Monday, April 30, 2012

April Recap

This month was interesting. We had nice weekends which made it hard for me to get my long runs in, or at least get them done outside. I am sucker for relaxing when the sun comes out. I also enjoy food more when the sun comes out - making it difficult to reach my weight loss goals. There is always next month.
April Goals:
  • Track ever thing I eat and drink. I do better when I track my food. -  I didn't do so well, I tracked about half the time. I usually would track through lunch and then not write down my dinner.
  • Continue following the lower carb lifestyle - limiting grains, pasta, bread, potatoes...and sugars of course. - This was  a struggle this month.
  • Continue juicing - love it! - Continued juicing - I really enjoy juicing.
  • Do not sign up for any race - stay away from the deal sites - Signed up for The Color Run, oh well. :) It was a nice try.
  • Run the Heroes Half - Done, recap here
  • Spin Class 2x a - I went a few more times then usual, but I don't think I made it 2x a week. Monday's were really hard to get out of bed for me in April.
May Goals: I am keeping it simple this month
  • Run the Color Run
  • Run Portland RnR Half
  • Focus on my diet, keep tracking
  • No signing up for races, but look into volunteering at an event
 2012 Fitness Goals Update
  • Run 4 Half Marathons - 2 down - Race Recap's
  • Try a new distance - SGK 3-Day walk in November - Team Pink Flamingos
  • Run 12 Races Total - 4 down - 9 to go - Race Recap's
  • Year of the PR - work on PRing in 5K, 10K and Half (really stop being content with my speed and push myself) - PR - 5K, St. Patricks Day Dash PR
  • Run more miles then 2011
    • 2011 Miles(505.29)/2012 Miles (242 almost half way to beating last years goal)
      • January - 10 | 40
      • February- 56 | 65
      • March - 61 | 61.5 (yes I ran extra so I could beat this month last year)
      • April - 72 |  76
How did April treat you, what are you looking forward to most in May?


  1. April has treated me fairly well, ran the Pear Blossom Run April 14th 5k...started some cross training...spin classes...May is going to be fun! You sound like you are going to have a great May as well!

  2. Looks like April goals were great.
    My April brought in some work stress ... I had to come back into the office to help hubby out. Just need to get use dot it I suppose!
    Happy May goals to you :-)

  3. Well done in April. I have the same "bad" tracking habit. I did it for 6 weeks or so but now I've quitted again. I kept cheating and then it's no use.

    May is a busy month for us. It's a month with my Mom's, our best friend and my own birthday. We have a wedding to go to and a BBQ from my husbands work. And we have two long weekends because of Christian holidays. I love May :)

  4. I think I set April goals! Will have to look at past blogs to see! I will also write my May goals down and post them where i can see them daily! Good luck on your goals for May!

  5. Congrats on an awesome domination of goals in April! Let's try and meet up at Portland Rock n Roll!

  6. Nice job in April! Your year is off to a really great start!

  7. You are kicking your 2012 goals in the butt, girl - ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!! Way to go! Awesome work - keep it up and good luck in May!