Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Update

The sun was shinning in the Pacific Northwest so it couldn't get any better around here. Friday, I knew that my weekend was going to be busy so I attempted to get a long run a little early. I did 8 miles, not what I wanted but it was better then nothing. I then did some arm work along with a workout I found on SparksPeople. It was just what I needed to get me ready for the weekend.

Saturday, we took our boat out on the water. It was our first venture out on this boat. To say we were beyond excited is an understatement.  The sky was clear, the sun was out but it was still 60-65 degree's so yes I had on long pants, my slippers and a sweatshirt the entire time. I had a reason for trying to get my long run in on Friday, I had a feeling that we would be out away from home most of Saturday.

Pretending to be the Captain of the vessel
Our feet all toasty and warm 

Finally warming up enough to get some Vitamin D

After about 4 hours of boating adventures, we headed in. My dad drove down to take us to lunch, but it ended up being an early dinner. With the weather so nice here he wanted to take advantage of it while he could and get some work done outside on his garden. He is in the process of making some raised bed garden to grow veggies this spring and summer - I can't wait. He is the second family member growing a garden this year. I hope to reap the benefits of their gardening skills.

Sunday, of course was Easter. We woke up early 7AM for an Easter egg hunt in our house.  After our hunt we had to get ready to head to Brunch and another Easter egg hunt/Birthday celebration for me. Brunch was great and I would have taken photo's of my food but I am not sure my in laws would have appreciated it. Instead imagine half a Belgium waffle, fresh cut strawberries and whipped cream. A small side of ham and a mimosa. A great way to start the day if I don't say so myself. After visiting for a while we headed to Easter celebration #2, well #3 if you count our mini celebration at home. Either way my child was able to search for more Easter eggs and receive more candy and change. I actually think she was more excited about the coins in the eggs then the candy. A good time was had by all but by the time we got home around 6PM. I knew that we need to get a walk in. The little one was full of energy, oh wait it was probably a sugar buzz so we got changed and headed out for a walk. We walked down to the grocery store which is about  a mile away. On the way she kept stopping to collect dandelions, so as you might expect our pace was rather slow.  At first she told me she was collecting them for her wedding, because she needed them to get married. Then she told me "when I get married people will take lots of photos of me", so I started taking photo's with my camera. Of all of them this one cracks me up the most  - what do you think? She gives Angelina Jolie a run for her money with that leg pose.

At the grocery store we ended up having to talk to two different checkers because the item we were buying wasn't ringing up. Evie offered a dandelion to both ladies. It was adorable. We then walked in to Starbucks to get a coffee and some water and she gave the girl ringing us up a dandelion also. All 3 ladies were very touched and said it made their day. She is a good kid for sure! She was so happy to give some of her dandelions away the she talked about it most of the way home. Nothing like a lesson in random acts of kindness from a 4.5 year old.

I am not looking forward to heading to work tomorrow, but I know that I need to get to bed so that I can drag my booty out of bed for Spin in the morning. What does the week hold for me - Spin, Run, Spin, Run, Run, Rest, Run - oh and work some cross training in. My training plan is on my other computer but you get the idea. 

Hope you had a Fabulous weekend and let's hope Monday isn't as bad as we think it will be.  Share with me the favorite part of your weekend?


  1. What a fun weekend! We enjoyed the sun too with a bike ride to the beach. Lovin this weather. I hope it sticks around!

  2. What a great weekend. And I love your outfit, something I would totally buy myself.