid of those white potatoes - I couldn't agree more, but I am breaking it this week as I had 5 small red potatoes left and I wanted them in my lunch so following rule 7 at least.

Rule 20: Plan one splurge meal a week - Just one meal, not a whole day. He also encourage control in this pick larger portion of something good or have the dessert you normally would skip. Enjoy your splurge meal.

Those are just a few of his rules. He also provides a meal plan and recipes. Since I had an extra day this week to prep for my work week I did more meal planning and preparation.  I followed one of his meal plans, swapping around some recipes for my tastes.  Here is what my day looks like today:

I missed this so much when I was low carb
1/2 serving of Vanilla Chobani (he recommends plain, but I like vanilla)
1 serving Granola - I have Bear Naked fit this week, but usually like Safeway brand
1 serving frozen raspberries, that I take out the night before and leaving the fridge to thaw
Coffee with Cream - which also breaks a rule, suggest drinking it black, but I will just factor in those calories. Coffee is one thing I don't like to give up. I just like it. 

Lunch and Snacks for work:
  • Lunch - Orange Glazed Chicken from The Skinny Rules. w/ greens cooked in he orange glaze and roasted carrots and potatoes. I made enough for the 4 days I work this week and the total calories is 370.
    • Orange Glazed Chicken is super easy to make...he suggest broiling it. I just diced the chicken and mixed it in 1 tablespoon fresh squeezed orange juice, 2 teaspoons agave, 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated Ginger and 5 oz boneless chicken breast. Super easy to scale up and make more then one serving at a time. I tossed it in a fry pan and seared the chicken and then cooked until there was no pink.  When the chicken was done I pulled it out and cooked the greens int he remaining glaze.
  • Snacks -  hard boiled egg and apple for the AM, cucumbers, hummus and strawberries/grapes for the afternoon.  

 All wrapped up and ready to go in my daughters lunch box. Toss it in the fridge and reheat around lunch time. Makes it simple and now I have no excuse to eat bad during the day.

I am going to try to implement these rules for a full 30 days in June, until then I am going to slowly work towards getting used to the few changes I need to make....ummm cut the crap out of my diet.  Dinner, well I am not sure yet what we will be having. Tuesday's are pretty much fend for yourself night as we are busy with activities for the kiddo.I will do my best to cut the carbs after lunch and hope for the best. 

Do you have any rules you follow for living a healthy lifestyle? Do you ban any foods?

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Update

I was going to take a screen shot of my dailymile workouts for the week, but the voice of Charlie Brown's mom pretty much sums it up....wah, wah, wah.  

Monday and Tuesday - were rest days
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - 45 minutes on the bike
Friday and Saturday - nothing, unless you counting sitting in the sun
Sunday - I planned to run with a friend. She had not been running in a while and I need to get some miles in. We took it slow and I enjoyed the company. We ended up at 6.11 miles with plans to meet up next week.

I also found out that she is looking for one more member for her Ragner Relay team in July. I told her I am not sure. While I would love to do a relay I am not sure I am ready for the Ragner. I am not going to lie, it kind of scares me. There are looking at it as a fun time and not worried about overall time they just want to enjoy themselves. Even with the pressure off, I am still on the fence. She is going to send me the leg that they need filled so that I can review it and make a decision.  I am totally on the fence right now, so if you think you might be interested in Ragner Relay Northwest Passage let me know and I can pass on the info.

My schedule this week is about getting back in the game. Seattle RnR is right around the corner. I need to make sure to keep my base up and not slip back into nasty habits.

Monday - Spin, abs and arms
Tuesday - 3 mile
Wednesday - Spin, abs and arms
Thursday - 6 miles
Friday - Workout DVD
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 8 miles

Have you ever ran a relay? Do you think you ever feel prepared for it?

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Do you Sparkle?

I have fallen in love with sparkle skirts from Team-Sparkle.  I have tried a variety of running skirts, but I can never seem to get the compression shorts underneath to work properly for me. Either I don't know what I am doing when I order or my thighs were not meant for the compression shorts under the skirts. I know a lot of them are now coming out with skirts with no shorts which I love, but for now I am addicted to Team Sparkle. I was first introduced to them when I entered a virtual running event last fall. I won a hot pink skirt. I decided to wear it to my half in November since I knew it was going to be raining and dreary. Might as well add a little sparkle to the event.  Not only did I get my favorite running photo ever, I got a PR.   I love the skirts because they are light weight and you can wear your own pants, shorts or skirt under them. I don't even really notice the skirt is on when I run.

When St. Patrick's Day Dash  arrived I knew I had to get a Green skirt for my run.

For the  Heroes Half  didn't want to stand out to much as I new it was a smaller event, so I went with black. Which I love!

I pulled the green back out for The Color Run, which meant that when I ran through the Green Section I was faced with extra color tossed on me to match my skirt.

For PDX RnR I rocked my own disco ball getting the gunmetal skirt. I loved it. It looked awesome with one of my favorite tops and really complimented the outfit overall.

Up next is Seattle RnR, I have been thinking of getting a turquoise skirt. Then I realized I would just be wearing a grey top and turquoise skirt, pretty much the opposite of what I wore the PDX RnR. Going from having my outfit completely planned out to having no clue what to wear in less then 24 hours sucks. 
Have you worn a skirt from Team-Sparkle? If you would wear any color what would it be? I need some inspiration. Maybe if I put as much effort into my running as I do into picking out an outfit I could have  a great race. :)

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

TripleT Thursday

1. SGK Fundraiser update. As of this morning I have raised $1,870 towards my minimum goal of $2,300! The latest donation came from our housecleaning service, the local MaidPro office. When raising funds they tell you to ask everyone you can think of. I sent letters out to many business that I visit or services I use regularly as kind of shot in the dark.  I figured if the didn't want to donate the would just toss the letter and if they did it was an added bonus of the 5 business I sent letters to so far 2 have made donations.  I still have my Tastefully Simple Fundraiser Open. See my Fundraiser page above if you are interested in making a purchase. Every little bit helps and I am appreciate all the donations I have received so far.

2.  I ordered my first tank from Firedaughter Clothing and I think it is adorable and provided me with some much needed inspiration yesterday.  The tanks are a bit pricey, in my opinion, but the message is what I needed. The shirts are hand screened and a little thin for the price, but I still love it. The seller warns the tops will shrink a size so make sure to order up. Wouldn't it look great with a teal Team-sparkle skirt? Idea for Seattle RnR maybe?

3.  Had my first workout post Portland RnR yesterday, I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill followed by arms and abs. It was nothing fancy, but it felt good to get my legs moving again.  No rest for me as I have to keep on top of things as Seattle RnR is right around the corner in 1 month. The goal for Seattle is to have fun and to break 3 hours. Sounds slow, but for me its fast. Just keeping moving and Don't Stop Believin'!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5K Foam Fest Giveaway

As many of you know I ventured into the land of mud runs this year by signing up for my first muddish run called the 5K Foam Fest. What sold me on this was that I was able to get an AMAZING deal on - the deal is still available here for $29. If you want to sign up use this link and if you are not a Zozi member (which is free) you will get a $10 credit.

Alright, the reason for this post, after I signed up using the discount code above I started actually looking into the event. Yes, I know you are supposed to look into an event first and then register. I never do that - see a good deal and I am sucked into the fun and before I know it I am signed up.
First I checked out the teaser video and checked out more videos of the craziness HERE.

I then went on to read the FAQs section and found myself laughing out loud and instantly new it would be a good time.

I reached out to the people putting on the 5K Foam Fest and asked if they would be willing to donate an entry fee to one of my readers. They happily agreed and so there you have it. If you would like to win an entry to the 5K Foam Fest held in the Seattle area on June 30th! Not only will you get  a free entry...if you do the 10AM start you will get to met me! That has got to be worth something right.

So how do you enter - it's easy and there is a million ways - just remember to post a comment for all the ways you entered:
- Tell me why you want this free entry
- Follow 5K Foam Fest on Twitter - Here
- Tweet about it
- Facebook about it
- Tell your friend about it in email whatever
- Be a follower of my blog, by only if you want to

A winner will be selected at random on May 31st. Plenty of time to talk your friends in to joining you and figuring out what to wear.  I am thinking of dressing as a Tribute from District 12.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Put a bird on it - PDXRnR Recap

I still feel like I haven't slept. So please forgive the typos and when this gets a little long! We woke up Saturday morning at 6AM, we had to load the kiddos up (kid + 2 small dogs) and drive them to Grandma's for an overnight stay.  After dropping them off we drove back into Seattle. I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to time schedules, my husband says that I am over early to everything. We may have arrived at the train station an hour before it left. You don't want to ask how early I arrive for flights. :)  As we were sitting there I hear Sean say - Hey Liz!  We ran into our friends Scott and Liz, I don't remember the last time we saw them. They were actually taking the train to Portland as well for a different reason. It was great to have someone on the train with us oh and to make fun of my time OCD.  The added bonus is they had someone picking them up so we got a ride.

First time on a train!  
Playing with the miniature feature on my camera, while the train was stopped.

Alright as I was saying. We got to Portland on time! My worries of being off schedules were at bay, for a while. Our friends were getting picked up so we hitched a ride with them for lunch. We went to a place called the Green Dragon. The food was good, the beer selection was better. I didn't have any since I don't drink before a race, but our friends enjoyed the beer selection.  After lunch they dropped us off at the Convection Center around 4PM. Sean and I ran through it pretty quick, packet pick up was a breeze and it actually wasn't crowded at all. I didn't really grab much swag since I would have to carry it with me to the hotel and my bag was already pretty heavy.  We walked about half a mile to our hotel and finally checked in right before 5PM.  We had about 45 minutes to relax before we had to take a cab to dinner. We met up with Heather from and her family and friend for dinner.  Heather is a hoot! We had a great dinner with wonderful conversation and decided where we were going to meet up in the morning. Heather had planned to run a few miles before the half as she is training for a marathon. Crazy women.

We got back to the hotel and got everything ready for the morning. I took a lovely hot shower and planned to snuggle into bed with a little Fifty Shades, I have no idea what book I am on since I bought them as a trilogy on my nook.

Once my head hit the pillow I don't think my eye's stayed open more then 5 minutes.  I woke up a million times during night, check the alarm, go pee, go pee, check the alarm, OMG did the alarm just go off...its 6AM again! I got out bed went straight to the mini Kuerig in my hotel and then started getting ready.  I woke up with a headache and feeling off. I actually considered skipping the race and staying in bed. I pretty much decided right there to toss out my goal and just go have a good time.

We left the hotel at 6:30AM and headed to the blue train for a quick ride to the starting line. Of course we were an hour early....that's just how I roll.  A photo of the starting line. This was by corral 1. I was in corral 19 so we walked, visited the porta potties several times, had some water and walked around some more. My back was acting up a little, I was feeling nausea and the headache was still there.

Sean wanted to take a photo of the OR sign, but the weather was kind of washing it all out. I like it as I look about 20lbs slimmer in it. I might have to print it for motivation.

 Another great photo from my husband as we were waiting. I didn't even realize he took it until I was going through my photo's clearly I was in my own world at this point.  I was searching for Heather, as well as, PensivePumpkin. I knew it was her first half EVER and I remember the nerves I had at my first. I figured it I could distract her a little it might help.

You can't even see the starting line form where we started.

I finally spotted her, she told me she was going to wear bright orange. You can't believe the amount of people in orange so I was glad she also told me she was wearing sleeves. I ran back to Corral #22 where I new Heather was starting and told her I would meet up with her.  Pensive and I started in #20 and we were off to a good start walking and running. 

The next thing I knew I turned around and I could find her any more. I figured she was just going to do her event and so off I went. I knew the Heather would find me even with her later start she is a speedy women. Around mile 2.5 I hear some people yelling my name I turn around and her comes Heather and Val to keep me company along the way. I told them I wasn't feeling it - headache and nausea had really set in at by this point.  I continued to consume both water and Gatorade along the well, I also used Clif Shotbloks which I have used in the past but I couldn't get over the feeling of wanting to vomit. The problem is I don't puke. I just don't.  We stopped before mile 3  for a bathroom break, then decided to move on as the line was to long. This was when I saw the first band...I think. Honestly with my head pounding I wasn't really looking forward to seeing the bands.  Close to the 10K mark we made another stop at the bathrooms, I kept moving forward as I could see the 3 hour pacer right behind us. My goal even feeling like crap was to stay in front of that. She eventually passed us.  I am not sure if it was before the 10K mark or after, but we started getting stopped at intersections so that cars could pass. Seriously through out the entire race for me I has stopped 5-6 times. This became very annoying. I know the Portland has issues with trains stopping races, but stopping the event so cars and buses can pass seemed odd.

Around mile 7, I had to stop and use the bathroom. I thought I was going to be ill beyond belief. The bathroom break helped a bit for a while, but overall it really just keep coming back in waves. I would take some Gatorade an water when available, and my goal was to just keep moving. Before when I felt OK I would run as far as a could, the move into speed walking. Before mile 9, Heather hung back with someone she new and that was the last I saw of her. Val stuck with me and helped to push me through the stomach issues and knee issues that popped up on the downhills. At one point she asked do you want me to be mean and push you or just chill. I was like just chill, you can even go ahead if you want. I felt terrible for holding her back even though I knew that they wanted to just run a relaxing race.

The final downhill was amazing and painful at the same time. We just finished running across the Steel Bridge (I think that was the name of it) and you can see the finish line its a down hill and then flat and it feels a million miles away. As I was running across the finish line I could hear the headline finishing up his act, so I guess I saw the last 2 minutes of it.

I stumbled through the finish area, got my photo, Gatorade, water, chocolate milk, peaches, bagel and snack pack thing I then found a space blanket and walked towards the family meet up area. It was still raining at this point and the chill was starting to set in.  I didn't see my husband at the meet up area, so I walked to the finish line and didn't see him there either. I asked the first person I could find to borrow their phone. I gave him a quick call to find out where he was to meet up.  I hobbled my way to him while drinking my fluids and eating the peaches. Once I found him, I said lets go to the train. While I wanted to meet up with some other's I was wet, really wet as it rained on us in some form the entire time. We got back to the hotel and I remembered I need a post race photo.

A quick pose and it was time for a quick shower, we only had about 30 minutes before we had to check out. After a quick shower we headed down to the hotel restaurant for lunch before heading to the train.  This was the best lunch ever! Not just because it was a post race meal, but it was an avocado, bacon, lettuce and bacon sandwich on grilled sourdough bread. So goooood!

Next up was to head to the train station to get on the 2:50 train home. On the train I put on my compression socks and heat pads for my back. I was thankful to just relax on the way home.

Overall I enjoyed the PDX RnR, I wish my body would have cooperated better. It was the most crowded half I have been in and a great experience for half  #5.  I still had a headache most of the day on Monday, but overall I wasn't to sore as I have been in the past. I am becoming a believer on keep moving after a half to keep from getting sore. 

What is your favorite post race food? Do you keep moving after a race or do you like to just sit around and relax the rest of the day. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Manic Monday

First things first the Gel-Bot winner - might as well get the fun stuff out of the way.  There were only a few entries, so I collected them in an excel spread sheet and used to select a winner.

Crystal @ Am I a runner....or just crazy? Email your address at and  will get it in the mail to you this week. 

And now on to the main event. I am not going to do a full recap today as my head is still swimming with details. We had a whirlwind trip to Portland.  Leaving Seattle on the train at 10AM on Saturday and coming arriving back in Seattle on Sunday night around 6:30PM.  To say this was a quick trip was an understatement, but it was filled with running into old friends, meeting new friends and oh a half in the middle of that.  For today I leave you with how I looked leaving the hotel room.

How was your weekend? Were you racing?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What to wear?

My usual wardrobe would should probably be on what not to wear, but for  PDX RnR, I need your input.  Because I can't seem to make up my mind, when I asked my husband he picked something different then me. When I asked my daughter she picked a different combo. So here I am at the mercy you which outfit should I wear to for PDX RnR? All outfits will be topped with a matching headband or black visor.

Outfit #1 - My original pickNike Tank - Says Run with the Original, Team-Sparkle Skirt and Zella Capri's

Outfit #2 - My daughter's pickZella Top, Zella Capri's & RunLove Socks (well, maybe the socks depends on the temp)

Outfit #3 - My husbands pickA combo of outfit 1 & 2
I must admit I LOVE this color combo, but I am not sure the top works with the skirt.

I super big high five to everyone running this weekend. Hopefully I will run into some of you in Portland. Feel free to come up and say Hi! I promise I won't bite.

TripleT on Friday Eve

Frist - I am currently hosting a fundraiser with Tastefully Simple. They are an awesome product that helps to make my life easier. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to my SGK 3-day walk fundraising efforts. My goal is to use the host credit as an incentive. If you make a purchase of any amount from my fundraiser your name will be put in a hat and one lucky winner will the host credit once the party closes.  If you are interested in purchasing a product please  Click Here and enter Jennifer Adams to find my party. Once you have located my party  start shopping.  Again, I can't thank everyone enough for the donations and support they have provided me so far.

Second - Tonight is my final run before Portland RnR. I have so many things running through my mind for this event. The biggest issue, what to wear. I have two outfits in mind I will post photo's tomorrow. They says that 14,000 people are registered. It will be my largest half yet and am looking forward to meeting some folks that I have only know through blogs and email so far.

Third - Did you see this article? Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer.  There is a good reason for my coffee addiction and now science can help to back it up. Of course as I was reading it I thought, did Starbucks or Kuerig sponsor this article? LOL. Either way I am not giving up my addiction anytime soon.

I am off to get a cup of coffee and watch some Portlandia.  I leave you with this.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Workout Wednesday

I headed to Spin class this morning and what seems to be a regular occurrence our instructor was late. Not a few minutes late but 15 minutes late. Seriously this is getting old. I am thinking of switching to going to Spin on Tuesday/Thursday's instead of Mon/Wed. The problem is I am pretty picky about instructors and I have no idea who the other two instructors are that teach on the other days. One of these days I will try another instructor, bu not this week.

I wanted to get a short run in today so I decided on a RuNCH, you know a run at lunch time. Since I was working from home, it made it ways. I could be smelly afterwards and no one would care. There was one problem. My garage was freaking 70 degrees, no amount of fan would circulate the air to a tolerable.  I kept the run short at a 5K using a run walk method to keep my hip from going all wonky since PDX RnR is Sunday.  I haven't done a double workout day in a while and it felt great, it might be something I need to work back in a couple days a week. Something about getting 2 workouts in in one day, even if the one is shorter makes me feel strong.

Did you get a good workout on Wednesday?  Do you like doubles?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Randomness

Monday, I decided to switch my  week up a bit. I normally Spin on Monday, but instead I did an easy 3.5 miles and followed it with an arm workout.  Then for some reason I decided that I should try a burpee. I assume everyone out there knows what a burpee is, but to make sure I was doing it right I checked out a video online. I then proceeded to do 5 burpee's and thought I might die. O.K. not really die, but man those suckers are hard. I am try them again today, but we shall see.

In other randomness on Sunday, we decided instead of driving to Portland we are going to take the train. The cost to fill my SUV is the same price for two from Seattle to Portland. The train station is only 1.1 miles from our hotel so it should be an easy walk, depending on how much I pack.  I am a little nervous of taking the train I hope there are no major delays.
A random giveaway. Yesterday, while looking for bubbles for my daughter I located the Gel-Bot. I won this water bottle sometime last year and I have never used it. I don't think I ever will as I am not really in to Gel's or Gu's. I figured I might as well pass it on to someone who might use it. I tossed 4-Gels. Check out the Gel-Bot HERE
Summary: The Gel-Bot delivers two performance essentials, fuel and hydration, in one easy to use sport bottle. This patent-pending design lets you fuel or hydrate with just one hand. Perfect for racing or total gel addicts. All the Gel-Bot components can be taken apart and easily cleaned.

If you are interested in winning this product just leave me a comment. I will draw a random winner on May 21st.

Have you ever travelled by train?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Color Run - Seattle

I started a new tradition last year by running a race on Mother's Day. This year the Color Run happened to fall right on Mother's Day. Mother Natured decided it need to be a beautiful day here in Seattle! I woke up around 6AM and felt tired. I hadn't slept well and had spent most of Saturday not feeling well. I hoped that I could get the energy I needed for this event. My dad showed up at 7AM to watch the little one and Sean and I headed into the city. We arrived early and actually made it to the starting line 30 minutes before the race started. This allowed us to start in the front of the pack.

They give you a bag of powder for the final dust toss, but you have to carry it with you on the race. I found that my SpiBelt held my car keys and my dust perfectly.

I broke all of the rules and wore my white shirt to the race. The reason for this is I don't own a white shirt and I didn't want to buy one so that it would get ruined. I wished I would have turned it into a v-neck but by the time I thought of it I was on my way to the event.  I added a little Sparkle to my out fit via my Team-Sparkle skirt.

Sean and I before the event. Notice how crisp and clean we look. We are are already thinking of ways to make our outfits better for next year's event. Since this is a non timed event, the outfits are limitless.

Waiting at the starting line. Like I mentioned we were about 30 minutes early so we just sat down to save our spot. They were doing waves every two minutes so we wanted to make sure we were in the first wave.

Before you knew it we were on our way. The first two stations didn't get me very well even though I ran through the high impact lanes. Because we were in the first wave the color throwers were laughing so hard at times when they hit someone, meaning other people were missed.

We noticed this sign along the way which I thought was pretty funny. There really was't anything around, excpet this sign.

The first color station was blue, followed by yellow and then it was time for Green. These color throwers stepped it up a notch.

After Green was the final color orange! They got me good also. From that point on the orange and green just mixed to great a merk color. Yes that is a color, you know the color of mud that looks greenish orange.

After you finish the 5K, you gather in a central area, to create the big colorful cloud that The Color Run is known for.  Sean led us up to the front of the crowd. I look over and I am standing right next to Lindsay On the Go.  Out of 7,000 peeps I run into a blogger!

So what they don't tell you about the awesome cloud dust photo's as it doesn't look anything like that when you are underneath it.  You can see a few people tossing there color early.  

But when the time really comes, this is what it looks like! Insane, the sun was completely blocked out. That blue dot is color on my camera lens. I couldn't see anything for 30-45 seconds. Breathing was even more difficult. Oh and if you are laughinhg like I was you end up with color in your mouth.

Post color cloud! You can still see the haze and my now purple teeth! Don't worry its not toxic, or at least that is what they tell you. I am sure I will be having colored boogers for a few days!

A few post color cloud photo's to show how covered we were. Once I rinsed out my teeth and coughed up a cloud of powder I felt so much better.

My husband's hair actually looked pretty cool.

My hair on the other hand, looked fake! It was caked with the powder and two showers later I still feel like I am washing it out. 

The shoes cleaned up well with a hosing off! Ready for our next non traditional 5K - Foam Fest

At the end of the day I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a blast.  It was interesting to see some people not wanting much color on them and other's just caked head to toe before the event was over.   There were 7,000 bibs sold and it sold out in 3 hours! The race felt small and not crowded compared to other Seattle events, like the St. Patrick's day race.  I did feel like the needed more color throwers but overall it was a fun event.  

Edit to add - I used my old Canon Point and Shoot for this run. I didn not put it in a plastic bag or anything.  I think it survived the event pretty well. I know a lot of people had iPhones and what not out, but I didn't want to risk using my Crackberry. If you have an old digital camera I would suggest using it for a run like this.