Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Went a little crazy

Last night my plan called for 3 miles. I had planned to do a Biggest Loser inspired run. Run faster when they cry, match the people on TV, increase incline at commercial breaks and what not. But my body had a different plan.

They tell you to wait at least 12 hours before working out after giving blood. Monday I complete my workout in the AM so that wouldn't be an issue. I figured over 24 hours between giving blood and working out would be ok, but it wasn't. Around 2PM yesterday  I started to feel off and by 7PM I just felt down right awful, so I pushed the run to tonight and cleaned out my sock drawer instead.  I know what a wild a crazy night I had! Anyone else hate matching socks, I  don't bother and about once a year I will go through and clean it up.

 Yes that is the before photo! I was on such a sock high that I didn't bother to take an after photo...but I now have neat little stacks of socks.  I proceed to clean out my t-shirt and workout clothing drawers also, so now I have a nice pile of clothing to take to the donation station.  It won't stay neat and tidy forever, probably won't even last a week.

This morning I begged my body to get out of bed and head to spin class, I wasn't feeling it but since I was awake I got up and went.  The instructor was a no show! A few people said that more power outages happened last night in the area that he lived so we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Someone plugged in their iPod to the sounds system and we all rode for the duration of the class.  Tonight I need to get my make up miles, I know if you miss a run you just miss it. I just feel this time with such a short distance I just need to get it done.

Do you have any favorite socks?  Share a link as I am in search of some new ones just for fun or for running?


  1. Hey I bought a pair of the compression socks from you told me about! LOVE THEM!!!! (they are plain black with the white heart...I kind of wish they came in leopard print or some thing fun but they are great socks and priced right)

    Also, kiddos went skiing last night for the first time this year. I received some SmartWool socks for Christmas and let them wear them. They both said their feet/toes stayed MUCH warmer with them ... WooHoo to awesome socks!


  2. I have, literally, over a hundred pairs of socks, so it's really hard to pick a favorite.

    I get most of my knee socks from Target.

  3. OHHH organizing always makes me feel AWESOME - like a pillow that was suffocating me was removed - great job organizing your stuff.

    BOO to the teacher for not showing up (though, I had my own little alarm clock malfunction this morning - first time in over 15 years it's messed up).

    I hope you get your run in, but I also support a rest if that's what your body is yelling for!

  4. that BL workout sounds fun! I sooo need a treadmill!

    Hm, cleaning a sock drawer is totally something I should/could be doing right now...Injinji toesocks are fun and pretty cool too!

  5. Giving blood always throws me for a loop for at least a day or so. Hope you were able to get your run in today!