Thursday, April 5, 2012


1.   Deal sites like Schwaggle, Groupon and Living Social have been screaming at me lately. Buy me, buy me. I love when they have race discounts and have purchased several this way. I just wish that they would give a little more notice on them.

2. A great deal on Groupon today - Check it out. I am going to pass on this as it is May 6th, but main if you were half ready this would be a great deal.

3.  Another great on Schwaggle today - deal out there - race date also May 6th

What are your favorite deal sites? What is the best deal you have purchase through them?


  1. I love these sites. I bought entry to the Hero's half in April and the Seattle half in November for 50% off! I also got some yoga deals and bootcamp deals through Groupon. It's a great way to try new things:)

  2. I know, I totally had to control myself from signing up for Tacoma. So I signed up to volunteer at it instead! Come hand out water with me?!

  3. wow, i didn't know these sites offer discounts on race entries? very cool, thanks for sharing and congrats on getting some great deals!

  4. Trying not to look at deal sites.... I know just how you feel. Race deals or KT tape or .....

  5. I use all of these and I also have an ActiveAdvantage membership where I've gotten two race entries for FREE!