Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Update

Saturday, I had bad race, of course today I have been recapping the race and the days before through my mind. The more I think of it the more I can pinpoint my mistakes and know where to make changes going forward.  My biggest mistake was fueling properly before and during the race.  Before the race, I was doing well up until Friday. See Friday morning I went to the dentist and picked up my first tray for Invisline.  I am having one tooth being moved on the bottom. By lunch time my teeth hurt so much that it was difficult to bite into anything. This meant come dinner time all I wanted to eat was soup.  My mistake number two for fueling for the race was for some reason I didn't bring my own fuel. I figured that  I would just pick up a gel or whatever they had at the race. Because I am slow, by the time I got to the stations all they had was bananas and pretzels. I was thankful that they had Nuun at each station, but I had no fuel the entire race.  The downside of a small race, is the supplies are limited when you are slow. Note to self - always carry your own fuel.

Sunday, I told the family that they day was about them. They did so much for me on Saturday with the race, letting me rest afterwards and just helping me get in a better mood.  We decided that we were going to see The Lorax, I used to love the book as a kid and was actually really excited to see it. Of course on the way there we did make one stop for me. I had to pick up my race bib for the St. Patricks Day Dash. Then it was movies and candy all around.  It was nice to relax and enjoy the movie as a family.

This morning I rolled out of bed to head into Spin class, I couldn't put off - I had to do it. It was a tough workout.  I am glad I got it done as I have book club tonight and don't know when I would get my workout in.  This week looks pretty easy, but then next week its back into half training. I have Portland on the books for May, but I am considering   a couple different options for April. Not sure yet if I want to put a half on the books for go for something shorter. Lots of options.

The plan:
Monday - Spin
Tuesday - 4 miles w/ mile 2-4 at incline
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday - 4 miles w/ mile 2-4 at incline
Friday - Rest
Saturday - St. Patrick's Day Dash
Sunday - Rest

How was your weekend? Are you running a St. Patrick's Day race?  Don't forget to enter my GlitzBand Giveaway - HERE! Ends Wednesday March 14th.


  1. I am proud of you that you kept going. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead...good luck! :)

  2. Races can give us a lot of opportunity to learn what we did well and maybe not so well. I'm glad you were able to pinpoint the reason for some of your challenges on Saturday.

    This week will be a good one for you mentally and physically to regroup and attack the next part of your training.

    Your family day sounds very nice. I want to see Lorax for sure!

    1. Thanks! I wanted to get upset but what good would that do. Reflecting on what went wrong was really the best way. Next up make a plan for Portland RnR. :)

  3. awesome that you kept going!! i need to find a st. paddy's race...not sure if there's one around here!

  4. I always bring my own drinks and fuel to races. I don't want to depend on what's available when I pass the aid stations. And with my IBS problems I know my stomach can handle the gels I use and I don't want other brands.

    St. Patricks day isn't celebrated here so no such races here.

    My weekend was great, we had the first real Spring day Sunday and that meant forest walk.

  5. Oh, I hear you! My worst race came the day after I did not eat much. I hope your teeth are feeling better.

  6. Thanks for the reminders. We learn from others successes and fails.

  7. There is a race here in town, it would be funny to do. it is the worlds shortest race. it is the St. Pats Day 0.01K race. lots of drinking involved.