Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A mother of a hill

In 19 days I am running the Heroes Half and the course looks like this:

In 40 days I am running Portland RnR and the course looks like this:

In 73 days I am running Seattle RnR and the course looks like this:

I have mentioned before the inclines! Of course I think running in the PNW its hard to find a flat course. The Lake Sammaish Half I did in March is a flat course, but a lot of it is run on a packed gravel trail so that adds its own challenges.   What do you think, for my next race, if I wanted to practice running on that kid of elevation what do you think 5% incline on the treadmill or higher? It is an out and back course, you will noticed that this hills look pretty similar. I guess I know what I have to look forward to at mile 10, at mile 3. No guessing what is up next on this course. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

Do you have any hill horror stories? For me it was my first half - the Kirkland Half  - here is my Garmin details. I felt like there were hills within the hills. I swore never to run this race again, but I actually have considered it a few times this year. I think if I wouldn't have signed up for the Portland RnR, I maybe have signed up for this.

So tell me what was the worst race course for you and why?


  1. I'm doing the Hero's Half too! First time for me, have you done it before? My worst hill story is the San Juan Island half. The entire course is rolling hills. Once you get to the top of one hill, you see the next one and so on and so on. It is also beautiful and my favorite race though. I have done it twice. Nice and small and I love Friday Harbor:)

    1. First year doing the Heroes Half. :) I am scared. LOL! I keep telling myself just get over the first hill and you will be good. The last hill, well see how you feel at that time.

  2. Seeing those hills on the Hero's Half makes me feel like my legs are going to fall off, and I'm not even running right now. GOOD LUCK!

  3. YUK..I am going to google my upcoming half and see if they too give an elevation chart like these...cool and scary!

  4. That first one looks horrific!!! At least it's flat in the middle!

  5. I live in FLAT (no, read that as SUPER FLAT) northern IN so . . .any incline kills me!!! Any hilly race would kill me. I've come to grips with not burning myself out on the hills and given myself permission to walk when it gets outrageous - no reason to kill your legs and lungs in the first 3 miles when there is 10 more to go. Just my advice - I'm a walker up the hills kind of girl.
    Good luck girl -
    Join me in IN for some FLAT races :)

  6. My only treadmill hill advice is to go higher if you can. I did my hill training at 6% to begin with and my clinic instructor just laughed at me. Apparently it takes a 2% incline alone to more accurately mimic road running conditions, so 6% is really only like adding 4% of effort. I then went up to 9% and above and that seemed okay. I just don't feel as strong on hills this time around so I think next round I'll go even higher on the treadmill. I'm doing Seattle RnR too and I don't wanna suck wind on the hills!

  7. Oh man don't remind me. I need to practice on hills more but I don't wanna!!! It's seriously ridiculous how flat most of my runs are. Whidbey island had one monster of a hill I remember.

  8. Every. Single. Hill is a horror story, in my totally correct opinion. lmao Portland will be a BREEZE for you. I cannot WAIT to meet you in person. I've got a friend coming to stay with me & run the race with me. We'll have to meet up before the race. ORRRR, if you're interested in meeting us for dinner the evening before that would be awesome! I'm thinking of taking her to Chapel Pup. Here's a link: http://www.mcmenamins.com/103-chapel-pub-home