Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Update

I ended up taking a rest day on Thursday and on Friday I added my mileage for my missed day to my Friday run. I normally wouldn't do that but I knew I wasn't going to workout on Saturday. Friday I knocked out 8 miles on the treadmill. Saturday, I took a rest day while and enjoyed the nice weather. Sunday the forecast said at least 70 April, in Washington we will call this AMAZING! Here is where we spent our afternoon.

Of course this meant a repeat of last week. I was going to have to run my 10 miler after a day of sun and fun. We had dinner early and I got my bum dressed to head out to run around 6PM. At 6PM the it was still 76 degree's out. My treadmill is int he garage and it was 65 degrees in the garage, I also had 2 fans down there. So you can guess where I did my run. I didn't run the entire 10, I ended up doing 8 again. In fact my time for Friday and Sunday were almost identical.

This week the plan looks like this:
Monday - Spin / Weights
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - Spin / Weights
Thursday - 6 miles
Friday/Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Heroes Half - weather looks good so far with no rain and a high of 54 degrees

How was your weekend? Did you race, it seems like everyone was racing this weekend?


  1. ah I'm coming with you guys to spend some time on the water like that!!! SO fun and great week of workouts!!1

  2. BEAUTIFUL picture. I am totally jealous of your awesome weather!!

    Way to go on your runs, too!

  3. nice! Yes, I ran my Earth DAy Half! So glad that it is over...more hilly than I thought, it rained from mile 5 til almost the end and I felt so dehydrated the whole time...(prob. from my slight cold I had) But, I did it and that's all that counts.

  4. You look amazing in that dress! I didn't race this weekend, but I did finally get a run of more than 2 miles in (I did 6)!

  5. Great job getting your mileage in. Way to get out there on the water! Our boat is still at our house in winter mode:(

  6. That's what I need - some fans in the room with the treadmill!! I just saw you are doing a color run! I am debating doing one in July, but I haven't decided yet! Have you done one before??

  7. What a fun day on the boat! That is such a smart idea to put a fan close to the treadmill-I'm going to have to do that this summer even though the treadmill is in one of our guest rooms or I'll sweat to death trying to do long runs. Good luck with your half coming up this weekend!

  8. No race for me this last weekend...but did a 5k 2 weeks ago...This weekend was spent relaxing, doing some much needed yard work and running with my 16yr old son who is training to do a half with me in September...Blessings and sounds like you had a great weekend too!