Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am lovin' watermelon

Tuesday, I came home from work and with in an hour was laying in my bed reading. I was just filling off. My husband took my daughter to gymnastics so I could rest up. By the time the got home at 6:25, I was passed out. I vaguely remember them coming home. The next thing I new my alarm was going off at 6AM. Clearly I needed my sleep but I missed my Tuesday run and my Wednesday Spin class. 

Yesterday, made up my missed three miles from Tuesday on Wednesday and added in an arm workout and a few minutes on the Spin bike. It felt good to get my running in, but I missed both of my spin classes this week.  While I worked out I watched the weirdest movie I Love You Phillip Morris starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. I guess it is based on a true story but I still haven't formed my opinion on it. It was just...odd.

Remember this weekend when I juiced watermelon? I actually frozen some of the juice to use in smoothies. So last night I tossed a few of the juice bars in the blender. Ice Cube Tray - shaped so the ice would fit in a water bottle.

My smoothie was Protein Powder, watermelon ice cubes, frozen blueberries and spinach. I was out of coconut milk, so I just used water. It would have been so much  better with some sort of milk in it, but even without it was still yummy. camera phone photo makes it look more like it is made

I suppose I must admit, that I don't like eating watermelon. Over the last year I have used watermelon in a variety of ways freezing it after it was cut, juicing it and making ice cubes out of the juice.So far my favorite is the ice cube juice. I think in the summer this will make great popsicles and the variety of fruits you can mix it with is endless.

Do you like watermelon? What is your favorite way to consume it?


  1. I love watermelon. My favorite way to eat it is by the slice with salt on it :) I think I like salt on just about anything. Great idea about the juicing. I am going to have to try that.

  2. love watermelon too....mmmm I am thinking watermelon cubes in a cold margarita! ;-)

  3. I've only recently started liking/eating watermelon. It is tasty! I never liked it before. I'm glad you got caught up on some sleep, but wow, are you still sick? This has been dragging on!

    Thanks for your kind words about remarriage and young kids, you made my day!

  4. You don't like watermelon???!!! How is that possible???!! I love watermelon in any way, recently had watermelon juice and it was so delicious. Never thought of putting it in a smoothie before though!

  5. I'm sooo happy to hear that you got some extra rest. Your schedule overwhelms me just reading about your many activities :)

    Watermelon is my favorite fruit!!!!!!! OMG just typing about it is making my mouth water.

    Your smoothie looks awesome - never tried blueberries and watermelon together - sounds like a perfect pair.