Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Recap, Bring on February

January feels pretty much like a bust to me. It was a rough month and the high I wanted to steal from all of the January Joiners just didn't hit me. It doesn't help that I spent a week of the month working from home with the entire family while the Washington weather went a little crazy.  Let's recap how things went.

January Goals:
  • Find and run a 5K - I didn't officially run a race - but I did run a Virtual Race for Team Gab.
  • Run all of my Sunday long runs outside - FAIL - let's not talk about this one. Not only were have I not ran outside all month, I didn't do so hot on my long runs this month.
  • Continue with the Primal 21 Day Plan - I did great on this, I didn't get all of the Workouts of the day or week in as the plan called for. I noticed that some of the workouts cause my back pain. I want to try to incorporate them in again, but first I need my back completely healed.
  • Spin 2x a week - Done, this one is pretty easy having a bike at home now.
  • Yoga 1x a week - I completely fell off the Yoga Wagon, I was waiting for my Gym to open Hot Yoga up, then the week they did we had a snow storm.
  • Weight Loss Goal - 5lbs - Not a single lb. I stayed the same again.

February Goals:
  • Fit Yoga back into my workout schedule some how, I feel like I need it
  • Lose weight - 5lbs
  • Continue eating in the Paleo/Primal manner
  • Long Runs Outside - This is a must
  • Decide if I am going to sign up for the Seattle Half and/or Portland RnR. The Seattle Half has while it doesn't need to be decided now, the prices will go up mid February. Portland RnR - before it sells out.  I just need to make up my mind
  • Find the love for running again
I mentioned it earlier this week that I feel like I have lost that loving feeling. I am not where I want to be in any capacity so I need to keep pushing until I get there. I want to get past going through the motions and find the love and get my drive back. Overall the month of January, while it wasn't the kickoff  month I wanted to have it could have been worse and I need to look for the silver lining on a cloudy Washington day.  I saw this saying on pinterst and had to share, it reminded me that I can turn my dreams into reality.

How did you rock January? What are you plans for February


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan for February! I accomplished my January goals by getting back into running but not as much as I would have liked to. I have gotten into the Active 2 game for Wii that has alot of really great workout programs on it!

  2. January was definitely not the "finally lose these crazy extra 5 (8??) pounds" month I had hoped! However, my running has stayed on track--due in part to having signed up for a regimented training program, and in part due to the dedication of my new-found running buddy Robin. I admire your eating plan--I just can't seem to wrap my head around that kind of plan right now, but I know it would be beneficial. February is going to be my "greater dedication to cross-training" month!

  3. Well, the sun is shining in Seattle so hopefully you found your silver lining? Running outside in WA (especially this past month) hasn't exactly been alluring at all. I only do it because I don't have a treadmill or a gym membership.

    Your goals make me feel like I'm not working hard enough! One of these days, I'm going to do yoga. I've never tried it, but I know I should. You are SO amazing to sticking to the Primal 21 Day Plan.

  4. Good attitude, keep going until the love returns. I've stumbled through January with a modicum of success blighted by shin splints and a nasty head cold - February will be great especially since we have an extra day in it this year :-)

  5. I totally understand your feeling about running. You know I've been in the same place last month. Just keep going is my advice, shorten your runs if you have too, walk more if you have too and it will come back.

    I'm very pleased about my results in January. Hope February will be as good.

  6. January was not my best month. Good luck reaching your February goals! I'm hoping February will be a better month for me.