Monday, April 30, 2012

April Recap

This month was interesting. We had nice weekends which made it hard for me to get my long runs in, or at least get them done outside. I am sucker for relaxing when the sun comes out. I also enjoy food more when the sun comes out - making it difficult to reach my weight loss goals. There is always next month.
April Goals:
  • Track ever thing I eat and drink. I do better when I track my food. -  I didn't do so well, I tracked about half the time. I usually would track through lunch and then not write down my dinner.
  • Continue following the lower carb lifestyle - limiting grains, pasta, bread, potatoes...and sugars of course. - This was  a struggle this month.
  • Continue juicing - love it! - Continued juicing - I really enjoy juicing.
  • Do not sign up for any race - stay away from the deal sites - Signed up for The Color Run, oh well. :) It was a nice try.
  • Run the Heroes Half - Done, recap here
  • Spin Class 2x a - I went a few more times then usual, but I don't think I made it 2x a week. Monday's were really hard to get out of bed for me in April.
May Goals: I am keeping it simple this month
  • Run the Color Run
  • Run Portland RnR Half
  • Focus on my diet, keep tracking
  • No signing up for races, but look into volunteering at an event
 2012 Fitness Goals Update
  • Run 4 Half Marathons - 2 down - Race Recap's
  • Try a new distance - SGK 3-Day walk in November - Team Pink Flamingos
  • Run 12 Races Total - 4 down - 9 to go - Race Recap's
  • Year of the PR - work on PRing in 5K, 10K and Half (really stop being content with my speed and push myself) - PR - 5K, St. Patricks Day Dash PR
  • Run more miles then 2011
    • 2011 Miles(505.29)/2012 Miles (242 almost half way to beating last years goal)
      • January - 10 | 40
      • February- 56 | 65
      • March - 61 | 61.5 (yes I ran extra so I could beat this month last year)
      • April - 72 |  76
How did April treat you, what are you looking forward to most in May?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hereos Half Recap

I don't know where to start on this race recap. You may remember I signed up for this event from a great Schwaggle deal.  I planned to use this as a training run, but I did have a bit of a goal. I wanted to do it under 3 hours. The reason for this was because my daughter was going to run the kids race and that started at 11:00AM, the race started at 8AM. 

The event was in a little bit of a drive for us, I woke up at 5AM to start my pre-race ritual and work the family up shortly before 6AM. We were on the road by 6:15AM. We arrived at the event at 7AM. This was perfect timing, we went to get my race packet and pick up Evie's number as well.  I usually have a low number for local races as the hand them out alphabetically, my lowest number before this event was 5. Today, I had the privilege of being #1! As you can imagine this came with lots of comments from spectators. 

 A couple of photos before I was off and running.  Outfit was simple, functional and most of all cute.

Under Armour Visor
Zella Capri's
Run Love Socks

Added the coat as it was a little chilly at the start - which was great to have at the start and at the end.

The race started on time, and was a little crowded at first as the Half Marathoners and the 10Kers started at the same time. I did get to see Livin the Fit Life, right as the race was starting. Her outfit was awesome.  I hung back at little and found a couple of girls to pace off of. Right after mile 1 this women and her dog comes running up on my left hand side. Her dog was acting wild. Biting at the mud puddles, running out the retractable leash. The dog while not annoying to me as a runner was all over the place. As we started up this hills, which was also part of a bridge the dog decided to jump over the bridge barrier. The only problem is there wasn't any ground on the other side. So the next thing I know people are rushing to help this women who is struggling to hold on to the leash. About 10 runners stopped to help her pull her dog back up. Thankfully, the dog was fine and she continued to run her 10K. I am all for having your dogs at events, but you have to have your dogs under control.

A lot of excitement in the first 2 miles. Moving right along, as we got to mile 3 the 10Kers  hit the turnaround spot and the people I had been pacing off of turned around...booo I picked the wrong people to pace off.  This was also when I was hit with the first bad smell, a wood mill. Mile 4 I took a brief stop at the port a potties, small race no wait, gotta love that.  Mile 5-9 pretty unmemorable it was an out and back course, so this part was pretty dull, but it was smelly.  At mile 9 I had to stop and take my shoe and sock off as I felt like my toenail was being ripped off, but instead it was just  blisters. Its super fun to put long compression socks on while standing in one foot. At the very same moment it starts to rain. From here on out it was pretty boring. In the end I crossed the finish line in 3:05, not bad for a training run that was also a race. I got to see my daughter finish her first half mile race. She was sad that she didn't come in first, but was happy she recieved a medal.

20 Days until PDX RnR, I am working on a plan with Heather at Will Run for Coffee to have a running buddy for this event. That is one thing I really wish I had on this Half, someone to run with. I am a pretty solo runner, but I am starting to wish I had running body that was my speed for the longer runs.

How was your weekend?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Begging for a vote

Can I beg for your vote? I entered a contest on IFitness Facebook page. All you need to do is 'like' IFitness and then like my photo - HERE. The assignment was to 'Take a photo of you and your Mom (or a special mother in your life) and submit it.' Since I don't let my little one submit photos online, yet. I went a head and picked one of my most memorable moments.  This photo was taking on Mother's Day last year, which happened to also be my first half marathon. My daughter gave me a flower at mile 13 and then helped me finish the event.  I never thought I would ever be able to run a half, let alone cross the finish line with my daughter.  It is one Mother's Day I will always remember. I would appreciate your vote.  Vote Here!

This weekend I will be racing, as well as my little one. Evie will be participating in her first 1K. I am really excited for her I only hope that I can finish my half in time to see the kids event. Last night we ran a few laps around our neighborhood to help her prepare. Let me tell you this little one is fast, soon I won't be able to keep up with her.

I want to also give a shout out to everyone racing this weekend. I know many people will be out there and I can't wait to read the race recaps next week. Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Need a mantra

This is pretty much how I felt after my last half, yet just two weeks later I signed up for the Heroes Half that is taking place this Sunday. Right now, I am feeling like this picture. My body is revolting against me, my back is not happy, a strange pain in my right bum check and in the back of my mind I am just hoping I can do it. My injuries are minor, with a good warm up I think I will be fine.
Tonight I have a run planned, my goal to take it easy, enjoy the run and mentally prepare for Sunday. The pain in my back is not nearly as bad as it was in November when I ran the Seattle Half. But the mental games it is playing on me is kicking my butt.  My last half was rough on me mentally and physically and I need to block that out of my mind and start fresh with this race.

I think I am in need of a couple of Mantra's to repeat in my head and remind me that I can push through and do this. Kick the self doubt out and go for it. Besides the hill at the beginning and the end the course is pretty much flat. I can handle a flat course if I can get out of my own head.

Do you use sayings to help you push through? Share with me some that help you?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes you eat your 'fuel' on the way to the gym,
 so you have enough energy to walk into the gym.

Fess up, have you eaten a gel, shot blocks or
whatever your 'fuel' of choice is when you were not working out?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weather Watcher

The weather watching for Sunday has already started.  As of this morning the forecast looks like this for the Heroes Half.

I should take bets on  how much this will change between now and Sunday. My first half it was raining in the beginning and stopped half way through.  My second half it was cold, raining most of the time and windy.  My third half it was cold, raining on and off and pretty miserable overall.  Do you see a trend? I know how to deal with the rain and those elements. I would love for the weather to be cool and clear. It will make for a great run. Let's hope a rainy front doesn't blow its way in.

The goal for this week is to make sure my back is healed as it has been causing me some pain in the morning lately and focus on nutrition. Nutrition was one of my down falls during my last half so I need to make sure that my eating is on point the rest of the week leading up to the race.

This event is about an hour from my house. The run starts at 8AM, I like to get there early so I think I will leave my house at 6AM. Which means an earlier wake up time for me. What is the farthest you have driving the morning of an event? What is your earliest wake up call for a run?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Update

I ended up taking a rest day on Thursday and on Friday I added my mileage for my missed day to my Friday run. I normally wouldn't do that but I knew I wasn't going to workout on Saturday. Friday I knocked out 8 miles on the treadmill. Saturday, I took a rest day while and enjoyed the nice weather. Sunday the forecast said at least 70 April, in Washington we will call this AMAZING! Here is where we spent our afternoon.

Of course this meant a repeat of last week. I was going to have to run my 10 miler after a day of sun and fun. We had dinner early and I got my bum dressed to head out to run around 6PM. At 6PM the it was still 76 degree's out. My treadmill is int he garage and it was 65 degrees in the garage, I also had 2 fans down there. So you can guess where I did my run. I didn't run the entire 10, I ended up doing 8 again. In fact my time for Friday and Sunday were almost identical.

This week the plan looks like this:
Monday - Spin / Weights
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - Spin / Weights
Thursday - 6 miles
Friday/Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Heroes Half - weather looks good so far with no rain and a high of 54 degrees

How was your weekend? Did you race, it seems like everyone was racing this weekend?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello Friday

It's so good to see you Friday. Especially after sleeping for 10 hours last night. For whatever reason last night my stomach was feeling off. I feel asleep while the family was eating dinner and moved up stairs and was asleep very quickly. Clearly my body needed it but this morning my stomach feels better, but overall I feel worse. I don't need this right now, I just want to going in to a half feeling great.

It's Friday though and I need to get over my mopey self and start looking forward to the weekend. A week with nothing on the plan except a 10 miler on Sunday. My last long run before my half on the 29th.

Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to send a big thank you to all who have donated to my 3-day walk. I reached my April goal and look forward to exceeding my goal before the deadline.  Because I reached this goal I will be holding a raffle at the end of April for two $15 gift cards. 

I hope that anyone who will be out there racing this weekend has a great weekend and perfect weather. :) What are your plan's for the weekend?

Thursday, April 19, 2012


1.  I am in need of a hydration belt or CamelBak type backpack for the 3-day walk. I currently have a Nathan handheld, but I don't want to carry that the entire time.   Do you use either? Having any recommendations? I need it to have a pouch for carrying a few small things, as well as, water for the walk. Oh and comfortable is a nice feature also.

2.  A big shout out to all who have donated to my Fundraising efforts. I am a member of Team Pink Flamingo's and I am currently $5 away from my April fundraising goal. I also received my first corporate sponsorship from our wonderful veterinarian office Aerowood Animal Hospital. Aerowood has been great to us and our pets over the years, if you are in the neighborhood and need I vet I highly recommend them. I am extremely grateful for all donations big and small.

3.  My kid said we looked 'awesomer' if we wore our hats sideways, what do you think?

What have you done lately that makes you awesomer?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2for1 Tuesday

Growing up there was a local movie thether that our parents would drop us off at on a Friday night. I lived in a small town and most of the middle schoolers would go there to hang out. The started two for the price of one Tuesdays to bring in more customers over the years. I looked up their website recently and the place still looks the same as it did when I was in middle school in the late 80's.  If you want a deal on the Hunger Games you can go today 2for1 and it will cost you $7. Now that is a deal if you are willing to drive to the small town of Arlington, Washington.  Don't be thinking D.C. now, I am talking about Washington State. Which by they way telling people you lived in Arlington - no matter where you were in the world, most people would ask me D.C.? I quickly learned to say that I was from Seattle.


This morning I woke up before the sun was up. I dreaded every freaking minute of my 4 mile run. I actually woke up to run before work because I plan on attending a Blood Drive at work today. If you have given blood before you know that there is no strenous activty for 12 hours after giving blood. If I wanted to get my workout in I had to wake up early. Have I mentioned before how much I hate getting up early to run. I am pretty sure I have.

Did you grow up in a small town or a large town?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a fab weekend. We stayed around local and really had a relaxing weekend. Friday I turned into an rest day, and I needed it. Saturday I got up and was sitting on the couch mopping that I had no creamer for my coffee and figured I might as well drag my booty to Spin class since I was already awake. The plus side was I could go to Starbucks afterwards and get me some coffee.

Sunday, started out with the weather being cool, but as the afternoon progressed it warmed up. Forcing me.....ok not really twisting my arm or anything. But when you have to decided between this:

And a long run, I am going to pick sitting on our boat reading a book every single day of the week.  I didn't start my long run until 6:30PM and did 10.5 miles on my treadmill while watching Mad Men. Which by the way is very interesting and yet a bit depressing.

What's on deck this week. Goal number one is not to get burned out. I think I might have signed myself up for too many half's. I really want a break, but I don't see that happening until July.  The number one reason why have no races planned in July or August is the above picture.  Oh, yea the plan for the week:

Monday - Spin and a full body XT workout
Tuesday - 4 miles, ab work
Wednesday  - Spin and a full body XT workout
Thursday  - 5 Mile Tempo run
Friday - 3 miles easy and abs
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Long run 10 miles

How was your weekend? How do you avoid getting burned out?

Friday, April 13, 2012

I am going to do what!

I am not going to start this post comparing myself to others, or saying I know its not much compared to X,Y and Z. Because you know what this is HUGE for me. I am going to walk 60 miles, but is it strange that I am more concerned about sleeping in a pink tent then walking. I am not a fan of camping unless large amounts of booze are being consumed. I think they might frowned upon drinking post walk, plus I am not sure how I will walk the next day if I have a hangover.

For those of you who do not know. I am participating in the San Diego Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. I plan on walking 60 miles over 3 days. Each month I plan to give away a small gift raffle style in appreciation for the donations made. This month my goal is to have raised 75% of my minimum fundraising goal. I have currently raised $1,600 and would like to reach $1,725 by April 30th. That is only $125 more dollars. 

If I can reach my goal of $1,725 by the end of April I will hold a raffle and the winner will win $15 iTunes or Starbucks gift card. If I can exceed the goal of $1,725 I will give away both. If you have already donated you are already entered, however the raffle will only take place if I reach my goal. Minimum $1 donation required to be entered in the raffle. Your name will be entered in the raffle 1 time for every $5 dollars donated. Donate $1-$5 get 1 enter, for every $5 increment above $5 get a bonus entry. To donate follow this link to my page. If you cannot donate now don't worry about it. I plan to have many more offers until the walk. You can always donate by clicking on the logo on the right handside.

A BIG THANK YOU to those who have already donated.

If you are local (Seattle Area or North of Seattle) we are holding a Shake Your Booty, Save The Boobies Zumba Event in June. Check out our Facebook Event Page for more details. All area welcome!

If donating to Save The Bobbies is not your thing, that is ok. Everyone has their cause here are other fundraisers that I know of:
  • Children's Memorial Hospital - A friend of mine Stacey is fundraising for the hospital. Her newborn underwent a heart transplant their this year. She is extremely grateful for the staff and hospital for helping her son to live longer.
  • Let's Move Together - Erin is fundraising for arthritis. She was diagnosed 2 years ago with rheumatoid arthritis, which is a very painful autoimmune disease with no cure.
  • Amazing Little Infants - Was brought to my attention by Suz over at Cows and Lasers and Everything In Between.  Here niece was born premature and they are fundraising for the March of Dimes.
What is your favorite type of fundraising event?  If you are fundraising feel free to put a link to it in the comments section.

Don't forget to Blog Hop today!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


1. This week my workouts have been awesome!  I am usually dreading my Thursday run but based on this week I am really looking forward to it. I hope that it can be as awesome as the rest of my workouts. Quick recap on them - Monday - Spin! Tuesday - Run with a hill at from mile 1-2.2 and it was tough, but after it was over and I ran flat I felt like I was flying. Wednesday - Spin in the AM, great class this week and then last night I did a full body workout from and my legs are feeling it today.

2. The sun is shining in WA. This makes me happy. That is all.

3.  I bought a dress yesterday at Target. I was excited because it was a great deal on clearance for $17 but also because it was a Large.  I still have a lot of body issues with shopping and finding clothing that fits. I have a bit of body image issues and I am shocked when a size large fits. Here is a photo from my bathroom this morning. I also think I am in love with my cell phone photo's. They make me look 10 lbs smaller. I wonder if there is app for that?

Do you feel like a million bucks after a good week of workouts? Are you a sun worshipper like me?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A mother of a hill

In 19 days I am running the Heroes Half and the course looks like this:

In 40 days I am running Portland RnR and the course looks like this:

In 73 days I am running Seattle RnR and the course looks like this:

I have mentioned before the inclines! Of course I think running in the PNW its hard to find a flat course. The Lake Sammaish Half I did in March is a flat course, but a lot of it is run on a packed gravel trail so that adds its own challenges.   What do you think, for my next race, if I wanted to practice running on that kid of elevation what do you think 5% incline on the treadmill or higher? It is an out and back course, you will noticed that this hills look pretty similar. I guess I know what I have to look forward to at mile 10, at mile 3. No guessing what is up next on this course. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

Do you have any hill horror stories? For me it was my first half - the Kirkland Half  - here is my Garmin details. I felt like there were hills within the hills. I swore never to run this race again, but I actually have considered it a few times this year. I think if I wouldn't have signed up for the Portland RnR, I maybe have signed up for this.

So tell me what was the worst race course for you and why?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Update

The sun was shinning in the Pacific Northwest so it couldn't get any better around here. Friday, I knew that my weekend was going to be busy so I attempted to get a long run a little early. I did 8 miles, not what I wanted but it was better then nothing. I then did some arm work along with a workout I found on SparksPeople. It was just what I needed to get me ready for the weekend.

Saturday, we took our boat out on the water. It was our first venture out on this boat. To say we were beyond excited is an understatement.  The sky was clear, the sun was out but it was still 60-65 degree's so yes I had on long pants, my slippers and a sweatshirt the entire time. I had a reason for trying to get my long run in on Friday, I had a feeling that we would be out away from home most of Saturday.

Pretending to be the Captain of the vessel
Our feet all toasty and warm 

Finally warming up enough to get some Vitamin D

After about 4 hours of boating adventures, we headed in. My dad drove down to take us to lunch, but it ended up being an early dinner. With the weather so nice here he wanted to take advantage of it while he could and get some work done outside on his garden. He is in the process of making some raised bed garden to grow veggies this spring and summer - I can't wait. He is the second family member growing a garden this year. I hope to reap the benefits of their gardening skills.

Sunday, of course was Easter. We woke up early 7AM for an Easter egg hunt in our house.  After our hunt we had to get ready to head to Brunch and another Easter egg hunt/Birthday celebration for me. Brunch was great and I would have taken photo's of my food but I am not sure my in laws would have appreciated it. Instead imagine half a Belgium waffle, fresh cut strawberries and whipped cream. A small side of ham and a mimosa. A great way to start the day if I don't say so myself. After visiting for a while we headed to Easter celebration #2, well #3 if you count our mini celebration at home. Either way my child was able to search for more Easter eggs and receive more candy and change. I actually think she was more excited about the coins in the eggs then the candy. A good time was had by all but by the time we got home around 6PM. I knew that we need to get a walk in. The little one was full of energy, oh wait it was probably a sugar buzz so we got changed and headed out for a walk. We walked down to the grocery store which is about  a mile away. On the way she kept stopping to collect dandelions, so as you might expect our pace was rather slow.  At first she told me she was collecting them for her wedding, because she needed them to get married. Then she told me "when I get married people will take lots of photos of me", so I started taking photo's with my camera. Of all of them this one cracks me up the most  - what do you think? She gives Angelina Jolie a run for her money with that leg pose.

At the grocery store we ended up having to talk to two different checkers because the item we were buying wasn't ringing up. Evie offered a dandelion to both ladies. It was adorable. We then walked in to Starbucks to get a coffee and some water and she gave the girl ringing us up a dandelion also. All 3 ladies were very touched and said it made their day. She is a good kid for sure! She was so happy to give some of her dandelions away the she talked about it most of the way home. Nothing like a lesson in random acts of kindness from a 4.5 year old.

I am not looking forward to heading to work tomorrow, but I know that I need to get to bed so that I can drag my booty out of bed for Spin in the morning. What does the week hold for me - Spin, Run, Spin, Run, Run, Rest, Run - oh and work some cross training in. My training plan is on my other computer but you get the idea. 

Hope you had a Fabulous weekend and let's hope Monday isn't as bad as we think it will be.  Share with me the favorite part of your weekend?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I heart sleeping

We all know that sleeping is good for us. Everyone has different requirements for sleep. I for one will take as much as I can get. If I could sleep for 10 hours a day it would be wonderful, but alas I can't. So instead I make sure that the sleep I do get is quality sleep.  I have been a fan of memory foam pillows for a long time. My husband purchased one thinking he would like it and the pillow slowly became my pillow. My chiropractors recommends a contour foam pillow to help my back when I slept I was all over it.  I quickly feel in loved with the funny shaped pillow.

When BlondePonytail had hosted a giveaway for a pillow I was all over it. Technogel Sleeping has 4 different style of pillows making it easy to find one that fits your needs. Thinner pillow models  Classic and  Contour are only available in standard size. The Deluxe and Anatomic pillows come in two sizes; Standard and King.

I selected Anatomic and was very excited when it arrived on my doorstep on Monday, almost like it was a birthday present. If you are like me you quickly know if a pillow won't work for you. While I love to travel, my body never feels the same after sleeping in a hotel bed and using a different pillow. I have been known to bring my own pillow along on trips to help keep me feeling rested. I quickly pulled it out of the box and placed it at home on my bed. Not ,willing to give up my other pillows just yet I left those on my bed while I took this one for a test drive.  The first thing I noticed about the  Technogel Sleeping pillow is the weight of it. If you were to get into a pillow fight this thing might be considered a deadly weapon, it is heavy.  A few other things that I noticed right away was that it had a cool feeling.  That feeling you get when you flip your pillow over on a hot night, but it felt like through out the whole pillow.  There is a cover on the pillow but if you take off the winter cover from the Technogel pillow you can enjoy the cooling effect even more. I think this feature is going be heavenly in the summer. One can dream that we will see warm weather in Washington this year.
After a few nights of sleeping with this pillow I am in love. I am not quite ready to give up my other memory phone pillows for good, but this one has taken priority over the other two for sure.

If you have are in the market for a new pillow I would suggest looking into the Technogel Sleeping pillow.  These pillows are a bit pricey, but do you really want to trust your sleep to a $20 pillow from Target. That is like putting on a cheap pair of shoes and going for run. A pillow is investment to me just like a good pair of running shoes are. Check out their website Technogel Sleeping  and "like" them on Facebook to keep up to date on this product.

What kind of pillow do you sleep with? Do you travel with your pillow?

*Disclaimer - I won this product from a blog giveaway. The reviews are mine and besides winning the pillow I was not compensated for my review.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Motivation comes from different places

I received my May Issue of Runner's World the other day. After reading the article about Erin @ See Mom Run Far, and reminding myself that if she can do so can I. Not comparing myself to her, but you have to find inspiration from her story. If she can find the time to be a rock star runner, I can find the time to do my thing.
As I continued to read, I stumbled up on a book recommendation and laughed.
“In his frank and funny book The Drunk Diet, Lüc Carl shares legit running tips.” – Runners World
Within a few days I went to my Nook and downloaded it. I have no idea who he is (after some Google search, and ex boyfriend of Lady Gaga or something along those lines) but I figured it would make for an entertaining laugh and maybe give me the kick in the butt I so desperately need. Like all dieters I go through awesome, do good, do ok, do crappy - rinse and repeat. In my attempt to find balance I have slipped up a bunch. I have started tracking my food again and my old motivation techniques are not working so let see check out this book gives me some motivation. Or at the very least makes me laugh. When I was younger I always had a motto that I would never date a guy that had longer or better hair then me, so I am treading cautiously while reading this book.

I started reading it yesterday and I am already on page 59 - but laughed just reading the table of contents. Chapter One: How the fuck did I get fat? Have you every asked yourself that question. I know I have.  That leads into Chapter Three: Your Body is a Hot Rod. Each chapter has a title that will make you laugh. His writing style is easy and be warned if the language is uncensored. So if you are sensitive to that stuff. It might not be worth reading it.

Why he decided to write a book: All health/diet books say no drinking and he wasn't ready to give up alcohol. He states "I can't drink, but there's a something on the shelf called The Cookie Diet?" If proceeds to go on and say he just wanted to tell his own story and not tell other what they should do, just how he did it.

His take on Vegetables: "I stopped thinking of vegetables as "asparagus" or "string beans"; I was thinking of them as "confidence" and "sex". (Try ordering a side of steamed sex with your burger.)

That's all I have so far, but so far I have laughed enough to burn a few calories, right?  In the same magazine I was inspired by Erin's drive to just be an awesome person, and runner. As well, a person who wrote a book called The Drunk Diet.

Do you like to read health/fitness/motivation books? What's your favorite? Have you found motivation in a strange place before?

Thursday, April 5, 2012


1.   Deal sites like Schwaggle, Groupon and Living Social have been screaming at me lately. Buy me, buy me. I love when they have race discounts and have purchased several this way. I just wish that they would give a little more notice on them.

2. A great deal on Groupon today - Check it out. I am going to pass on this as it is May 6th, but main if you were half ready this would be a great deal.

3.  Another great on Schwaggle today - deal out there - race date also May 6th

What are your favorite deal sites? What is the best deal you have purchase through them?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I may regret

I might just regret cutting my hair. Last Friday, I got my hair cut. I went shorter then last time as I get annoyed when it grows out to fast and I have to wait for another haircut, or pay to get it cut at 4 weeks instead of 6 weeks. See I am cheap and if my hair is past my shoulders I won't get it cut for months. I have very healthy hair and I don't need to cut it as often as most when its longer. That's just my excuse for, I let it go crazy. After the first of the year I took it up above my shoulders, well now its at chin length. Which I love, but it makes it near impossible to pull out of my face for working out.  The first photo is yesterday morning when I before I went to work. I bobby pinned my bangs up , but they are the same length as the other hair in the front.

Last night before my workout, bobby pins still in, ActiveBand Headband, and a very small ponytail. Now, I love the ActiveBand Headbands, but I don't think I have enough hair in the back to keep it in place.  I have some BondiBand headbands, but I don't like to wear those in public as I think they make my head look funny. The keep all the hair out of my face, but it looks like I am wear a very thin beany.....and call me vain but my face then looks super fat. So now I have dilemma. I like my hair out of my face and off my neck when I workout, I hate any wispy hair on my face. Do I just wear a hat or visor when I workout? All suggestions are welcome.
During my workout last night I completed the 5K option of the Jelly Bean Virtual Race. I had 3 miles on my training schedule for Tuesday, so I figured why not. It was an easy run, even if I was annoyed with my hair.

This morning I  headed to Spin Class, I had Spin guilt. I have missed the past 3 classes and was crossing my fingers that my instructor wouldn't call me out. I decided to wear a hat to try to keep my hair out of my face. I didn't have to worry about the instructor calling me out because he didn't show. WTF is up with that? Thankfully one of the Spin Junkies had her iPod with an older version of the RPM class on it so she plugged it in and we all just followed what she did, with a mix of making it up on our own. It actually turned into a great workout. The hat thing though, I don't know for indoors my hat and head were very wet with sweat, which is a good thing but also pretty gross.  

I stayed a little longer then I normally do to complete the 21K bike ride for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race. I have completed 3 of the 4 events for the Jelly Bean, not sure if I will get the 13.1 in but I am considering it for my long run on Saturday. We will see how it goes.

Happy Wednesday! What's on your workout plan today?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color Me Schweddy

First, I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I had a nice and relaxing evening. Steak on the BBQ with asparagus and carrots. Followed by cake made by my husband and daughter.  The sun even came out in yesterday - a great birthday overall.

I came home yesterday to a package on my doorstep. In March, I won a prize from Jess over on Blonde Ponytail, if you don't read her blog you should as she is pretty bad ass. So what did I win, a pillow! Wait, not just any pillow but a Technogel Sleeping Pillow.  Now I love my pillow (ergonomic type) and I love to sleep, so I was very excited when I heard I won this prize.  I plan to give the pillow a proper review once I have a few nights to sleep on it.

It was only the second day of April and I was already breaking my goals. My excuse was it was my birthday yesterday and calories don't count on your birthday. Also, you need to sleep in so I skipped Spin and rode my bike later in the evening. But another one of my goals was: Do not sign up for any race - stay away from the deal sites. Clearly I don't listen well because at noon yesterday I registered my husband and myself for the Seattle Color Run. You know the latest fad race sweeping the nation, the next best thing to a Mud run. Of course having no experience with a mud run I have no comparison, but I don't know it just seems easier. :)   As of 8PM Tuesday night the event was sold out, not sure what the limit was set at for this race. This message was displaying on their website. 

At this point I don't even know if our other team members had a chance to register to join team - Color Me Schweddy.  I hope they did but I am not sure. I just did some more searching online and it looks like it might have sold sold out in 2 hours. Now I am really wondering how many spots they had open.

What kind of pillow do you sleep with? Anyone else doing a Color Run?

Monday, April 2, 2012

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

On this day 34 years ago the world was blessed with me entering the world. :) It's my birthday today and I have decided that I am ok with it. This might be the only time that I am feel good about getting older.  I feel like I am in a great plan in my life, my health is better then it was when I turned 30 and I can see it getting better going forward.

This morning I was going to get up and head to spin, but when the alarm went off I thought I should at least sleep in since it was my birthday. Already making excuses in April to skip class - but heck if you can't use your birthday to do whatever you want, I don't know of a better excuse.  I will just have to get on my bike later, Spin off the birthday cake I will be having later. :) I will say having your birthday on a Monday gives a good start to a normally 'Monday'.

The plan for the rest of the week looks like this:
Tuesday - Easy 3 miles
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday - Temp -  warm up, 2 mile @ 12:00 w/800 jogs, cool down
Friday - Spin, 2 miles easy
Saturday - 11 miles
Sunday - Easter/Rest

How was your weekend? Have any fun plan's for the week?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Jelly Bean Virtual Race
The Jelly Bean Virtual race was one, if not the first virtual race I participated in bloggyland last year. This year Jess provided 4 different options for distances. Today, I completed the 10K option as part of my long Sunday run. I wore my awesome new shirt that Jess was selling also. This tank is great and I will be more then willing to order more designs from her as the top is comfortable and didn't bother me at all the entire 10 miles.  I completed the miles on my treadmill, which makes it easier to take pee breaks when you know there is toilet paper close by.

A close up of the shirt with my high quality cell phone and a photo of it on before the run. I really need to get a better phone for photo's or maybe a new point and shot. Pulling out the DSLR for self photos seems a bit much to me since I am lazy.  I will admit the camera phone with the right angles sure does make me look slimmer then the scale says.

Today, I didn't have any gels, gus or jelly beans for fuel when I ran. I remembered that we had some fruit leathers from Costco, so I grabbed a couple of those and took them to the treadmill with me.  The are not as easy to eat while running but the worked and didn't have a nasty caffeine after taste that some of the other fuels have.

I completed the 6.2 in 1 hour 25 minutes, which is slow but it was part of my long slow run. I finished the last 3.75 in 46 minutes, making my total run 2 hours and 11 minutes an average pace of 13:05, but which is faster the my long run pace - but I like to push myself a little more on the treadmill. Of course as I write this I am laughing, the first statement I say I am slow, and the second statement I say I was to fast. Clearly, I have no idea what I am doing. :)
Are you participating in the Jelly Bean Virtual Run, if not you should? Jess knows how to have a virtual event.