Monday, March 19, 2012

Taking it easy

After two weekends in a row with race events, my goal this week is to take it easy. The stress of planning for a race, even a small race gets to me. Plus being semi-sick for the past couple of weeks has been a pain in the butt. I feel at any minute I am going to crack and get really sick. Here is hoping that I can keep the sickness away.  Last night, I jumped on the bike for 45 minutes and just tried to sweat out as much of this junk as I could. I felt weak when I started but by the end of the ride I felt a lot better.
I have 9 weeks until Portland RnR, with that in mind I worked out a training plan for the next 9 weeks. In doing so I noticed that I have no races planned for April. This has to change. I think I need to sprinkle in at least 1-5K and maybe a 10K, or maybe just 2 5Ks. I am not sure yet, but I have a few local events in mind.

This week the plan looks like this:
Monday - Spin / Legs & Back
Tuesday - Easy run 3 miles
Wednesday - Spin / Arms & Shoulders
Thursday - 5 mile tempo run
Friday - Easy run 2 miles
Saturday - Hot Yoga or Rest
Sunday - 6 miles

I would really like to add in another leg workout day, I feel like my legs are weak and need a little more work this training cycle. Depending on how my run goes on Friday, I might add in some legs after the run. This week is about taking it easy as well as experimenting with my workout structure to see where I can make changes.


  1. Sounds like a great plan!

  2. good plan! I'm struggling with my workout plans lately - yours looks really solid!

  3. Great workout plan Jen!

    My legs are super strong, it's the upper body that needs work in my case :)

  4. 9 weeks until Portland RNR? Eek! So excited. Good plan. After running shorter this past weekend, I feel like those distances give us confidence for the half. So, definitely find a shorty in April.

  5. I just have to say you are awesome for planning some kind of workout for each day of the week! I wish I had your dedication. :)