Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Recap

What will you do with an extra day in your year. I went to Spin Class just like I would on any other Wednesday of the month.  February wasn't the month I wanted, but I am still happy with it. I know the tweaks I need to make so that March is a great month.

February Goals:
  • Fit yoga back into my workout schedule somehow, I feel like I need it   - Didn't happen
  • Lose weight - 5lbs - Maintained
  • Continue eating in the Paleo/Primal manner - I continued this to the best of my ability, adding in fresh vegetable/fruit juice daily. However, at the end of this month I switch back to low carbs as I miss tortillas.  I have recipe for Paleo tortillas I just haven't made them yet.
  • Long Runs Outside - ehhh fail
    • 1 - Turned into walk but it was 8 miles
    • 2 - Rode my bike instead, it was the day after my 5K PR and I just didn't have it in me.
    • 3 - Treadmill
    • 4 - Treadmill
  • Decide if I am going to sign up for the Seattle Half and/or Portland RnR. 
    • Registered up for the Portland RnR
    • Registered for the San Diego 3-Day Walk  
    • Seattle Half as of right now its a No. The 3-day walk is the weekend before and I don't think my body can handle it.
  • Find the love for running again - The love is coming back, slowly, but it I am finding the love.
March Goals:
  • Complete the Lake Sammamish Half
  • Complete the Seattle St. Patricks Day Dash - my 5th year
  • Keep working on finding the love for running
  • Oh and the weight loss stuff, keep working on it 
  • Find and register for a run in April any distance, considering a half just can't find one I like
Two months down lets take a quick peek at my progress for my yearly goals and planning for them

Weight Loss Goals
  • Let's just call this the elephant in the room.  I have been maintaining great, but getting under 200 is this invisable barrier. I am not giving up yet. Still working towards the goal of 165 by the end of the year.  
2012 Fitness Goals
  • Run 4 Half Marathons (scheduled 3 events Lake SammamishHalf, Portland RnR, Seattle RnR, I have several suggestions, I just need to pick one)
  • Try a new distance  - Does 60 miles in 3 days count? Donate to my efforts here - Team Pink Flamingos
  • Run 12 Races Total  - 1 down - 11 to go
  • Year of the PR - work on PRing in 5K, 10K and half (really stop being content with my speed and push myself) - 5K  -PR - done!
  • Run more miles then 2011 - 505.29 - 105 miles done, a good start to the year.
How did February treat you? Or better yet how did you treat February? Any big goals for March?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

T is for Truth

The Monday workout - Ab work while the husband read to the little one. I participated in bed time story time by doing ab work in her room. Once she was in bed I headed down to the garage for 45 minutes on the Spin bike. Followed by a brief arm workout, I won't really call it an arm workout because I got freaked out by the way my veins were blue and popping out of my chest area and arms. I tried to take a photo of it but it didn't look right. My husband confirmed that there is nothing wrong with me and that its normal to look that way.  I can't wait for warm weather so I can get a nice natural looking tan and no longer have to see my veins sticking out.

Photo taken 2004
Yesterday, I received a notice that I need to renew my drivers licences.  In Washington,  every 5 years you have to renew. I have until April to renew mine. Everyone lies about their weight on their drivers licence right?  The last time mine was updated was in 2004, when I changed my licence to my married name. The asked my my weight and updated it to 200lbs, even though I weighed more. I figured no one was going to believe I was 150lbs anymore.  When I went back in 2007 they just had me pay the fee and kept all of the information the same.  So, do I tell the truth and leave the weight the same or do I knock 20lbs  off. I am thinking of knocking at least 20lbs off. I mean I am stuck with this thing for the next 5 years, I might as well put a weight I am not going to cringe at when I look at my licences.

Does your drivers licences have your correct weight? Is it higher or lower?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Madness

This morning workout was a big fat fail, but that is what happens when your child wakes you up twice between 2-3AM. I am blessed that my child usually sleeps through the night. But occasionally, like last night, she claims she can't sleep, when she is asleep. I have been known to talk in my sleep, so it only seems reasonable that my child should talk in her sleep also.   Missing this morning workout just means that tonight I will hope on my bike for an hour and knock some miles out.
Today I  made a knock off Fruit & Veggie Smoothie from Jamba Juice. I love Jamba Juice, just not the heavy calorie drinks. When they created there recent line of Fruit and Veggie Smoothies I was in love. My favorite is Orange Carrot Karma, and it is so easy to make if you have juicer. Ingredients: Oranges, Carrots, frozen mango, frozen banana's and ice.

For my drink I combined: 2 large oranges, 6-8 carrots (I forget how many I put in), a couple handfuls of spinach, 2 stalks of celery, frozen mango's and 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder. Thanks to my high quality cell phone picture you can see the juice already in the blender, with the frozen mango. It was early taking a photo was the last thing on my mind. I love using the vanilla protein powder as it gives it a creamcicle taste which is yummy.   I paired my smoothie with a hardboiled egg, and a cup of coffee w/ cream. Making it a filling breakfast. The best part about the smoothie is it is portable and quick to make. Two things I need in a breakfast. 

Do you usually eat breakfast? Do you eat on the go? Do you eat the same thing every day or do you like to mix it up?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Update

I feel like this is the first change I have had to sit down and relax this weekend. First on Friday, I actually woke up early and went for a run. Yes, you read that right I got up and ran before work and I didn't see any pig's flying either. I had an appoinment for a massage on Friday, so I wanted to make sure I had my workout done before that.  My massage was a Christmas present from my husband that I had finally gotten around to scheduling it. It was s deep tissue style massage and I explained to the girl that my lower back was the area I wanted her to focus on. She either didn't listen to me or didn't bother to care as she seemed to just focus on my shoulder area. I left feeling like it was the day after an intense upper body workout. For the past few days I have been in more pain in my shoulder/upper back are then I was before the massage. Pretty sure I won't be going back to see this person.

Saturday turned into a rest day as far as working out, but I don't think I stopped moving all day.  My darling dogs woke us up early with barking for no reason, but to wake us up. Once we were moving we went out to breakfast and then Evie and I headed to the orientation meeting for the 3-day walk. You may notice a new badge on the side of my page  - if clicked on it will take you straight to my page if you feel like making a donation. I am going to try not to annoying anyone to early begging for donations, since the walk isn't until November. With that thought I offered a $10 Starbucks card to the first person who makes a donation of any amount to my fundraising goal on Facebook and I extend that offer here also. It's never to early to start fundraising, right.

Sunday, I had a 10 miler on the plan. I am a wimp and didn't even attempt to go outside because at 9:30AM it was cold and raining. At mile 5 I hoped of the treadmill and went inside to go pee and noticed that it was hailing. After 10.25 miles, I headed back into the house and it was snowing outside. It wasn't sticking but it was cold out.  To cold for this girl and I was thankful to run inside in a new  tank  instead of bundled up out in the cold. I have never worn Zella brand, but I got a gift card for Nordstrom's and I bought this top along with a pair of Zella capri's.  Here is a photo of the tank, it definitely is a layering type tank and I think it will be great in the summer.

After over 2 hours of running, I took the little one to the pool and enjoyed my recovery in the hot tub. Seriously hitting the pool after a long run while tiring is the best recovery for my legs. After the pool, a late lunch, then grocery shopping, prepping for Monday, I finally time to sit down and blog. I feel like I have a million things to do still tonight, but I plan to do the minimum and get my booty in bed. I am exhusted.

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 24, 2012

In your head

Ever thing of a really good idea and say - oh I should blog about that later. You don't bother to write it down because it is that great of an idea that you will remember.  You sit down to blog and nothing. It is like staring at a white piece of paper in school when your teachers would ask you to free write. The more you try to remember the more your mind goes blank.  The great idea is gone, like it never existed its in your head in your head?, zombie zombie zombie, what's in your head in your head?, zombie zombie zombie.  Oops sorry, that is all that is going through my head right now. So instead of this amazing post I was going to tell you about you get the ramblings of zombie brain.

Thursday turned into a rest day as I had a meeting after work and didn't get home until 7PM and I just wasn't feeling it. So this morning I am up early and heading to the treadmill to run.  One interesting thing that came out of my company meeting last night as they announced that they are going to be willing to sponsor us for two events a year. I think this means that they will pay our entry fee to two events. I need to figure out the details, but that could mean that I might have a few more half's to add to my schedule this year.  The company I work for is on a health an wellness kick this year which I think is pretty awesome and even better if I can get some race fee's paid for.

The weekend for me is going to be pretty relaxed. Saturday I am signing up for the SBK 3-Day walk (see yesterday's post) and Sunday another 10 miler is planned.  What are you up to?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Advanced Planning

Are you a planner? I am! Over the years, I have actually had to allow myself to plan in time for issues that might come up. See I am the person the likes to plan to the minute, in fact I am also the person who usually is 15-20 minutes early to everything.  I maximize vacations getting the earliest flight out the day we leave and the last flight out the day we come home. I force myself to wait in my car and relax and compose myself before I go in anywhere so not to be a crazy. I am that person who shows up to a race an hour early, then stand around and freeze and wonder why I am there so early. I have tried to make myself late and I just get anxious and still arrive on time.

You might be asking where the heck is she going with this. Well, on Saturday I am signing up for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in San Diego (Nov16-18).  I am super excited about it. But the anxiety of figuring out how I am going to train for the walk, as well as train for run's during those months is building inside. I know I need to just to relax and wait for the informational meeting and wait until I see the training plan for the walk, but that is not me. I need to figure this out as soon as possible. I am going to assume at minimum  it is a 12 week plan. Which means I would need to start in September really training.

My dream plan:
9/11 - a couple of races planned
10/2 - Salmon Day's 10K
11/16-18 3 Day Walk
11/25 - Amicia Seattle Half
1/12 - WDW Half (yes I am planning for this)

If you were going to do the 3 day walk would you plan races during your walk training? Also how soon after your walk woul1d you consider a half?

If anyone has participated in a 3 Day walk I would love and be grateful for any advice you have on the walk and/or fundraising.  I am not sure my high school fundraising skills of holding car washes and doing yard work for donations for people are going to work this time around.  Oh and if you are interested in joining in the fun let me know.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I don't usually worry about what I am wearing

That is what my husband said to me the other night. I was telling him that I may have my St. Patricks Day outfit figured out, but I wasn't sure what I was wearing for my next half which is the week before.

He looked at me like any man would and said "I don't usually worry about what I am wearing to run in." Oh if only it were that simple. Of course I worry about what I am wearing, it has to be cute and functional. That way if I have a bad run at the very least I know I looked cute at the start of a race. I also feel that if you look good, it can help pull you out of a funk. At the end of the day you need to go into a race feeling confident and ready and for me looking good is part of that. Heck, who knows how much longer I will have that ability. Getting old sucks. :)
I might as well share a sneak peek of my St. Patricks Day outfit. It will start off with a vintage cotton St. Paddy's day t-shirt from my husband. He wore this in high school or maybe it was middle school for a fun run. Either way it finally fits me and I am going to rock it. I am going to add a layer underneath in black that is not cotton. :)

Next is the awesome Team-Sparkle Green Skirt, over black capri's and of course long festive socks. The only problem is these socks are thigh highs and that won't work for me, so I might use white socks with green shamrocks and then switch to a white shirt underneath. Either way I think it will be  a fun outfit.

While I was laying out the outfit above, I think I decided on my out for the Lake Sammaish half. The weather is so unpredictable in this state. That I am going with Nike Dri Fit coat, Pink Under Armour tank, camo running skirt, black capri's and compression socks. I have black compression socks, but I am thinking about ordering the Pink RunLove socks to go with it but I don't see them on their website right now.

So the questions is St. Patricks Day outfit - do I go with white socks and a while long sleeve shirt under the green shirt? Or stick with what I have? Lake Sammamish Half - Pink or Black compression socks?

Do you plan out your race attire or are you lucky enough to just grab something and look cute?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coffee, yes please

The plan get up at 5AM and run on my treadmill while watching Downton Abbey. Then I wouldn't have  to stress about fitting in my workout later in the day. Instead when I woke up at 2:30 to go pee I turned off my early alarm and slept through my workout. Not quit sure what my rational was at 2:30 in the morning, but I must have had a good reason. The 'new' plan run tonight after I put the little one to bed and still watch Downton Abbey, why is that show so addicting. Its like a night time soap opera, or as my husband calls it my stories.

Yesterday, while reading blogs I noticed that on 365 Days of Awesome she was just $6 from raising $3000 for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation - Click here to Donate. I decide that I would just skip my coffee two days this week and make it at home before work. Donate the $6 and help her reach her goal.  Having a 4 year old I just can't imagine having to deal with this, let alone its just not fair for kids to have to deal with cancer. Heck its not fair for adults either, but kids just breaks my heart. If you have a few dollars to spare please donate.

As for me and my coffee, what do you think happened.  The Tully's in my building was calling my name, well actually the Starbucks was but it would have required me to walk outside in the rain so Tully's it was.

Happy Fat Tuesday? We don't do anything to celebrate Fat Tuesday do you?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Update

I didn't have much to say on Friday in fact I was feeling kind of sick overall and had very low energy. With nothing to blog about I just read a bunch of blogs that day. I finally started to feel normal and got my booty to the gym on Friday to get my 5 miles in. My motivation was that I could sit in the sauna once  I was done.

Saturday I some how managed to get my bum to spin class. Even though it really wanted to just sit on the couch and drink coffee with the munchkin while watching Scooby-Doo. I think this was the worst class in a long time, the instructor was good I just wasn't feeling it and it was beyond hard. I felt like a rookie.

Sunday called for a long run. I really wanted to get 10 mile in since my last few long runs have sucked. I decided that I was going to do it on the treadmill even though I really need run outside. I am not going to lie one of the reasons I wanted to do it inside as I knew it would be easier on my body. I set the incline to 1% and started on my warm up mile. After two miles my normal need to go pee kicked in so I extremely thankful to be at home instead of our on a trail. After a quick break I hoped back on the treadmill and started Dontown Abbey up and continued on my way. My treadmill stops at 99 minutes, so when I hit 7 miles in 94 minutes. I stopped reset the treadmill and continued on for the last 3 miles in 37 minutes. The last few miles were much faster then they were supposed to be but I felt surprisingly good so I just let my legs go. After my run I had promised to take my daughter to the pool, I honestly think that hanging out in the pool is best recovery for my legs.

This week the plan is simple, spin, run, rinse and repeat. Oh and Saturday I am going to an informational meeting for the 3-day walk! I am planning on joining my aunt for this walk in San Deigo in November. I am hoping to recruit a few more people to join us, so let me know if you are interested. I have a place for us to stay pre and post walk.

If you read the Hungry Games you should find this funny, if not what are you waiting for read the Hungry Games?

Have you read the Hunger Games? How was your weekend?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It shouldn't look this painful

I am going to go with stronger, yes it is making me stronger. I should not look this bad at the end of a 5K, but for me I was pushing with every last ounce I had and it shows.  I typically try to give a smile to the camera, but at this point all I could think was don't stop, keep going, you are almost there. Don't stop...go, go, go.

Oh and why the heck are race photo's so pricey. I have been thinking of making a race book of photo's to help track my progress, but I think I would go broke. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the same wavelength

Tuesday I decided to give myself a swift kick and stop allowing myself cheats. I do so good and then I let one bad meal, turn into two and the next thing I know I am having a bad meal daily. Yesterday, I thought what a better day to challenge myself but on the day of love, and the day of candy been tossed at you from every direction. :)  Little did I know that this was also the theme of the Biggest Loser. I started watching BL last night while doing what was supposed to be my 6 mile run. My back was a little sore, so I decided to do 1 mile on the treadmill, 12 minutes on the bike and repeat 3x. For a total of 3 miles ran, and just under 40 minutes on the bike. It felt nice to change it up.  Do you allow yourself to slack on one particular holiday?

This morning I got up to head to Spin class I can't tell you enough how much I love having my workout done before 8AM. Now to figure out how ti get my booty up that early to run, with a class I feel accountable. Since I run by myself I can push it off until the end of the day and then I feel like the run sucks. Something I am constantly working on.

The goal today is to keep track of every thing I eat. I have debating on ways to help keep me accountable. Do I take photo's, write it down or just go by my instinct? I have done all variations of calorie counting, carb counting and what not and they work -  just need to commit to something and go with it.    If you track your food how do you do it?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Gotta love Pinterest, I wish I had this card!

Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Update

Like many other runners out there Saturday was a day to dedicate and run some miles for Sherry.  I had already planned to attend the Love'em or Leave'em 5K so I printed out a bib and attached it to my coat.  I counted 10 other runners with bibs attached to there backs. Just be fore the race was about to start we were lining up and I had several ladies ask me about the bib.

I started in the back of the pack in my normal location and at the last minute I moved up to the 12 minute mile area. The run starts out a little slow and bottle necks about .25 miles in where it slows to a walk. I focused on my breathing and just started looking for people to use as marker's and pass. First it was lady with fuzzy leggings, then it was girl in tutu, moved on to a woman with super red hair and so on. Before I knew it I was at mile one and glanced at my watched and noticed I was under a 12 minute mile. I thought to myself I don't know if I can hold this pace but I am going to try. The race never really thinned out like I am used to, mile two came and I was still holding strong under 12 minutes. I was a little shocked and told me self to keep pushing. I started to lose steam in mile 3 and took two very short walk breaks and pushed on. The last .1 felt like a million miles, I thought for sure I was going to die. Of course this is where the race photographers were located ate, can't wait to see my sweet photos.  When I got home and checked my Garmin my last .14 was at a 9:59 pace, for me that is fast and would explain my feeling of wanting to die. But you know what I am actually so happy that I was able to push myself and prove to myself that I won't die if I try to run faster.  My final time and new PR was 36:59.

Yes, I am happy about this new PR!

Sunday was supposed to be my long run day, but I wasn't feeling it. It would have been my third day running in a row and my day was packed with stuff to get done. I was finally able to get down to my bike at 8:30. I put in 30 hard minutes on the bike, followed by a short arm circuit and some abs and called it a night. Some days you just got to get in what you can.  The plan for this week is:

Monday - Spin
Tuesday - 6 miles
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday - 6 miles
Friday - Rest (may switch Thursday and Friday we will see how I feel)
Saturday or Sunday - Long run, the other day will be rest

I am leaving the end of the week flexible, I feel that way I won't feel the pressure to run. Instead I hope to want to run. Less then one month until my next half.

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Half Marathon #4, just became #5

Soo, what did you do yesterday? Me you ask, well I registered for:

I debated it for a a while now and I figured I might as well get it taken care of before the price goes up more. I am already nervous about adding another half in before the Seattle RnR, but might as well go for it. Now project find a hotel to stay at is in order. Any suggestion from the OR ladies on a good place to stay?

After work I picked up the kiddo and the husband and took them to a fancy dinner out at Red Robin. :) I really wanted to get the the fried zucchini because they are super yummy, but I passed. Instead I ordered the Ensenada Chicken Platter with on Chicken breast and instead of the Ancho Marinade I asked them to use the Blackened Seasoning instead. One thing I love about Red Robin, is it really is easy to eat decent there as long as you have the self control to skip the french fries (I admit I ate a few). I used the Salsa and the Spicy Ranch they provided as salad dressing. Had I skipped the ranch I would have lowered the calories to under 300 calories. I did my best to use it sparingly and dipped my fork into it versus dumping the entire 2oz container all over my food. Eating it this way I used less then half the ranch dressing.   Did you know that Red Robin  has a tool on their website that lets you customize your order with  a super handy tool at there website. This a lifesaver for me as I can quickly check out the calories and carb count on something I might want to order. Of course with all things made in a restaurant I usually add about 100 calories on to the total number, or make sure I leave food on my plate to make up for the user error when portioning things out.

The plan last night was 5 mile run I was all dressed to run when I was putting the little one to bed. We ended up having a pretty rumbustious wrestling session before bed. I was mostly laughing as she was attempting to tackle my legs. If she could tackle my legs to the ground she would say "Gotcha now sister", I have no clue where she got that phrase from. After our 20 minute WWF style wrestling match I decided to make Thursday a rest day and run the miles on Friday. Now I just have to figure out the best time to fit the miles in. What's your Friday look like? Don't forget to blog hop today and have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Triple T

Today's post is brought to you by the Triple T - Three Things Thursday

1. My daughter told me I was vampire this morning and was drinking blood.  This is what it looks like when you juice a beet, apples and carrots. A quite tasty juice but it looks like blood. Maybe I am just preparing for Vampire Diaries tonight. :)

2. I drank my blood juice while playing Kinectables on the iPad this morning. My child loves this game and it really does pass the time nicely.  This is Cacha our kitty.  

3. Yesterday I bought a pair of shorts at Target. I thought I was buying above the knee fitted shorts, when in reality I bought Bermuda style shorts. I was going to take them back when I looked that the receipt and realized that they charged me 98 cents for them, even though the tag said 19.99.  I just checked on line and they are on sale - C9 by Champion® Women's Fitted Bermuda Shorts - Ebony  for 13.98.  Not sure what I will use them for yet, but it would cost me more to take them back then keep them. I mean who has ever walked out of a Target and not bought something.

Any interesting morning confessions you would like to share?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Full Moon Funk

I believe that this things do exist. In my many years of working in Customer Service the crazies always come out before a full moon. Once the full moon is past its fullest point everything goes back to normal.  Did you now that Tuesday at 9:54PM PST time the moon was at its fullest. As Tuesday progressed I felt like an invisible weight was being lifted from my shoulders. I went to run at about 8:15PM and by the time I was done I felt great. It wasn't the best run in the world, but I my hatred for running was melting away.   I decided to look up when exactly the full moon was at its fullest and it was within 30 minutes of me completing my workout.  A little crazy, but true.

Another proof that the crazies come out around a full moon. I ordered two running skirts last week - for running on my treadmill, but also because the make great swim cover ups in the summer. I am have problems with the compression shorts on most skirts. The ones I ordered had have just the briefs, so they will only be worn in public if I wear capri's or other compression shorts under them. The public doesn't need to see my thighs up close.  I asked my husband to take a photo of  me in one of my new skirts. I had gotten ready to workout, but still had to prepare for today so I was in my slippers and sweater....classy I know.

Then I thought I would be strong and try to hold myself up!  I look a bit evil in the I am going to eat your brains out. kind of way and not as 'strong' looking as I was hoping for.

I want to love running skirts, but I haven't found the perfect match for my thighs. Maybe I just need to get over the fact that my thighs will never be super model looking. Standing pigeon toed will never make my legs look skinner as my thighs will still touch. :) Running skirts just don't love me us much as I love them. What a ones sided relationship I have.  I guess the only bonus is I don't give anyone a full moon when I wear running skirt....that would be bad overall.

This morning was spin class. I am addicted to a the remix they play of the Cranberries Zombies. This is the closest version of the song they use. I think this has to be one of the strangest songs that motivates me. Something about the remix just makes me push harder during class.

Do you think the full moon brings out the crazies? My daughter was full moon baby, so what does that say about me. 

Do you have a song that just motivates you to push a little harder in a workout?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Emotions and moving forward

Sunday's run really took a lot out of my emotionally and physicallly. Not just because my back acted up and made it near impossible to complete the 8 miles.  But along the way that nasty thing called self doubt crept into my head and started bringing up all of my failures. 
  • Why are you not under 200lbs yet, you should have this figured out?
  • Why are you not running faster? How long does it take for you to figure it out?
  • Why can't you give up sugar, you know that is making you fat?
  • Why did you buy more running skirts when you suck at running?
  • Why don't you just give up?
  • I already signed up for a bunch of race, how am I going to do them?
  • You hate running, while do you do this to yourself?
It took me until today to tell that voice to shut the hell up. The physical part of that 8 miles has me still in pain today, my hips and my shins are both hurting. I feel like I have never gone that distance before, like this is my first time training for a half. Clearly my lack of running outside this cycle is giving my body hell.  At the end of the day self doubt is still there and I just need to look past it and remember how far I have come.  I wrote this yesterday and this morning I didn't want to post it. After some thinking I figured whats wrong with being honesty and not always showing the rainbows and unicorn side of me.

Now back to my regularly schedule program.
Instead of running away from running I am attacking it head on by adding another race to my plate. Might not be the best thing, but what do I have to lose? Virtual race that is. Looking for a Spring Virtual Race head over to Let's Move It Momma's and sign up for the Spring Fever 5K or 10K run.  It's free, but you must contact her to sign up and then email with your results. The run can take place any time between March 1st-15th.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Update

Saturday I had planned to go on a nice 3 mile jog at GreenLake while the family played at the park That changed when I woke up and decided I wanted to go to Spin Class instead. I had been up for about an hour on Saturday when I realized that if I left right then I could make it to the 8:30AM spin class. I figured I would run later. During spin something happened that has not happened to me in a long time my right leg gave out, not once but twice. I have something called Cataplexy, I haven't had a symptom of it for at least a year and then on Saturday it popped up 3 times. I am hoping that these symptoms won't come around again for another year or so as they can really be a pain in the ass.  Instead of running later I decided to just have a nice realizing day with the family and same the energy for Sunday's long run.

Saturday night I didn't get to be until 11:30PM and around 2:30AM my daughter walked into our room and crawled into our bed. Once she was asleep I went and slept in her twin bed. I figured I would get better sleep there. At 6:55AM I hear - Mommy, Mommy where are you. I tucked myself deep under the cover hoping she won't find me. Her own bed was the last place she looked.  Let's just say when I woke up it felt like I had just fallen asleep. I decided to head out at AM for my 10 mile run. The plan was to run from my house to the location of my next half. I could easily meet up with the course in less then two miles.  This was my first run outside this year and my back was not happy about it. I ended up calling my husband and mile 8 to pick me up as even walking was causing me pain. I am bummed that I had to cut it short, but I still have 4 more weekends to get long runs in so right now I am not to worried.  I blame the bad sleep on the back pain.

The plan this week is simple if I am not going to Spin, then I am going to run. I am still saying that I want to go to Hot Yoga I put it on my schedule for Wednesday, I hope I can make it this week.
Monday - Spin
Tuesday - 5 miles
Wednesday - Spin, optional Hot Yoga
Thursday - 5 miles
Friday - Rest or Spin @ Home
Saturday - 5K
Sunday - 9 miles

I do plan to work in some abs and arms, but I am not sure which days yet.  As for eating I am doing Paleo, Juices and little processed foods. My few exceptions right now on processed foods are protein powder, half and half and Splenda. They seem to be the hardest for me to eliminate all together. For the most part I only have 1 serving of each a day.  New vegetables I am going to try this week in juice is Beets and Peppers - should be interesting.

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Juice and Workouts

As you know I am on a juice high this week, I also got a a new protein powder to try out so I thought I would share my thoughts on my workouts and my new adventure in juice land.

Two for the price on one Tuesday:
Tuesday morning I tried for the first time Click Espresso protein powder. If you have read my blog for very long you might now that I am a coffee junkie. I love it, so anything coffee, espresso flavored is usually a win for me. I purchased this product, it wasn't given to me to try - so this is truly my own thoughts. I kept it simple and followed the instructions and blended 12 oz of water, some ice and 2 scoops of powder for a smoothie. I clearly needed more ice as it wasn't very thick, however it tasted good. Not oh my goodness must drink daily, but it was good and would do for a early morning boost. The only downside to this was the flavor I ordered Vanilla Latte has 13grams of carbs per serving, a little to many carbs for my liking.

Tuesday afternoon I had a Green Drink. I made it the night before and put it in 16oz water bottle for easy transport. In this drink was cucumber, spinach, pear, apple, kiwi and a couple of leftover carrots. Put into to a pink water bottle and it looked like I was drinking mud, but tasted good in an earthy kind of way. It is something I will make again but not one of my favorite juices blends. Don't you just love my daughters lunch box keeping an eye on my juice in the fridge.

Tuesday's Workout was - was 3 miles on the treadmill. I ended up completing 3.5 and it felt good.

Wacky Wednesday
I wanted to try the Click Espresso protein powder again, but this time I warmed it up. There website says to enjoy it warm or cold. I heated up a up before I went to spin class. I figured with 15 grams of protein it might be just what I needed before class. I took one sip of it warm and tossed dumped it out. It tasted like a cappuccino out of one of those coffee machines you would find in a hospital or a college. It was bad. I quickly made a the cold version quickly. Don't be judging my water bottle, that is the only one I had clean that had enough room to mix it in. :)

Wednesday's Workout - Spin Class! The instructor said we were doing RPM 57 or something like that. The new release. I wasn't feeling the music but I focused on pushing myself especially on the uphill climbs. I feel like my legs are lacking in strength lately and if I can push them a little harder in spin it can only help my running right?

Juice of the day - I had two water bottles of juice for when I needed it at work. This juice was strawberry, cucumber, celery, pear, apple and carrot.

Thirsty Thursday
Juice was of the green variety again. I am running out of some supplies so as the week goes on the options become less. Next week I plan to look into trying beets and more greens besides just spinach and I will definitely by a bigger bag of carrots.
Breakfast juice was pear and spinach juice, protein powder, frozen mixed berries were blending to delicious goodness. Pear juice makes an amazing mixer for smoothies, I can only imagine how good it would be in a cocktail.  Pear martini anyone?

Lunch juice contained celery, spinach, cucumber and kiwi for a little bit of sweetness. Looked super green in my green water bottle.

Thursday's workout was a bust. I was dressed and ready to hit the treadmill when the husband and I started talking. You know those talks that about money and things you have need to sit down and chat about without a little one interrupting? ell it was one of those and by the time I was done I was not working out. Impromptu rest day.

Freaky Friday
Started with a quick Click Espresso drink just mixed with water. I decided to hit the gym Friday morning  to make up some of the miles from yesterday. 3.5 miles on the treadmill, then off to Spin Class. I stayed for Spin even though it was the annoying quote lady day.

I decided on juice for breakfast again - surprised right. This morning was Kiwi, spinach and vanilla protein powder. Keeping it simple and it quick. This afternoon I have celery, spinach, kiwi and apple juice chilling in the fridge for me. I am officially out of produce, well except for a few apples. Once I stalk up tomorrow I will take a photo of all the produce it takes to get a weeks worth of juicing in. I wish I lived in a state where produce was cheaper.  I get most of our produce at Safeway or Costco, buying Organic when it is priced right.  I love the farmers market in the summer, but when it is more expensive then the grocery store I have a hard time supporting them. I was a member of a CSA this summer and loved it. I plan to join up again soon. I love the concept I love the freshness, but I also love my money.

Where do you buy your produce?
Don't forget to blog hop today and have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tag you are it, no tag back

I have been tagged twice for this 11 Random Things post that has been floating around bloggyland. 
I was first tagged by Kerri over at Mom vs Marathon and I thought well maybe I will do this if I have the time. I have sure enjoyed reading other peoples response. Then I was tagged by Heather at Will Run for Coffee and I thought, well crap now I feel like I have to do this as two awesome people tagged me. So here I go:

Here are the rules:
  1. Post these rules
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
  3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
  5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
  6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.
11 Random Things about Me:
  1. I would rather sleep in an extra 20 minutes then spend time doing my hair. Now that I cut it short I miss the extra sleep.
  2. I am a planner, but some days I just want to get in the car and drive to wherever it will take us.
  3. I have two dogs that are 10 and 9 years old, yet they still act like puppies. I am pretty sure they will be around for at least 5 more years.
  4.  I have a Spin bike and enjoy riding it. Some days I think I should get a real bike, then I remember I am afraid of falling off one or getting hit by a car.
  5. I once dyed my hair with Kool-Aid.
  6. We used to wear colored wigs to go out dancing in, this was before Katy Perry made it fashionable again to have brightly colored hair. My favorite was the electric blue one.
  7. I hate mushrooms - enough said.
  8. I have short commute for work and have for the past 8 years. I don't think I could ever go back to a commute that is over 30 minutes. I don't know how people do it everyday.
  9. I want to move some where warm, I am over this fall like weather year round. Washington is pretty, but I like it hot.
  10. I think heated seats for cars is one of the best inventions ever.
  11. I hate shopping for clothing. I used to love it, then I gained weight and lost weight now I hate it. I wish I had someone to just fill my closet with nice clothing so I didn't have to think about it.
11 Questions from Kerri over at Mom vs Marathon
  1. Why do you blog? I started to keep me motivated for my first half, I continue as it helps hold me accountable to for my goals.
  2. What is your favorite childhood board game? Connect 4
  3. Coffee with or without cream? With Cream
  4. Tell us about your favorite vacation ever. Our Honeymoon - Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas
  5. What is your favorite movie quote? That is a tough one - I have to many
  6. Best bling from a race: Seattle Half - I love it because I really had to work for it in the wet weather conditions.
  7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?  San Diego
  8. Why would you live there?  I just really enjoy it there
  9. The one song that gets you superpumped to run is: MIA Paper Planes
  10. What did you have for dinner last night? Smoothie and 2 eggs
  11. Why did you start running? Sounded like a good idea and I thought it would be something my husband and I could do together. He was a runner in HS and just an all around natural runner.
11 Questions from Heather at Will Run for Coffee 
  1. If you listen to music while you run, what's your "power song"? Kayne West Stronger
  2. Which race has been your favorite so far?   I love the Seattle St. Patrick's day run, this year will be my 5th year running it.
  3. What's your favorite training plan? I use SmartCoach and then modify it for my needs
  4. What's your go to post run fuel/food?  Long runs at home - usually a smoothie. Races - I go for the bagel and chocolate milk
  5. Do you reward yourself after a big event?  I eat whatever I want :)
  6. If yes to #5, what do you do to reward yourself?   Whatever my body will tolerate. I usually want some greasy fast food, but often my stomach can't handle it so I go with  Panera soup and bread.
  7. Have you motivated others to run? In real life, I am not sure. I know I have a few friends online that I believe I have motivated to run.
  8. Who motivated YOU to run? My husband
  9. Is running part of a bigger journey for you, or is it just something you do?   My initial journey is to lose weight, running has become a part of that.
  10. What's your favorite time of year to run?  May, I love running in the early mornings in May.
  11. Is running a solitary event for you, or do you share it with others? I run alone. During my first half training my husband ran the long runs with me, but for the most part I run alone.
11 People I have Tagged
My last 11 commenter's. If you already did it you are off the hook. If not get to talking about yourself.
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  11. TurtleLisa is...
 Here are your 11 Questions:
  1. Favorite Color?
  2. If you had to give up one food for the rest of your life what would it be? It has to be something you currently like?
  3. What kind of car do you drive?
  4. Coffee, Tea, or neither?
  5. Favorite Season?
  6. Brag about yourself what is your favorite feature about yourself?
  7. Ladybugs or bumblebees?
  8. Breakfast foods - are you a bacon and eggs person, or pancakes kid of person?
  9. What age did you go through your awkward phase?
  10. If you could be one person, for 24 hours who would you want to be?
  11. Toilet Paper over or under?
This has been fun, but really time consuming. I hope you all enjoyed it and will participate if you were tagged. If you weren't tagged feel free to jump in on the fun. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Recap, Bring on February

January feels pretty much like a bust to me. It was a rough month and the high I wanted to steal from all of the January Joiners just didn't hit me. It doesn't help that I spent a week of the month working from home with the entire family while the Washington weather went a little crazy.  Let's recap how things went.

January Goals:
  • Find and run a 5K - I didn't officially run a race - but I did run a Virtual Race for Team Gab.
  • Run all of my Sunday long runs outside - FAIL - let's not talk about this one. Not only were have I not ran outside all month, I didn't do so hot on my long runs this month.
  • Continue with the Primal 21 Day Plan - I did great on this, I didn't get all of the Workouts of the day or week in as the plan called for. I noticed that some of the workouts cause my back pain. I want to try to incorporate them in again, but first I need my back completely healed.
  • Spin 2x a week - Done, this one is pretty easy having a bike at home now.
  • Yoga 1x a week - I completely fell off the Yoga Wagon, I was waiting for my Gym to open Hot Yoga up, then the week they did we had a snow storm.
  • Weight Loss Goal - 5lbs - Not a single lb. I stayed the same again.

February Goals:
  • Fit Yoga back into my workout schedule some how, I feel like I need it
  • Lose weight - 5lbs
  • Continue eating in the Paleo/Primal manner
  • Long Runs Outside - This is a must
  • Decide if I am going to sign up for the Seattle Half and/or Portland RnR. The Seattle Half has while it doesn't need to be decided now, the prices will go up mid February. Portland RnR - before it sells out.  I just need to make up my mind
  • Find the love for running again
I mentioned it earlier this week that I feel like I have lost that loving feeling. I am not where I want to be in any capacity so I need to keep pushing until I get there. I want to get past going through the motions and find the love and get my drive back. Overall the month of January, while it wasn't the kickoff  month I wanted to have it could have been worse and I need to look for the silver lining on a cloudy Washington day.  I saw this saying on pinterst and had to share, it reminded me that I can turn my dreams into reality.

How did you rock January? What are you plans for February