Friday, March 16, 2012

Epic High-Five

It's St. Patrick's Day weekend - and well if I was younger it would mean a weekend of epiciness.  For all of those running some sort of St. Patrick's Day event this weekend I hope you have an Epic Day!

Right now, I am not sure if I am going to run my race on Saturday and I am totally bummed. I have been getting more sick as the week goes on, I have hardly worked out and my daughter came home sick yesterday from school.  I need all of the stars to align and wake up feeling fan-freaking-tastic or at least not worse then I do today and I will go to the race.  Here is hoping things work out.

I  hope you all have a very wonderful Saturday and drink a Green Beer for me!


  1. Hey there-
    Thanks so much for the blog comment! I live near Kirkland, so I've been training on the hills, & they are totally brutal. I discovered late in the game that the Portland Shamrock is also pretty hilly, so I'll be enjoying that this weekend. ;-)

    I'm also planning to do the Portland R&R, & maybe the Seattle one!

    Are you in the city, or on the Eastside?

  2. How long is the race on Saturday again? Your outfit was so cute....if its a 7K or less try to do it...if not get better!

  3. Aw man, dang. I hope you get to run tomorrow.

  4. *sending wellness pixie dust*

  5. Love pensive pumpkin's comment -
    I'm sending prayers and hugs!!!!! Feel better Runner Maybe family!!!