Friday, February 3, 2012

Juice and Workouts

As you know I am on a juice high this week, I also got a a new protein powder to try out so I thought I would share my thoughts on my workouts and my new adventure in juice land.

Two for the price on one Tuesday:
Tuesday morning I tried for the first time Click Espresso protein powder. If you have read my blog for very long you might now that I am a coffee junkie. I love it, so anything coffee, espresso flavored is usually a win for me. I purchased this product, it wasn't given to me to try - so this is truly my own thoughts. I kept it simple and followed the instructions and blended 12 oz of water, some ice and 2 scoops of powder for a smoothie. I clearly needed more ice as it wasn't very thick, however it tasted good. Not oh my goodness must drink daily, but it was good and would do for a early morning boost. The only downside to this was the flavor I ordered Vanilla Latte has 13grams of carbs per serving, a little to many carbs for my liking.

Tuesday afternoon I had a Green Drink. I made it the night before and put it in 16oz water bottle for easy transport. In this drink was cucumber, spinach, pear, apple, kiwi and a couple of leftover carrots. Put into to a pink water bottle and it looked like I was drinking mud, but tasted good in an earthy kind of way. It is something I will make again but not one of my favorite juices blends. Don't you just love my daughters lunch box keeping an eye on my juice in the fridge.

Tuesday's Workout was - was 3 miles on the treadmill. I ended up completing 3.5 and it felt good.

Wacky Wednesday
I wanted to try the Click Espresso protein powder again, but this time I warmed it up. There website says to enjoy it warm or cold. I heated up a up before I went to spin class. I figured with 15 grams of protein it might be just what I needed before class. I took one sip of it warm and tossed dumped it out. It tasted like a cappuccino out of one of those coffee machines you would find in a hospital or a college. It was bad. I quickly made a the cold version quickly. Don't be judging my water bottle, that is the only one I had clean that had enough room to mix it in. :)

Wednesday's Workout - Spin Class! The instructor said we were doing RPM 57 or something like that. The new release. I wasn't feeling the music but I focused on pushing myself especially on the uphill climbs. I feel like my legs are lacking in strength lately and if I can push them a little harder in spin it can only help my running right?

Juice of the day - I had two water bottles of juice for when I needed it at work. This juice was strawberry, cucumber, celery, pear, apple and carrot.

Thirsty Thursday
Juice was of the green variety again. I am running out of some supplies so as the week goes on the options become less. Next week I plan to look into trying beets and more greens besides just spinach and I will definitely by a bigger bag of carrots.
Breakfast juice was pear and spinach juice, protein powder, frozen mixed berries were blending to delicious goodness. Pear juice makes an amazing mixer for smoothies, I can only imagine how good it would be in a cocktail.  Pear martini anyone?

Lunch juice contained celery, spinach, cucumber and kiwi for a little bit of sweetness. Looked super green in my green water bottle.

Thursday's workout was a bust. I was dressed and ready to hit the treadmill when the husband and I started talking. You know those talks that about money and things you have need to sit down and chat about without a little one interrupting? ell it was one of those and by the time I was done I was not working out. Impromptu rest day.

Freaky Friday
Started with a quick Click Espresso drink just mixed with water. I decided to hit the gym Friday morning  to make up some of the miles from yesterday. 3.5 miles on the treadmill, then off to Spin Class. I stayed for Spin even though it was the annoying quote lady day.

I decided on juice for breakfast again - surprised right. This morning was Kiwi, spinach and vanilla protein powder. Keeping it simple and it quick. This afternoon I have celery, spinach, kiwi and apple juice chilling in the fridge for me. I am officially out of produce, well except for a few apples. Once I stalk up tomorrow I will take a photo of all the produce it takes to get a weeks worth of juicing in. I wish I lived in a state where produce was cheaper.  I get most of our produce at Safeway or Costco, buying Organic when it is priced right.  I love the farmers market in the summer, but when it is more expensive then the grocery store I have a hard time supporting them. I was a member of a CSA this summer and loved it. I plan to join up again soon. I love the concept I love the freshness, but I also love my money.

Where do you buy your produce?
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  1. Great job on the juice! We loved our old CSA, and since we moved, haven't found anything quite like it... but I joined a co-op with weekly pick ups of local, organic veggies that is similar. Besides that, we bounce back and forth between Whole Foods and the local grocery (HEB)... I hear you on the expense!!

  2. I hope to join a CSA this summer - I think it would be awesome!

  3. I saw Fat Sick and Nearly Dead this week and it has inspred me to juice! I think I will be doing a juice fast and I just ordered some sample packets from CLICK! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I would love to start drinking more juice these look great :)

  5. I need to drink more juices! Yours look great, and you have so many different fun bottles! I buy my veggies from Safeway or Costco as well!

  6. Have you tried the Mocha CLICK yet? I mixed that with just water and added a couple of drops of peppermint flavoring. It was really good!

    We tend to get most of our produce from Publix.

  7. I'm totally on a juice kick right now. Love the satisfied but not full feeling of juicing. I never thought of adding protein powder. You may have solved my dilemma!

    Most of the year my produce is from a CSA. I'm hooked on the flavor of locally grown produce. It makes such a big difference compared to our grocery store produce.

  8. I don't like juices that have vegetables in it :)

    I buy my produce at a produce store (don't know the correct name in English). I tried it from the supermarket but the quality wasn't good enough. I'm very picky about my fruits and vegetables and went back to the store. I have to pay a bit more for it but it's worth it.

  9. I have not really ever done the juicing thing. I would like to try the green drinks at some point. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. I love reading about all of your juice combos - no idea how you decide which to try but some of the combos sound unique and you say turn out delicious - that's cool. I think my biggest fear would be to try a combo and it be terrible. So excited for your new juicer!

    Keep up the god work with all of your healthy eating, drinking, and exercising - you're doing so great!!!!