Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color Me Schweddy

First, I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I had a nice and relaxing evening. Steak on the BBQ with asparagus and carrots. Followed by cake made by my husband and daughter.  The sun even came out in yesterday - a great birthday overall.

I came home yesterday to a package on my doorstep. In March, I won a prize from Jess over on Blonde Ponytail, if you don't read her blog you should as she is pretty bad ass. So what did I win, a pillow! Wait, not just any pillow but a Technogel Sleeping Pillow.  Now I love my pillow (ergonomic type) and I love to sleep, so I was very excited when I heard I won this prize.  I plan to give the pillow a proper review once I have a few nights to sleep on it.

It was only the second day of April and I was already breaking my goals. My excuse was it was my birthday yesterday and calories don't count on your birthday. Also, you need to sleep in so I skipped Spin and rode my bike later in the evening. But another one of my goals was: Do not sign up for any race - stay away from the deal sites. Clearly I don't listen well because at noon yesterday I registered my husband and myself for the Seattle Color Run. You know the latest fad race sweeping the nation, the next best thing to a Mud run. Of course having no experience with a mud run I have no comparison, but I don't know it just seems easier. :)   As of 8PM Tuesday night the event was sold out, not sure what the limit was set at for this race. This message was displaying on their website. 

At this point I don't even know if our other team members had a chance to register to join team - Color Me Schweddy.  I hope they did but I am not sure. I just did some more searching online and it looks like it might have sold sold out in 2 hours. Now I am really wondering how many spots they had open.

What kind of pillow do you sleep with? Anyone else doing a Color Run?


  1. Wow, that's fast! I have never done a color run before. Looks pretty messy:)

  2. Color run sounds fun (& I considered it because I LOVE signing up for races), but i think it's the same day as the Kirkland Half? Anyway, sounds like a fabulous birthday! :-)

    1. Yes, it is the same day as the Kirkland Half. I did the kikland half last year and swore never again. I hope you have a great race.

  3. wow! i was planning to do the color run, but i suppose i was too late!

    i did, however, just sign up for the 5k foamfest in june. drop me a line if you want to be on our team and i'll give you the details. it is a week after RnrSEA so I'll want something fun by then.

    enough of this not running crap. if i could sit on the couch without getting dizzy, i'd go run. alas, i cannot. *whining moaning and complaining about the unfairness of it all*

  4. Wow that's super fast for a race to sell out!

    I have a memory foam pillow and it is life changing. I hope your new pillow makes you not want to get out of bed :)

  5. Aww...I missed your birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, though. Steak and asparagus?? Yes, please. :)
    And, you are absolutely right...calories do not count on your birthday. I'll be interested to hear about the color run.