Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Recap

3 Months down, 9 to go! Crazy to think that it is already March 31st! Tomorrow is the first day of April and April Fools days - do you like to play any jokes on friends and family? I typically avoid them as I am not that creative and my birthday is April 2nd so the last thing I want to do is piss people off the day before my birthday. March was an decent month for me. Let's see where I landed with my goals. 
March Goals:
  • Complete the Lake Sammamish Half - Not the stunning performance I wanted but I did it. - Race Recap
  • Complete the Seattle St. Patricks Day Dash - Set a new course PR -  Race Recap
  • Keep working on finding the love for running - With each run I am reminded why I love it. With each bad run, I look forward to the next one that will keep me moving.
  • Oh and the weight loss stuff, keep working on it - Working on finding balance, the scale has stayed within the same 10lb range. This month I was ok with it, we will see what the future brings.  
  • Find and register for a run in April any distance, considering a half just can't find one I like - Because of a great deal I regisetered for the Heroes Half in April.
 April Goals:
  • Track ever thing I eat and drink. I do better when I track my food.
  • Continue following the lower carb lifestyle - limiting grains, pasta, bread, potatoes...and sugars of course.
  • Continue juicing - love it!  
  • Do not sign up for any race - stay away from the deal sites
  • Run the Heroes Half 
  • Spin Class 2x a week  I slacked in March, I have been sleeping in and spinning at home. I need to get back to class, I need the structure of it.  
2012 Weight Loss Goals 

As I mentioned above it is about finding balance. I am still working on this with a goal of reaching 165lbs, of course I would be happy with 175lbs which is my new weight on my drivers licesnces. This will be in my mind for months to come, but I am trying to take the 'pressure' to lose the weight off. 

2012 Fitness Goals
  • Run 4 Half Marathons - 1 down -  Race Recap's
  • Try a new distance - SGK 3-Day walk - Team Pink Flamingos
  • Run 12 Races Total - 3 down - 9 to goRace Recap's
  • Year of the PR - work on PRing in 5K, 10K and Half (really stop being content with my speed and push myself) - PR - 5K, St. Patricks Day Dash PR
  • Run more miles then 2011
    • 2011 Miles(505.29)/2012 Miles (166.5)
      • January - 10 | 40
      • February- 56 | 65
      • March  - 61 | 61.5 (yes I ran extra so I could beat this month last year)
How did March treat you? What are you looking forward to in April?

Friday, March 30, 2012

A little white lie

Nutrition is really places a big part in my running mood. Yesterday, I was doing awesome on nutrition until dinner. My child wanted to go to teriyaki, she loves the soup and gyoza so we indulge her request and headed to our favorite teriyaki place. Once there I really wanted some fried rice to add to the few pieces of chicken I would still from my husbands plate. The rice was unusually salty and for someone who hasn't been eating a lot of carbs it just didn't sit well. As it got later I really didn't want to go workout, but I finally did. I hoped on the treadmill about 8:15 to get my 5 mile tempo run in. The first mile was slow and Jillian Michael would have been yelling at me to get my hands off the treadmill. the next 3 miles were at my tempo goal or a little above but they were rough. My legs actually felt good, but my stomach felt like 100lbs.  I pushed through and finished with 5.25 miles crossed completed.

Remember a while back I mentioned that I need to get a new drivers licence. Well, when I went in I lied about my weight. I took 25lbs off what my old licence says.  The lady was like want to change anything, I said yes my weight is oneseventyfive..she was like 145, I was like HA I wish, no I said onesenvetyfive. So there you have it, my new license puts me closer to my goal weight, now I just have to kick some ass and get there.  What do you think do I look younger then I did when I had my old picture taken in 2004?

What's on my plan for the weekend, a short run today, a birthday party tomorrow and then a long run on Sunday. I am thinking I want to sneak in a Spin class on Saturday morning but we will see how I wake up.
What's your plan for the weekend?

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am lovin' watermelon

Tuesday, I came home from work and with in an hour was laying in my bed reading. I was just filling off. My husband took my daughter to gymnastics so I could rest up. By the time the got home at 6:25, I was passed out. I vaguely remember them coming home. The next thing I new my alarm was going off at 6AM. Clearly I needed my sleep but I missed my Tuesday run and my Wednesday Spin class. 

Yesterday, made up my missed three miles from Tuesday on Wednesday and added in an arm workout and a few minutes on the Spin bike. It felt good to get my running in, but I missed both of my spin classes this week.  While I worked out I watched the weirdest movie I Love You Phillip Morris starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. I guess it is based on a true story but I still haven't formed my opinion on it. It was just...odd.

Remember this weekend when I juiced watermelon? I actually frozen some of the juice to use in smoothies. So last night I tossed a few of the juice bars in the blender. Ice Cube Tray - shaped so the ice would fit in a water bottle.

My smoothie was Protein Powder, watermelon ice cubes, frozen blueberries and spinach. I was out of coconut milk, so I just used water. It would have been so much  better with some sort of milk in it, but even without it was still yummy. camera phone photo makes it look more like it is made

I suppose I must admit, that I don't like eating watermelon. Over the last year I have used watermelon in a variety of ways freezing it after it was cut, juicing it and making ice cubes out of the juice.So far my favorite is the ice cube juice. I think in the summer this will make great popsicles and the variety of fruits you can mix it with is endless.

Do you like watermelon? What is your favorite way to consume it?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a little late

Better late then never, I usually include my weekly plan in my weekend updated.  This week I forgot, I was in a brownie coma so I am suprised the post wasn't just full of drool.  The normal plan for Monday is to get up early and head to Spin class at Gold's Gym.  That so wasn't happening. I was down right exhustaed and at some point during the night turned of my early alarm. So last night I jumped on the treadmill fro a half mile warm up and then switched over to the bike for 45 minutes. 
The rest of the week looks like this:

Tuesday - Easy Run 3 followed by leg workout
Wednesday - Spin  &  Arm workout
Thursday  - Tempo - Warm; 3 Mi @ 13:01; Cool
Friday - Easy Run 3 followed by leg workout
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 10 miler

Sounds easy enough, well except for that 10 miler at the end of the week. How many 10 mile runs do I have to do before I stop  being afraid of that distance?  I think it is just the thought of blocking out over 2 hours of my day just for running that really does me in. There are so many other things I could be sleeping in. :)
I may have mentioned that in November I will be walking the 3-Day SGK 60 mile walk. My offical training for that does not start until the end of July but I have already started planning my outfits. It is never to early to plan your outfit right? I ordered this shirt as it was on sale for $9.95.

Won't this be cute with a pink sparkle skirt and some hot pink RunLove Socks! I think I may have one outfit out of 3 figured out. Of course I have plenty of time to find the bes deals on the cutest gear for my walk, so look forward to plenty of random posts about it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Update

Saturday, the sun came out in Seattle. It was a Spin or rest day for me so I decided to make it a rest day. I didn't let it be a complete rest day as my daughter and I decided to walk to the library after our walk I checked the distance on Map My Run and it turned out to be 1.7 miles. Not to bad  for a rest day walk.

Sunday, I woke up and was shocked as the sun was out again! Two days a row in Seattle, yes we get excited about the little things here. I put on my Zella leggings and a shirt dress in hope to make a quick change and run after breakfast. I realized that we really didn't have anything for breakfast so I need to go grocery shopping first. Yes, already getting derailed from my plan.  I made myself presentable and headed to the store. While I was there I picked up a watermelon...random I know but months I go when I started juicing I saw a juice recipe for watermelon lime juice and I got a hankering to try it.  I got home and the kiddo helped me make my juice. I juiced the watermelon on a slow speed and then sliced up a lime and the kid suggested I make it look like a drink the serve in the restaurants. Into a wine glass it went with a slice of lime on the side.

Evie and I - yes this is how she looks when she wakes up in the morning. Got to love he crazy kid hair. She did actually try the juice and said it tasted yummy.

After making juice Evie asked if we could go swimming so to the pool we went. I figured we I could push off my run until nap time, which would happen after the pool. Swimming with a kid is so much fun. You rotate between, lap pool, kiddo pool and the hot tub, which is near impossible to get out of knowing you are going back to the lap pool which will now feel cold.  After swimming we came home had lunch and then sent Evie up for a nap. I goofed around for a while then around 2 head upstairs to fold laundry and change into my running gear. As soon as I got to my room I heard "mommy, will you come lay with me"......sure why not, I was only going to go run. I would rather snuggle with my little one instead.  I should have known better as she never went to sleep and at 3:15 I gave up getting her to nap and we headed outside to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

As she started to pull her toys out of the garage the hula hop made an appearance. I am the worst at the hula hop but it is fun to try to get it to work. This hula hop has water in it and I think is meant for working out. So I put it to the test.

Getting my hula on, yes I am a person who should have the fashion police called on her as I am wearing slippers outside.  After laughing to much I decided it was easier to use the hula hop as a jump rope instead. This created more laughing and some ridiculous photos to go with it. 

Since we were using my camera phone I felt like I had to jump forever just to get a good shot all the while cracking up and breathing like a crazed women. Seriously using a hula hop filled with water to jump rope with is a serious workout.

After this shot my husband was laughing so hard, he was afraid to show me for fear that I would delete it from my phone. I think it is hilarious so why not share it with blogland. Oh he also told my my hands look orange from eating to many carrots, but I think he is just jealous of my awesome glow.

We ended up having an early dinner mine consisted of grilled chicken and carrots on the BBQ - yes more carrots. I waited until 5:30 to let my dinner settle and then got on the treadmill. Perfect outside running weather and I still spent on the good 'ole treadmill. Netflix is starting to let me down, they don't seem to be getting any good new movies. I ended up watching 12 Dates of Christmas, which was basically a Groundhogs day of Christmas.  It was entertaining and made the mileage doable. My plan called for 6 miles, I just ran the distance for the entire move 89 minutes and completed 6.5 miles at long run pace.   When I came back into the house Sean was baking brownies and the house smelled wonderful.  Nothing better to complete a good run then a fresh gooey brownie.

How was your weekend? Did the sun come out for you as well?

Friday, March 23, 2012

I want them all to be like this

Yesterday, on the way home from work I had a great idea. I called the husband and asked if he could pick up the little one from school. He had driven in to work that day, something that rarely happens as he usually takes the bus. He said sure so I booked it home changed and hopped on the treadmill. Like I mentioned yesterday I like to push it on the treadmill as I know it is a bit easier.  Mile 1 was my warm up mile, mile 2 I started making my way towards the 12:00 pace, once I landed on it I stayed there until I hit mile 4. At mile 4 I was supposed to start my cool down, instead I kept increasing the pace. At one point I was at 6.5mph which is fast for me...a 10 - something pace.  Once I completed mile 5 I slowed down to 5mph on the treadmill and it never felt easier. Clearly I need to push myself more when I am on the treadmill.  I ended with 5.1 miles at 63 minutes a 12:12 pace overall. It worked out perfect as the family came home when I had .75 of a mile left so they had a few minutes to unwind while I finished up.
I love good runs like this! I felt at that moment that I could conquer anything and while I am still slower then the average person this run for me was awesome. It was the real confidence boost that I needed.  One thing I didn't love about my run is my dang skirt would not stay up on my bum. I love this skirt because the compression shorts underneath don't ride up at all for me, but I get all saggy booty from the back of the skirt. I might just have to much junk in my trunk for it.  I would love to wear it during an actual race but until I can figure out the trunk issue it remains in my training skirts only pile. What, I do remember wearing it one race and I remember having to pull it up the entire time. I thought at the time it was because of the capri's.  Of course now that I look at this photo it kind of makes my legs look stumpy.

I will say I love my tank though. I have raved about them before they are the Under Armour tanks, I picked up at the outlet by my house.  These tanks are the best by themselves and as layers underneath long sleeve shirts. I have 3 of them and they are usually my go to top for when I am at home.  I like them because I have a longer torso and they fit nicely.

I am glad it is Friday, I have a short run planned for today. This weekend my long run is 6 miles and after today's run I am actually looking forward to it.  After two weekends in a row with races its nice to have break.

What's your plan for the weekend?

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rut-Roo Raggy

Yesterday, I jumped on the deal to sign up for the Hero's Half.  Then I got a comment from the ever funny pensive pumpkin saying that she thought about it but wasn't sure if she could make the cut off.  Huh? what cut off - so I went to check the website and it looks like the open the main roads at 11:00AM. The race starts at 8:00 for runners and 7:30AM for walkers.  This gives me just under 3 hours to complete this race. Now my best half to date is the Seattle Half at 2:57 and that course was crazy of and it rained on me. I was on track to PR on the Lake Sammamish half a few weeks ago until my body shut down. Now, I really need to focus on my nutrition for the next month and make myself in the best possible shape to complete this half in time. I am not looking for a PR, but I am looking to come in before the close the roads.  I did check out race times from last year and their were a handful of people who were over 3 hours, so I am not to worried about it. Just something to be mindful of.

Today I have a 5 mile tempo run planned, yup a hot date with the treadmill tonight since I slept in this morning. Like that is a shocker to anyone. The  plan 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at 12:00 which is faster a little faster then my 5K race pace. Then 1 mile cool down. The reason I pick the 12:00 on the treadmill is it is a little easier on the treadmill so I feel like I should be able to push myself more. One of these days I will run outside again, first I need to kick this lingering cold. Running in the rain the past two weekends did nothing for making me feel better.  Oh, and yes I am bitter that the rest of the country is having record high's and the PNW is stuck in winter also. Prepare yourselves if we get screwed out of a summer again I will be livid and super whinny.  I need warm weather and I need it now!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why do they tempt me?

I think I am going to sign up for another half in April - I have been eyeing this half for a while and well then the post a 50% of deal -

I just need to check my schedule to see if I am free that day. This course is pretty flat and if I use it as part of my training for RnRPDX then it would be one long run that I didn't have to run solo. :)  What to do, what to do?

Last night, I had 3 easy miles on my plan. They were completed on the treadmill  - changing the incline from 2%-4% through out the run.  Per my usual style, I didn't bother to look at the course elevation for the RnRPDX before signing up. 

Nothing like a good climb in a race. I just hope the backside feels like a down hill after that climb. :)  Either way I need to work more hills in especially when I am on the treadmill. My knee was feeling a lot better yesterday so I decided to toss in some of the leg work I missed on Monday to the end of my Tuesday workout. I did 40 squats, 50 lunges, and 90 jumping jacks. My legs don't feel to bad this morning so clearly I need to push them a little more next time. This morning was Spin at the Gym. This was the first time in a while that I was dripping sweat in the class. I wish I didn't have to cut out a few minutes early to get ready for work, I felt like I could have rode for another hour.

How is Wednesday treating you? Looking forward to the weekend?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's in your lunch bag?

Last night I had planned to do a leg workout to help increase my leg strength, but I skipped it. I had already went to Spin Class in the morning, but wanted to add in  a second workout. Since the St. Patrick's Day run I have been having a nagging pain in my left knee. But it only seems to hurt when I walk up stairs, or when standing up.  Instead I decided to do an ab workout, figured I might as well do something. My ab workout is pretty basic, I really need to spice it up but it goes like this:
25 - Crunches
25 - Side Crunches
25 - To the other side
25 - Toe Touchers
25 - Flutter kicks
25 - Crunches
Rest - and repeat 1-2x

After I got my quick ab circuit in it was time to pack my lunch for tomorrow. Like many people out there I take my lunch with most days. I have  a cafe at work, but I am cheap and  I don't like spending $$$ everyday on lunch. I would rather spend it on coffee. :)  I like to pack my lunch as often as possible, because when I am left to select my lunch when I am hungry....well it's not pretty. I am not good at picking options on the fly.  Here is what I will be eating today while at work, including my snacks.

AM Snack Almonds
Americano w/ cream and Splenda

Whole Wheat low carb tortilla
1 slice pepper jack cheese
1/2 Can of Tuna
Chopped Peppers, onion and spinach
Carmel Atkins Bar

PM SnackAtkins Chocolate Shake

Do you pack your lunch daily or do you eat out more?  What is on your plate today?

Have any good ab exercises that are not crunches? I need to add some more variety to my workout. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Taking it easy

After two weekends in a row with race events, my goal this week is to take it easy. The stress of planning for a race, even a small race gets to me. Plus being semi-sick for the past couple of weeks has been a pain in the butt. I feel at any minute I am going to crack and get really sick. Here is hoping that I can keep the sickness away.  Last night, I jumped on the bike for 45 minutes and just tried to sweat out as much of this junk as I could. I felt weak when I started but by the end of the ride I felt a lot better.
I have 9 weeks until Portland RnR, with that in mind I worked out a training plan for the next 9 weeks. In doing so I noticed that I have no races planned for April. This has to change. I think I need to sprinkle in at least 1-5K and maybe a 10K, or maybe just 2 5Ks. I am not sure yet, but I have a few local events in mind.

This week the plan looks like this:
Monday - Spin / Legs & Back
Tuesday - Easy run 3 miles
Wednesday - Spin / Arms & Shoulders
Thursday - 5 mile tempo run
Friday - Easy run 2 miles
Saturday - Hot Yoga or Rest
Sunday - 6 miles

I would really like to add in another leg workout day, I feel like my legs are weak and need a little more work this training cycle. Depending on how my run goes on Friday, I might add in some legs after the run. This week is about taking it easy as well as experimenting with my workout structure to see where I can make changes.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Date Night & St. Patrick's Day

Friday, we ended up taking Evie to Grandma and Grandpa as planned as she had perked up and was feeling much better. On the way home we decided to pull over and have some dinner at the Lunchbox Laboratory.  On the Happy Hour Menu there was Gavacho's Nachos.....I mean how do you pass up something that the menu says with Satan's Tear's!  I ordered them with a side Cesear Salad and a Butterfinger Milkshake.

Seriously these were delish, I ate maybe half of them and called it good! If I had skipped the milkshake I may have eaten them all, but look at the photo of the milkshake below! So good!

When we got home I took the plunge!  I  had been debating all day whether or not I should register for the Amica Seattle Half. See a deal popped up on Zozi

They were offering a discount code for $39 for the Half, but if you signed up as a new user you received a $10 credit making the Half $29!  After much deliberating I jumped on the deal. I mean it is 7 days after the SBK 3-Day walk in San Diego, but I think I can do it. I plan to run as I train for the walk. If after the 3-Day Walk I can't do it I am only out $29.  The offer is good for a few more days so if you are interested check it out - HERE.

Saturday was the Seattle St. Patrick's Day Dash. This was my 5th year running this race and my first year running it alone. I have ran many race alone, but this was the first race that my husband and I ran/walked together. He was going to run it, he has been working on running again since his knee injury (torn meniscus) last May. This morning I told him that he probably shouldn't go because of the course and because of how wet and rainy it was. I really didn't want him to injury his knee more.

Before taking off I had him take a photo of me since I knew I wouldn't get any at the race because I was heading there solo. I really need to get some of my friends to join me in this fun one of these years. 
The outfit:
T-Shirt: My husbands from a High School Fun Run
Arm Sleeves: Socks from Target
Gloves: Cheap Gloves from Target
Pants: Zensah Base Layer Compression
Skirt: Green Skirt by Team Sparkle
Socks: Target

Why does it always have to rain and snow on St. Patrick's Day in Seattle? Why oh why! Either way I pushed myself on this run. I walked when I couldn't breath because of my cold, I walked when I had to cough a lung up and I still set a new PR 44:53. I didn't think I was going to make this race a PR because I felt so bad, but I did.  After the run, I came home changed and went out for breakfast.  Breakfast always taste better after a run.

ETA - I forgot to write about how horrible the end was. I came to a complete stop one step after stepping on the blue timing mat. I don't know what the people did behind me. This crappy cell phone photo was taken after 5 minutes of trying to exit the finish area. The red arrow points at the finish line, in front of me it was twice as long and just as packed with people.  I love how this race ends, but I think they need to rethink the ending. There were 7,540 timed finishers and I there were two additional waves the set out after the timed runners, so who knows what the final headcount was.

Hope you have a great and safe St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Epic High-Five

It's St. Patrick's Day weekend - and well if I was younger it would mean a weekend of epiciness.  For all of those running some sort of St. Patrick's Day event this weekend I hope you have an Epic Day!

Right now, I am not sure if I am going to run my race on Saturday and I am totally bummed. I have been getting more sick as the week goes on, I have hardly worked out and my daughter came home sick yesterday from school.  I need all of the stars to align and wake up feeling fan-freaking-tastic or at least not worse then I do today and I will go to the race.  Here is hoping things work out.

I  hope you all have a very wonderful Saturday and drink a Green Beer for me!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

The winner of the Glitzband Giveaway is:

Who is Mindy from Running? Really, what was I thinking? (by the way love the title of your blog).

Mindy - please contact me at and I will get you in contact with Emily at GlitzBand.  For those who didn't win I hope you take a moment to order a band from Emily, I know I have 3 on the way and I can't wait for them to arrive.

Yesterday, I felt crappy most of the day.  I finally decided to push fluids as much as I could and by 2PM, I started to feel a little better. Well, my energy levels were up but I still feel congested and have a cough.  With my energy back I decided to try a run and see how it felt. I started out slow, oh wait the entire 3 miles was slow because I worked on increasing my incline from 1% - 8% during my run. Oh my, 8% incline is tough and I could hang for a little bit.  After the mileage was done I added in a short arm workout, and some squats and lunges. I really need to work on my legs. My thighs hurt more then they should after the last half, which means I see more squats and lunges in my future.

This morning I woke up with a cold.....awesome! Goal today is to blast this cold before it can really take hold and set in for the long haul. It doesn't help that our weather has been a bit out of control lately from sun, to rain, hail and snow all in one day.

What are your best tips for getting rid of a cold?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I think I can, I think I can

Coming off a bad race, I want so bad to have a good St. Patrick's Day Dash. This is my 5th year running this race and I so bad want to PR it.  I want the PR because every year I have ran I have PR'd this event.  I just don't know if my body can handle it. Is anyone else being impacted by the time zone change as much as I am. I am down right exhausted. I went to bed at 8:00PM last night, and this morning almost 10 hours later I still want to sleep.  Either way I am going to try my best to get another PR.

Past results for this run:
2011 - 45:33
2010 - 47:57
2009 - 56:44
2008 - Unofficial time was 64:xx
The course is interesting. This is what I posted last year about the course and it is the same course: I mapped out the race on MapMyRun to determine the grade increase. Because at times it just feels like it is unbearable. According to MapMyRun the hill is about 1.5 miles long. The highest percent of increase is 7% - eeek!  But after the 1.5 mile long hill it is almost all down hill! Honestly, I can't wait to see what the Garmin says this year after the run.
Course Map
Here is what my mile splits looked like for last year (using Nike+). The race is just under 4 miles:
Mile 1 - 11:22
Mile 2 - 13:06
Mile 3 - 10:53 (downhill)
Mile 4 - 12:36 (mostly downhill, a small up hill and then flat)
Total time: 45:33

If I get some energy today, right now I have enough to sit on the couch and blog I plan to run 4 miles today. I am going to try to mimic the hill as much as possible if not with a higher incline to prepare. Although my lack of hill training and only 2-3 days to prepare for the hills might not be enough,  I feel like I can do better then last year.  The goal for this year's run will be faster mileage the second half of the race...I mean its down hill. I just need to stay strong for the little dip and small climb at the end.

What do you think of races that toss a killer hill in it? Do you tend to avoid course will hills? I usually sign up for the event, then look at the course and go....what did I get myself into. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Update

Saturday, I had bad race, of course today I have been recapping the race and the days before through my mind. The more I think of it the more I can pinpoint my mistakes and know where to make changes going forward.  My biggest mistake was fueling properly before and during the race.  Before the race, I was doing well up until Friday. See Friday morning I went to the dentist and picked up my first tray for Invisline.  I am having one tooth being moved on the bottom. By lunch time my teeth hurt so much that it was difficult to bite into anything. This meant come dinner time all I wanted to eat was soup.  My mistake number two for fueling for the race was for some reason I didn't bring my own fuel. I figured that  I would just pick up a gel or whatever they had at the race. Because I am slow, by the time I got to the stations all they had was bananas and pretzels. I was thankful that they had Nuun at each station, but I had no fuel the entire race.  The downside of a small race, is the supplies are limited when you are slow. Note to self - always carry your own fuel.

Sunday, I told the family that they day was about them. They did so much for me on Saturday with the race, letting me rest afterwards and just helping me get in a better mood.  We decided that we were going to see The Lorax, I used to love the book as a kid and was actually really excited to see it. Of course on the way there we did make one stop for me. I had to pick up my race bib for the St. Patricks Day Dash. Then it was movies and candy all around.  It was nice to relax and enjoy the movie as a family.

This morning I rolled out of bed to head into Spin class, I couldn't put off - I had to do it. It was a tough workout.  I am glad I got it done as I have book club tonight and don't know when I would get my workout in.  This week looks pretty easy, but then next week its back into half training. I have Portland on the books for May, but I am considering   a couple different options for April. Not sure yet if I want to put a half on the books for go for something shorter. Lots of options.

The plan:
Monday - Spin
Tuesday - 4 miles w/ mile 2-4 at incline
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday - 4 miles w/ mile 2-4 at incline
Friday - Rest
Saturday - St. Patrick's Day Dash
Sunday - Rest

How was your weekend? Are you running a St. Patrick's Day race?  Don't forget to enter my GlitzBand Giveaway - HERE! Ends Wednesday March 14th.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lake Sammamish Half

I had my alarm set to go off at 7AM this morning, instead I woke up at 6:30AM. As I tried to sneak down stairs and get some coffee my daughter woke up. My early relaxing morning turned into listening to an cranky 4 year old give out demands.  I started the day with a cup of coffee and and Eggo sandwich, and then promptly had to make one for my child who thought it was tasty.

After obsessing about the weather a million times I finally got ready and asked Sean to get up so he could take me to the starting line. The race start was only about 2 miles from my house, but it was raining so my plan to walk to the start changed to needing a ride. We arrived at the start a little after 8AM and I didn't want to get out of the car, it was so warm in the car. 

I hid out in a covered picnic area until about 10 minutes before the start.  It was cold and the rain and picked up a little. The race had sold out with 1,300 people and I figured if I started right before the walkers I would be in good shape.  About 5 minutes into it I saw Lori (a runner I met in October) about 50 yards a head of me and decide that I would work my way up to her.  I didn't want to push to fast so I took my time and shortly after the first mile I caught up with her.  We chatted for the next mile and then I hopped in front of her to let some people pass, and when I looked back again I was slowly pulling away. I was feeling great so I just kept moving along.

At 5.5 miles I took my first walking break to take my coat off. I was actually getting warm even with the rain.  Right around 8 miles my stomach started to turn. I knew that I had to find a port-a-potty to take care of some business.  Now I have never had to take care of this kind of business during a race, it is usually done after the race - either way it had to be done.  After my quick pit stop I was on my way. But by mile 10 my body was not having it. It was done running, no matter how hard I tried to push it kept stopping me. The only thing I can think of is I took care of the 'business', the thing I usually do after the race - so it thought I was done.  At mile 10, I sent a text my husband that I had 3 more miles left, I was wet, cold and miserable...oh and walking. These were the hardest 3.1 miles I have ever had to complete.   At mile 11, I looked at my watch and more mile I can do that - ok Jen just 20 more minutes. Then a saw the mile 12 sign and realized I was dumb and I had 1.1 more to go.
My legs were cramping up and by the end I was shivering and almost in tears. I walked through the finish line, I didn't even have it in my to run. Got my medal, grabbed a piece of pizza, walked to the curb to see my husband and daughter pulling up.  I hopped in the car, he tossed a blanket on me and I held back the tears.

We drove to the local Claim Jumpers, I changed in the car and we indulged in some good eats.  My stomach wasn't haven't it but I did get to eat about half my Cheddar Potato soup and some pretzel sticks.

I realized at lunch that I didn't take a post race photo with my medal, so I took one at the table.  The medal was anything but metal, but I still am happy I earned it all the same.  It will still hang nicely with my other ones. 

Overall my performance wasn't what I wanted, but looking at the big picture I ran/walked 13.1 miles with no back pain.  That in itself is a miracle. The only 'old' pain I experienced was my right ankle, but it has been acting up this week so I was expecting that. 

While I was out running, my daughter made me a picture with the spelling help of my husband.  Seriously how adorable is it.
Mommy ran a race and came in first place
Up next, I have to prepare for the St. Patrick's Day Dash in Seattle and then work out a plan for the Portland RnR.  No point in dwelling on a bad run, I just need look forward to what is next.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Fever

Do you stalk the weather reports leading up to a race like? I do. I am not sure why as the weather in Washington is so unpredictable - I am not sure why they even bother to give daily weather reports.  We had snow on Monday and this morning there was frost on the roofs and prediction that it will reach 60! For us that means wear a sweater and possible flip flops if your job allows it.

The weather for my half this weekend looks like this:

See the part highlighted in yellow! 90% chance of precipitation pretty much means it will rain at some point during the day. It could be during the race, it could be after the race, heck it could be a 9PM.  At race start it is saying 33 degree's with 40% chance of ran. Great so cold and maybe rain, but if you are like me you warm up quickly when you run - so this causes issues with planning what to wear.  I think I am just going to have to get up that morning and look outside and dress accordingly. Because right now I got - its going to be cold, it might rain oh wait and it might also warm up to a high of 43 degrees. Pretty much no clue what to wear right now.  

Are you a weather stalker? How do you  prepare for a race?

This past week I also participated in Let's Move it Mommas Spring Fever. It was simple, your choice of a 5K or 10K - run where you want to and then let her know.  I did 2 - 5Ks this week as part of longer runs for during my taper week. It was fun, and well as I mentioned above we have had a variety of weather. All of my runs were done on the treadmill at 1%-2% incline and no photo's were taken. I completely forgot! :) I love to sprinkle in virtual races and big thanks to Let's Move it Mommas for hosting this one.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GlitzBandz Review & Giveaway

About a week ago I noticed on Facebook that GlitzBandz was looking for someone to review their product. Never one to pass up on an opportunity to try something new I quickly sent them an email. Shortly after emailing with Emily a package arrived. Inside the package was this:

I instantly opened the package and tried on a new headband. I have shorter hair, but I  love wearing headbands when I workout to keep the pieces that don't fit in the ponytail from falling in my face.
It's cute right?

I wore it agan last night while working out and it stayed in place the entire time. Nothing better then a cute and functional headband.  I am loving her peacock design she just posted on Facebook - adorable!
What is a GlitzBandz?
  • GlitzBandz- a NO SLIP headband. Perfect for sports, athletic, or everyday wear. GlitzBandz come in a variety of colors, and sizes and can be custom made to fit YOU!
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  • They come in either 19" or 20" sizes. 19" in fits most youth, and 20" fits most adult sizes, but can easily be made smaller or larger if necessary. Each headband has an elastic back for tight, comfortable wear.  
Would you like a chance to win your own GlitzBand of your choice? If you do post a comment for one or all of the ways to enter.

Ways to enter:
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    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    When will the fear end

    Yesterday, I mentioned that on Sunday we went to iFly in Seattle for a friends birthday.  I was excited to try this out. What I didn't mention is the fear I had, not the fear of flying but the fear of being to heavy to do it.  As you walk in you read signs that say:
    Those less than 6 feet tall must weigh less than 230 pounds, and those over 6 feet must weigh less than 250 pounds.
    Nervousness set in. Fear set in, what if I weighed in over 230lbs, something I knew wouldn't happen as I had weighed myself that morning. But what if?! What if I was the one person of the group who couldn't go? I have always been he fat friend, the one who was bigger, the one who could give up soda and not lose a pound. While everyone else around me drops 2 sizes. I am not bitter that other people have it easy, but for me it is a lot of hard work. The fear of waking up and being my heaviest again is still there in the back of my mind. The fear of gaining all the weight back is there, so much that I even went pee before I checked in and was weighed in so that I could make sure I was the lightest I could be.  Once the checkin was complete the fun could begin. Here are a few photo's off the CD that our friends purchased of the event.

    I wonder when the fear of gaining it all back will end. When will be able to walk into a place like this and not be afraid of being to heavy, or fitting in a suit. I guess that is one internal struggle I will have to deal for a while.  One day I hope to be free of it, but for now I am more aware then ever of the goal that is before me this year.

    Sunday, March 4, 2012

    Weekend Update

    It's Sunday and I almost feel back to normal. Where do I start, lets see Friday I came home from work and pretty much slept. Saturday, I woke up feeling off but thought I could make it through the day. Around 1PM I took some DayQuil and laid down for a few minutes and the next thing I know it was several hours later.  I spent the rest of Saturday alternating between laying down and sitting up on the couch while watching TV. A very boring day overall but I got a lot of rest.

    Today, we celebrated a friends birthday by going to iFly. iFly is indoor skydiving, and is an fun and interesting experience. I know there is a video out there, as you can see from this photo,  we are a pretty serious bunch. It is something that is fun to do if you don't have the desire to actually jump out of a plane - you should try it.

    I was supposed run 10 miles today my last long run before my half on Saturday. I haven't worked out since Wednesday because I was sick. I didn't think I should go for the full 10 milers, but I need to get something in so 3 miles it was.

    The plan for this week:
    Monday - Spin and Arms
    Tuesday  -6 miles
    Wednesday - Spin and KempoX
    Thursday - 4 miles
    Friday - Rest
    Saturday - Lake Sammamish Half
    Sunday - 30 minutes easy spin

    How was your weekend?

    Friday, March 2, 2012

    Sick, sick go away

    I am 90% sure that I am getting sick. Last night, I went to bed at 6PM and woke up this morning at 7AM still exhausted. This morning I woke up with  a small stuffed animal next to me, I can only assume it was from my daughter. How cute is that.

    If I walk around or do to much I get really hot and feel like I am going to pass out. It actually feels good when I go outside because it is cool out.  I can only hope that I feel better by Sunday so I can get one more long run in before my next half. The closer I get to a race the more unprepared I feel, here is hoping I start to feel better soon.

    I leave you today with a cute photo of my child!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to take it easy today and tomorrow in hopes that I feel better by Sunday to run.  If you are racing this weekend best of luck!! 

    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    the good, the great and the ugly

    So that is not how the saying goes, but that is how I want it to work today so let's get started.

    The Ugly: I received my Shape Magazine yesterday and was highly disappointed by an article about Holly Madison. Now don't get me wrong I was a Girl's Next Store junkie when it was Holly, Bridgett and Kendra - so I like her. However, this article Celeb Slim-Down: Playboy Beauty Holly Madison - How the bombshell bounced back and regained her bombshell shape.  Typically a shape article will tell about how the person cut their diet, added some workouts and overall made a lifestyle change. This article is basically and advertisement for the drug that Holly is promoting. It says "Eager to shed pounds quickly, Holly turned to NV, a hot new weight-loss supplement."  Really Shape, this is what you want to promote. I get you have supplement ads, I get that is what sells your magazines. But to have an article from a celeb promoting a weight-loss supplement - not really my cup of tea.

    The Good: I have confirmed that my work will reimburse $50 for races or fitness events twice a year. The helps to cover some of my race costs. Additionally, we learned that my husbands insurance company will reimburse up to $150 of gym cost. You bet your behind I have already submitted the reimbursement for 2011. Can you say more money for race entries?

    The Great: A friend of mine created me a logo for our team for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. Look over to the right, isn't it cute! But the really great part is I have already raised 24% of my goal.  I posted on here and on Facebook that the first person to donate I would give a $10 Starbucks gift card. The first person to donate told me the save the card for the next person. The second person to donate was my dad and the third person to donate doesn't drink coffee.  There you have it. I have had some great donor's so far and I haven't even been registered for a week. I am currently $20 away from raising 25% and being one quarter of the way there. I also still have a $10 Starbucks card up for grabs to the next person who donates any amount - at my SBK Fundraising Page.