Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weather Watcher

The weather watching for Sunday has already started.  As of this morning the forecast looks like this for the Heroes Half.

I should take bets on  how much this will change between now and Sunday. My first half it was raining in the beginning and stopped half way through.  My second half it was cold, raining most of the time and windy.  My third half it was cold, raining on and off and pretty miserable overall.  Do you see a trend? I know how to deal with the rain and those elements. I would love for the weather to be cool and clear. It will make for a great run. Let's hope a rainy front doesn't blow its way in.

The goal for this week is to make sure my back is healed as it has been causing me some pain in the morning lately and focus on nutrition. Nutrition was one of my down falls during my last half so I need to make sure that my eating is on point the rest of the week leading up to the race.

This event is about an hour from my house. The run starts at 8AM, I like to get there early so I think I will leave my house at 6AM. Which means an earlier wake up time for me. What is the farthest you have driving the morning of an event? What is your earliest wake up call for a run?


  1. I hope it doesn't rain:) Out of over 20 races I have run, it only really rained for one of them. Beat the Bridge last year. Hopefully my streak will continue:) The farthest I have driven is probably about 45 minutes. Earliest wake up is probably in the 4am range. Hate to get up early! Luckily this race is less than 30 minutes away for me:)

  2. I'm watching the weather for my 5k this Saturday. I really think I have a chance to PR if the weather cooperates. Luckily, the race starts and ends at the elementary school a 1/2 mile from my parents' house and I have other grad student friends who are going to run it with me. I think they're all parking at our house and walking into town. Hehe.

    If a race requires me to get up before 5am, it isn't going to happen. Period. lol

  3. how fun...I'll hope for great weather! I like to check the weather WAY in advance no matter what we're doing...helps me prepare but like you said, it'll change 1,000 times in a week! LOL! good luck to ya, I know you'll rock it!

    I guess I need to sign up and set another half goal for myself, huh? thanks for the motivation...

  4. I have a half on Saturday and have been watching the weather like a hawk too!! It's up, it's down, chance of rain is more now.... Ahh!!

    I hope you get cool, DRY weather for yours.... and mine!

  5. I've started buying jackets at Goodwill that I can "throw away" while I run the races. I start off cold. It's usually rainy first thing in the morning if there's a chance of sprinkles (when is there NOT here in WA?). Anyway, I have no guilt this way. I've officially thrown out 5 now. And a pair of cheap little knit gloves that I got on clearance at Joann Fabrics for 50 cents. lol I can't STAND running when my hands are hot.

  6. That weather looks pretty good...as long as there is no rain! I have to be out of the house ay 6 for my weekend runs, but the most I have driven for a race is about 90 minutes.

  7. I'm hoping for cool weather on Sunday - but not cold enough that I want some layer on before I get in the start corral. I guess I better start stalking Eugene's weather sooner than later!

    Have fun this weekend!!