Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hereos Half Recap

I don't know where to start on this race recap. You may remember I signed up for this event from a great Schwaggle deal.  I planned to use this as a training run, but I did have a bit of a goal. I wanted to do it under 3 hours. The reason for this was because my daughter was going to run the kids race and that started at 11:00AM, the race started at 8AM. 

The event was in a little bit of a drive for us, I woke up at 5AM to start my pre-race ritual and work the family up shortly before 6AM. We were on the road by 6:15AM. We arrived at the event at 7AM. This was perfect timing, we went to get my race packet and pick up Evie's number as well.  I usually have a low number for local races as the hand them out alphabetically, my lowest number before this event was 5. Today, I had the privilege of being #1! As you can imagine this came with lots of comments from spectators. 

 A couple of photos before I was off and running.  Outfit was simple, functional and most of all cute.

Under Armour Visor
Zella Capri's
Run Love Socks

Added the coat as it was a little chilly at the start - which was great to have at the start and at the end.

The race started on time, and was a little crowded at first as the Half Marathoners and the 10Kers started at the same time. I did get to see Livin the Fit Life, right as the race was starting. Her outfit was awesome.  I hung back at little and found a couple of girls to pace off of. Right after mile 1 this women and her dog comes running up on my left hand side. Her dog was acting wild. Biting at the mud puddles, running out the retractable leash. The dog while not annoying to me as a runner was all over the place. As we started up this hills, which was also part of a bridge the dog decided to jump over the bridge barrier. The only problem is there wasn't any ground on the other side. So the next thing I know people are rushing to help this women who is struggling to hold on to the leash. About 10 runners stopped to help her pull her dog back up. Thankfully, the dog was fine and she continued to run her 10K. I am all for having your dogs at events, but you have to have your dogs under control.

A lot of excitement in the first 2 miles. Moving right along, as we got to mile 3 the 10Kers  hit the turnaround spot and the people I had been pacing off of turned around...booo I picked the wrong people to pace off.  This was also when I was hit with the first bad smell, a wood mill. Mile 4 I took a brief stop at the port a potties, small race no wait, gotta love that.  Mile 5-9 pretty unmemorable it was an out and back course, so this part was pretty dull, but it was smelly.  At mile 9 I had to stop and take my shoe and sock off as I felt like my toenail was being ripped off, but instead it was just  blisters. Its super fun to put long compression socks on while standing in one foot. At the very same moment it starts to rain. From here on out it was pretty boring. In the end I crossed the finish line in 3:05, not bad for a training run that was also a race. I got to see my daughter finish her first half mile race. She was sad that she didn't come in first, but was happy she recieved a medal.

20 Days until PDX RnR, I am working on a plan with Heather at Will Run for Coffee to have a running buddy for this event. That is one thing I really wish I had on this Half, someone to run with. I am a pretty solo runner, but I am starting to wish I had running body that was my speed for the longer runs.

How was your weekend?


  1. Was the course scenic? I had thought about doing this one (before I got hurt) and it seemed like it might be a pretty route?

    1. Yes, it was. But it was also pretty smelly...the smell of the wood mill, the smell of the slough area, the smell of the water treatment plant. Oh and the volunteer who was smoking that was nice to run through.

  2. Hey..I have those socks but in them...Good Job!

  3. Jen you did great! and what the heck with the dog?! I loved your outfit too!!

  4. Great job Jen! So glad we saw eachother! That is crazy about the dog. If you are going to run a race with a dog, it better be well behaved. The smells didn't bother me too much since I have 2 boys and 2 dogs:) I am able to ignore it for the most part:)

  5. awesome job! something to be proud of, yet again! Love the skirt and entire race day attire! super cute and fun! great pics and great recap :)

  6. Congrats on finishing the race!

    That poor dog. I have a dog but I wouldn't bring her to a race. In fact it's forbidden here in Holland. We have special events where one can run with his or her dog.

  7. Awesome job! Evie was super cute! Congrats on her first 1K!

  8. Awesome work at this race! You rock! And that is AMAZING you got to be runner #1! And your outfit was so cute!

  9. Congrats to your daughter! That is crazy that you were #1!

  10. First - cute outfit girl!!!! NICE CHOICE!!!!!!!!

    Second, way to rock the race!!!! Super job despite being distracted by a crazy dog - that might be the craziest thing I've ever heard of happening during a half!!!!! So you had the dog, the potty, the toenail and STILL finished in 3:05 - heck yeah!!!! Great job!

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