Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Who has the time?

Tuesday's Workout, started after 8PM:
  • 2 miles - completed with sprints included
  • 20 minutes on the Bike working to keep my HR above 130
  • 15 minutes arm circuit
It seems in the New Year the number one excuse I hear people say is that they don't have time. In fact with in the first 5 minutes of the Biggest Loser you heard almost everyone say they don't have time. I am sure I said that in the past, but you know what I had time to sit  on the coach and watch shows like the Biggest Loser. Two hours out of my day sitting on the coach probably eating something unhealthy.

Yesterday, I posted on my Facebook the following statement
Day 3 of the New Year - how many people started new diet plans this week? Don't give up just because you have a craving. If it is something you really want you will make it work. Make yourself a priority in the year, find a healthy balance and find a reason to eat well, because there is always an excuse to eat bad.
You might be wondering where I am going here.  Finding the time in your normal day is about making yourself a priority in your life. Many of us work full time and have family dynamics that we have to attend to. In order for us to be the best we can we have to take care of ourselves and make time for ourselves. If you make one resolution this year it is to make yourself number one in your family because if you are happy your family will be happy.

How do I find the time? For me its about getting up early or working out late. I have a pretty crazy schedule where M/W I go to a 5:30AM class, T/TH Run usually in the evening, F/Optional day depends on what I feel like that day. S&S are usually early morning days as well. Do I like getting up early - nope, I hate it. But after the workout is done the day is just better. There is no thinking all day about the workout that I have to get done.  As Dolvette said last night - Find a way to make it work, and work it out!

On to day Day 9 of 21 - Primal Challenge:

Diet - Track Macronutirent Intake - Done and Done. I use the BodyBugg Software prior to switching to this diet, so I can input my information in pretty easily and figure it all out.  This diet has you work towards getting your protein intake 50-100 grams per day for fat loss and 100-150 to maintain ideal body composition. I try to reach close to 100 grams daily by having some sort of protein with each meal and snack.

Exercise - Increase daily movement  - Simple enough.

Lifestyle - Media Fast - Ingest all of your news and information today during 10-minute time blocks in the morning and in the evening. This one is going to be tough as I spend a lot more then 10 minutes reading blogs.

When do you find that time to workout?


  1. kind of remind me of the Energizer just go go go. Way to go!

    This year is starting off very slowly but, I will be turning it around soon. ;-)

  2. I only work three days a week so i usually only workout on my days off or when i get off work early.

    Great job with all yours!

  3. great post - it's sooooo true. I like your honesty - you don't like getting up early, but you do it and it always makes things better! So true! I think I would feel less rushed and pressed in my day if I moved my workouts to the morning (HUGE SIGH) . . . something to consider at least!

  4. I'm all about having a set schedule-I prioritize working out just like everything else I do because really my health is just as important as my job. I like working out first thing in the morning because it's no excuses and it's over before I'm even really awake :)

  5. I agree that there's always time to workout. It's all about priorities. Like you I workout early in the morning and yes that means getting to bed earlier and get up earlier but I'm worth it and my body is worth it.

    I have a fulltime job, I clean my house myself, I do the groceries and cooking at home and I have a social life. If you and I can find the time, everyone can.

    Good post Jen!