Thursday, February 23, 2012

Advanced Planning

Are you a planner? I am! Over the years, I have actually had to allow myself to plan in time for issues that might come up. See I am the person the likes to plan to the minute, in fact I am also the person who usually is 15-20 minutes early to everything.  I maximize vacations getting the earliest flight out the day we leave and the last flight out the day we come home. I force myself to wait in my car and relax and compose myself before I go in anywhere so not to be a crazy. I am that person who shows up to a race an hour early, then stand around and freeze and wonder why I am there so early. I have tried to make myself late and I just get anxious and still arrive on time.

You might be asking where the heck is she going with this. Well, on Saturday I am signing up for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in San Diego (Nov16-18).  I am super excited about it. But the anxiety of figuring out how I am going to train for the walk, as well as train for run's during those months is building inside. I know I need to just to relax and wait for the informational meeting and wait until I see the training plan for the walk, but that is not me. I need to figure this out as soon as possible. I am going to assume at minimum  it is a 12 week plan. Which means I would need to start in September really training.

My dream plan:
9/11 - a couple of races planned
10/2 - Salmon Day's 10K
11/16-18 3 Day Walk
11/25 - Amicia Seattle Half
1/12 - WDW Half (yes I am planning for this)

If you were going to do the 3 day walk would you plan races during your walk training? Also how soon after your walk woul1d you consider a half?

If anyone has participated in a 3 Day walk I would love and be grateful for any advice you have on the walk and/or fundraising.  I am not sure my high school fundraising skills of holding car washes and doing yard work for donations for people are going to work this time around.  Oh and if you are interested in joining in the fun let me know.


  1. Don't sweat the 3-Day me...from someone who has been there! I walked in the 3-Day walk in Atlanta this past Fall. The longest training walk I did was 13 miles. But, during that time I was also running on days that I didn't walk. You have the runner mentality and that will get you through the walk. And while the walk says 60 miles ours ended up being short. The first day we walked 18.7 miles, the second was 19.4 and the third was only 15.3. You will have the time of your life and be amazed at all the support. The best fundraiser for my group was a yard sale! We had folks donate to us and that helped a whole lot. Feel free to email me at if I can help you in anyway.

    1. Thank you!!!! This is what I needed. I am sure I will be emailing you. I am hoping going to the meeting tomorrow will help to calm my nerves about it also.