Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Jelly Bean Virtual Race
The Jelly Bean Virtual race was one, if not the first virtual race I participated in bloggyland last year. This year Jess provided 4 different options for distances. Today, I completed the 10K option as part of my long Sunday run. I wore my awesome new shirt that Jess was selling also. This tank is great and I will be more then willing to order more designs from her as the top is comfortable and didn't bother me at all the entire 10 miles.  I completed the miles on my treadmill, which makes it easier to take pee breaks when you know there is toilet paper close by.

A close up of the shirt with my high quality cell phone and a photo of it on before the run. I really need to get a better phone for photo's or maybe a new point and shot. Pulling out the DSLR for self photos seems a bit much to me since I am lazy.  I will admit the camera phone with the right angles sure does make me look slimmer then the scale says.

Today, I didn't have any gels, gus or jelly beans for fuel when I ran. I remembered that we had some fruit leathers from Costco, so I grabbed a couple of those and took them to the treadmill with me.  The are not as easy to eat while running but the worked and didn't have a nasty caffeine after taste that some of the other fuels have.

I completed the 6.2 in 1 hour 25 minutes, which is slow but it was part of my long slow run. I finished the last 3.75 in 46 minutes, making my total run 2 hours and 11 minutes an average pace of 13:05, but which is faster the my long run pace - but I like to push myself a little more on the treadmill. Of course as I write this I am laughing, the first statement I say I am slow, and the second statement I say I was to fast. Clearly, I have no idea what I am doing. :)
Are you participating in the Jelly Bean Virtual Run, if not you should? Jess knows how to have a virtual event.


  1. I was able to participate in The Jelly Bean that Jess hosted today! Had a blast, wish you were here!

    1. I wish I was local also! Jess seems like such an awesome person!

  2. my jelly bean will be later this week. hope it is as great as yours.

  3. I ran 6.2 yesterday without even knowing about the Jelly Bean Virtual....does that still count? ;-)

  4. I am in for the Jelly Bean also...but I have to run both the 5K and the 10K...yipes!

  5. Way to go! I plan to do the 10k today!

  6. Great job! I'm going to knock out the 10K tomorrow.

  7. 10 miles is a long way to run on a treadmill. I'm impressed!