Friday, April 6, 2012

Motivation comes from different places

I received my May Issue of Runner's World the other day. After reading the article about Erin @ See Mom Run Far, and reminding myself that if she can do so can I. Not comparing myself to her, but you have to find inspiration from her story. If she can find the time to be a rock star runner, I can find the time to do my thing.
As I continued to read, I stumbled up on a book recommendation and laughed.
“In his frank and funny book The Drunk Diet, Lüc Carl shares legit running tips.” – Runners World
Within a few days I went to my Nook and downloaded it. I have no idea who he is (after some Google search, and ex boyfriend of Lady Gaga or something along those lines) but I figured it would make for an entertaining laugh and maybe give me the kick in the butt I so desperately need. Like all dieters I go through awesome, do good, do ok, do crappy - rinse and repeat. In my attempt to find balance I have slipped up a bunch. I have started tracking my food again and my old motivation techniques are not working so let see check out this book gives me some motivation. Or at the very least makes me laugh. When I was younger I always had a motto that I would never date a guy that had longer or better hair then me, so I am treading cautiously while reading this book.

I started reading it yesterday and I am already on page 59 - but laughed just reading the table of contents. Chapter One: How the fuck did I get fat? Have you every asked yourself that question. I know I have.  That leads into Chapter Three: Your Body is a Hot Rod. Each chapter has a title that will make you laugh. His writing style is easy and be warned if the language is uncensored. So if you are sensitive to that stuff. It might not be worth reading it.

Why he decided to write a book: All health/diet books say no drinking and he wasn't ready to give up alcohol. He states "I can't drink, but there's a something on the shelf called The Cookie Diet?" If proceeds to go on and say he just wanted to tell his own story and not tell other what they should do, just how he did it.

His take on Vegetables: "I stopped thinking of vegetables as "asparagus" or "string beans"; I was thinking of them as "confidence" and "sex". (Try ordering a side of steamed sex with your burger.)

That's all I have so far, but so far I have laughed enough to burn a few calories, right?  In the same magazine I was inspired by Erin's drive to just be an awesome person, and runner. As well, a person who wrote a book called The Drunk Diet.

Do you like to read health/fitness/motivation books? What's your favorite? Have you found motivation in a strange place before?


  1. I just read RW too! I am always so sad when I am done and I can't wait to get my next one. Erin was definitely inspiring.

  2. Hahaha... I got a PR email about the Drunk Diet in my blog email account. Maybe I'll have to ask the PR guy if I can get a free copy. That sounds hilarious just to read!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. I love Erin's story-- she's such an inspiration! And she's so humble about it, although I feel like despite working hard, she definitely has some natural talent! I don't get RW, and usually read it online, but I'll have to check out her story!

  4. that one stood out to me too. lol