Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

The winner of the Glitzband Giveaway is:

Who is Mindy from Running? Really, what was I thinking? (by the way love the title of your blog).

Mindy - please contact me at and I will get you in contact with Emily at GlitzBand.  For those who didn't win I hope you take a moment to order a band from Emily, I know I have 3 on the way and I can't wait for them to arrive.

Yesterday, I felt crappy most of the day.  I finally decided to push fluids as much as I could and by 2PM, I started to feel a little better. Well, my energy levels were up but I still feel congested and have a cough.  With my energy back I decided to try a run and see how it felt. I started out slow, oh wait the entire 3 miles was slow because I worked on increasing my incline from 1% - 8% during my run. Oh my, 8% incline is tough and I could hang for a little bit.  After the mileage was done I added in a short arm workout, and some squats and lunges. I really need to work on my legs. My thighs hurt more then they should after the last half, which means I see more squats and lunges in my future.

This morning I woke up with a cold.....awesome! Goal today is to blast this cold before it can really take hold and set in for the long haul. It doesn't help that our weather has been a bit out of control lately from sun, to rain, hail and snow all in one day.

What are your best tips for getting rid of a cold?


  1. Fluids and rest! Feel better!

    8% - really? WOW!!!!

  2. Hope you feel better! Congrats Mindy!

  3. chicken broth, even if you can't make chicken soup. just heat it up and drink it out of a mug. not kidding.

    also- i did my long run on the treadmill this week because i am a wimp and the girl next to me had her incline cranked so high i had to ask- 15%!!! i told her she was a rock star, and she said "but i can't run like you" which was HYSTERICAL. maybe i look better running than i thought.

    get well soon!!!

    1. LOL!!! I had hot and spicey beef udon soup.....cleared my sinus for sure. :)

      Let's just say I was dying at 8% - and didn't last more then .25 of a mile, I don;t know how people run at that high of an incline. They are super badass.

  4. Blah....lunges and squats. I think they hate ME as much as I hate THEM! lol Get better!!! Get some rest.

  5. Thanks Jen, I ordered my free headband. I ordered the black/glitter polka dot! Super excited and can't wait to get it! Hope you feel better!