Thursday, April 26, 2012

Need a mantra

This is pretty much how I felt after my last half, yet just two weeks later I signed up for the Heroes Half that is taking place this Sunday. Right now, I am feeling like this picture. My body is revolting against me, my back is not happy, a strange pain in my right bum check and in the back of my mind I am just hoping I can do it. My injuries are minor, with a good warm up I think I will be fine.
Tonight I have a run planned, my goal to take it easy, enjoy the run and mentally prepare for Sunday. The pain in my back is not nearly as bad as it was in November when I ran the Seattle Half. But the mental games it is playing on me is kicking my butt.  My last half was rough on me mentally and physically and I need to block that out of my mind and start fresh with this race.

I think I am in need of a couple of Mantra's to repeat in my head and remind me that I can push through and do this. Kick the self doubt out and go for it. Besides the hill at the beginning and the end the course is pretty much flat. I can handle a flat course if I can get out of my own head.

Do you use sayings to help you push through? Share with me some that help you?


  1. One of mine is "You Survived cancer, you CAN do this"

    Another is "Do or do not, there is no try"

  2. Oh I so need to know if you come up with any good ones - I need some too right now! My workout yesterday totally sucked and now I don't feel like running today either. Every run (even races) is a training run, so just consider your last tough half as part of your training - it taught you something that will make you stronger for the next one! Good luck this weekend!

  3. You are going to rock it! I just saw a mantra that I liked the other day "how much do you want this?". This might be one I will use on Sunday. I hope you can work out the kinks.

  4. When I ran the Columbus marathon BADLY (out way too fast then hung on for dear life) I kept lying to myself saying alternately "I've so got this" "It's in the bag" I so didn't have anything, I was dying. But I never gave up and I eked out a BQ. I'm a huge advocate of creating the triumph in your mind and letting your body follow. Good luck!

  5. I can outgun you.
    I can outrun you.
    I can destroy you.
    I can run through you.

    Can you tell I talk to the Bad Thing living in my head? LOL but this way I don't just get ONE mantra, I get the one I need in that moment. I keep coming up with them until one clicks, then I repeat that one.

    Good luck! You're gonna be great!!!

  6. For my marathon - I used the mantra "Don't think about it. Just do it." I even painted it on my thumbnails with nail polish pen to remind me :)

  7. Some of the time I just find myself repeatedly reminding myself that I can do this.

  8. the last one...I was really wanting to walk around mile least til mile 13 and then pick it up again...but I didn't ....I kept saying..."Just a little farther"..."just a little farther" ...what do you know???? Before I knew it I saw mile marker 13 and was thrilled to infinity and beyond I tell ya!

    (And at mile 10 I swore my head...that I would never do another half, I can't wait to get a better time...are we crazy or what???)

    Good luck...take it easy...

  9. See it - believe it - be it!

  10. My "coach" told me something he read in Born to Run - Easy, Light, Smooth. So I have been repeating that to myself now and then during my runs. And when it gets really tough I pretend I'm Steve Prefontaine and can do anything!