Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's in your lunch bag?

Last night I had planned to do a leg workout to help increase my leg strength, but I skipped it. I had already went to Spin Class in the morning, but wanted to add in  a second workout. Since the St. Patrick's Day run I have been having a nagging pain in my left knee. But it only seems to hurt when I walk up stairs, or when standing up.  Instead I decided to do an ab workout, figured I might as well do something. My ab workout is pretty basic, I really need to spice it up but it goes like this:
25 - Crunches
25 - Side Crunches
25 - To the other side
25 - Toe Touchers
25 - Flutter kicks
25 - Crunches
Rest - and repeat 1-2x

After I got my quick ab circuit in it was time to pack my lunch for tomorrow. Like many people out there I take my lunch with most days. I have  a cafe at work, but I am cheap and  I don't like spending $$$ everyday on lunch. I would rather spend it on coffee. :)  I like to pack my lunch as often as possible, because when I am left to select my lunch when I am hungry....well it's not pretty. I am not good at picking options on the fly.  Here is what I will be eating today while at work, including my snacks.

AM Snack Almonds
Americano w/ cream and Splenda

Whole Wheat low carb tortilla
1 slice pepper jack cheese
1/2 Can of Tuna
Chopped Peppers, onion and spinach
Carmel Atkins Bar

PM SnackAtkins Chocolate Shake

Do you pack your lunch daily or do you eat out more?  What is on your plate today?

Have any good ab exercises that are not crunches? I need to add some more variety to my workout. 


  1. I love Jillian's "squirms," where you have your back flat with your knees bent and you have to touch the inside of your ankle with your hand...those KILL my obliques!

    I also love the Russian Twist...that one also kills the obliques but in a good way! :)

  2. I pack my lunch 4 out of 5 days per week. I treat myself on Friday's to some sort of "hot lunch". I usually take the same thing day after day (okay .. not usually .. I do). I read on someone's blog a Dr. Oz quote that talked about how if people it the same things that it helps maintain the weight loss or something like that and I would have to 100% agree. Anyway, I take a egg salad sandwich on a sandwich round. A Chobani yogurt. Half of a V8 butternut squash soup (1 serving of F&V). 1 glass of V8 Splash (1 serving of F&V). Then I have an apple for a snack. Same thing Monday through Thursday. And actually I never get sick of it. Occassionally I will rotate a different soup in there but I try and stick with the V8 soup because it's how I get one of those F&V servings in.

  3. Today is the first day in like a year or so that I forgot my lunch in the fridge. It was a nutty morning getting the kids out the door. At least I remember their lunches. :-)

    I'm hoping to have something healthy from the work cafeteria (salad or something).

    My typical snacks/lunches:
    Am snack - sliced fruit
    Second am snack (if I'm going to work out over lunch) - Kind bar, or Nugo bar
    Lunch - leftovers + fruit + veggies & a yogurt dip
    Snack - if I didn't have the morning one - Greek yogurt

  4. Nicely done both with the workouts and the lunch. Your lunch bag is cute! I don't pack my lunch very often. Since January I have tried to eat healthier options at the fast food restaurant.

    Planks can be a fun way to change up an ab workout - oh and as I've learned in my boot camp class - there are a thousand ways to change up a plank to make it even more torturous (ehr, I mean effective).

    1. Planks are so boring....maybe I am not doing them right. I should work them into my ab routine. Make it a little tougher I suppose.

  5. yes to the planks, and you can #plankaday on twitter or the plank police will come after you. they come after me all the time. LOL

    1. ugggg...I know I should do planks!

  6. I am crazy for packing my lunch. Mine is way bigger than yours! I might need to try and pare it down. That wrap looks delicious!

  7. cute lunch bag...I never carry a lunch since my hours vary ...maybe snacks here and there and then its just boring granola variety of stuff. ;-)

  8. I really like the Emerald brand S'mores Mix nuts. They are so good! We also have tried and liked the cinnamon and cocoa flavored almonds!

  9. when i had a job, other than taking care of my boys, i used to Always bring my lunch. and mine looked a lot like yours. i used to bring a low carb tortilla, cream cheese and turkey to go in it. slice of cheese and almonds for snack and keep edamame on hand to steam and munch on during my conference period!