Monday, January 2, 2012

When do I get my medal?

For the past few day's my daughter has begged to go for a run. Finally yesterday after taking down our Christmas decorations and eating some lunch we set out for our run. It was beautiful out for a January day in Washington. The Sun was out the air was crisp yet warm so I drove us to a local trail for some controlled chaos. I wore my Garmin so that I could keep track of how far we had gone and the time. The run started out as sprint as far as you can and then rest. This little one is fast!

After a few of those, I said why don't we run for 1 minute and then walk for 1 minute. She agreed and we worked through a few cycles. About .4 miles in she stopped and looked at me and said "So when do I get my medal for this race?"

It took a while to explain that this was just a training run and we don't get medals. I am not sure she understands that people run for all different reasons. She was completely bummed, but after a promise to find her a race soon she was ready to run some more.  We turned around just shy of 1 mile and headed back to our car. The run/walk back was a lot slower, it was her normal nap time and she kept saying she was just exhausted. Just shy of 2 miles on her first run attempt, not to shabby. I told her we would need to have a few more training runs before her race. Looks like I might have a new training partner.
The weekend was tough, I had a bit of a splurge meal on New Years Eve  - take out Mexican, I wasn't feeling 100% before dinner.  Every time I stood up I got dizzy, but as long as I was sitting I was ok. I ended up eating way to much and then felt ill the rest of the evening. It was a good reminder of what I used to do weekly in the past. On to day Day 7 of 21 - Primal Challenge:

Diet - Intuitive Meals - Basically eat whatever foods I feel like with in cultural breakfast, lunch and dinner traditions.  Since this is my last day off before heading back to work, I am sure my day will look something like this in regards to food - egg scramble for breakfast, super protein shake smoothie and nuts for lunch  and dinner will be fish and asparagus. I am sure there will be a few cups of coffee in there also and plenty of water.

Exercises/Lifestyle - Grand Play Outing - find something fun to do outdoor with the family. Not sure yet what we will do, but if the weather permits we will head outdoors, if the weather does not play nice then maybe hit up the gym pool.
My plan for the week looks something like this:
Although I already see a few tweaks coming as I have until 1/4 to use up 2 yoga sessions, so I might do Yoga on Monday and Wednesday to fit them in. Then I need to buy more sessions if I plan to keep going to this location. My gym is supposed to have there Hot Yoga ready by mid January but they don't have a schedule up so I am not sure what I am going to do yet.

How did your New Year start out?


  1. HIlarious about your daughter. And kudos to you for taking her running! That is so sweet. Your week's workout plan looks great. I really need to detail mine more...

  2. So cool that you and your daughter went out for a run together. Her medal question had me laughing out loud.

    Happy New Year Jen.

  3.!!! OMgoodness! She's adorable!!! I love that you wrote more about this run. You'll have to tell her that I've done a couple of half marathons running 1 minute and walked 1 minute :) Good for her!

  4. Awww...what a great run with your daughter. Happy New Year!

  5. that is a "fun run" if I do say so myself.

    Pretty slow New Year's Day around here...had to drive home 2 hours and then work 4 at the Y....we crashed by 8:30 last night and I slept til almost 7 this morning!

  6. That is so cute! I'm with her ... I want a freaking medal!! ;)