Saturday, April 7, 2012

I heart sleeping

We all know that sleeping is good for us. Everyone has different requirements for sleep. I for one will take as much as I can get. If I could sleep for 10 hours a day it would be wonderful, but alas I can't. So instead I make sure that the sleep I do get is quality sleep.  I have been a fan of memory foam pillows for a long time. My husband purchased one thinking he would like it and the pillow slowly became my pillow. My chiropractors recommends a contour foam pillow to help my back when I slept I was all over it.  I quickly feel in loved with the funny shaped pillow.

When BlondePonytail had hosted a giveaway for a pillow I was all over it. Technogel Sleeping has 4 different style of pillows making it easy to find one that fits your needs. Thinner pillow models  Classic and  Contour are only available in standard size. The Deluxe and Anatomic pillows come in two sizes; Standard and King.

I selected Anatomic and was very excited when it arrived on my doorstep on Monday, almost like it was a birthday present. If you are like me you quickly know if a pillow won't work for you. While I love to travel, my body never feels the same after sleeping in a hotel bed and using a different pillow. I have been known to bring my own pillow along on trips to help keep me feeling rested. I quickly pulled it out of the box and placed it at home on my bed. Not ,willing to give up my other pillows just yet I left those on my bed while I took this one for a test drive.  The first thing I noticed about the  Technogel Sleeping pillow is the weight of it. If you were to get into a pillow fight this thing might be considered a deadly weapon, it is heavy.  A few other things that I noticed right away was that it had a cool feeling.  That feeling you get when you flip your pillow over on a hot night, but it felt like through out the whole pillow.  There is a cover on the pillow but if you take off the winter cover from the Technogel pillow you can enjoy the cooling effect even more. I think this feature is going be heavenly in the summer. One can dream that we will see warm weather in Washington this year.
After a few nights of sleeping with this pillow I am in love. I am not quite ready to give up my other memory phone pillows for good, but this one has taken priority over the other two for sure.

If you have are in the market for a new pillow I would suggest looking into the Technogel Sleeping pillow.  These pillows are a bit pricey, but do you really want to trust your sleep to a $20 pillow from Target. That is like putting on a cheap pair of shoes and going for run. A pillow is investment to me just like a good pair of running shoes are. Check out their website Technogel Sleeping  and "like" them on Facebook to keep up to date on this product.

What kind of pillow do you sleep with? Do you travel with your pillow?

*Disclaimer - I won this product from a blog giveaway. The reviews are mine and besides winning the pillow I was not compensated for my review.


  1. I need to check this out. My pillow is shot and I have a hard time finding one that works for me. Thanks for the review. Yes, I hope we do eventually get some good weather. Looks nice out today:) Happy Easter!

  2. First, congrats on winning - what a cool (no pun intended) prize!

    Second, I've meaning to tell you for a few days that I LOVE your fb photo - hoola hooping cracks me up - you look awesome and I hope we can meet in real life sometime soon - 2013 me in Washington for a race???

    Third, I'm in search of a new pillow - I've been having shoulder pain (sigh, I'm a side sleeper) and my pillows (from Macy's) are way too old!!!!! Need replaced asap. I will be looking into this pillow - I have to google to see where I can get it - hopefully BB&B.