Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was a pretty average weekend, workouts were completed at home mostly on my Spin bike, nothing spectacular to report.  The threat of snow was looming over us on Saturday so we figured we better head to Costco to put some gas in our SUV in case it actually hit.  We didn't see any snow on Saturday. Sunday we woke up to a few snow flurries, I decide to  make a big breakfast and try a new recipe. Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes was on the menu with some sausage and eggs. As a bad blogger I didn't take any pictures. They were good, they were fluffy as promised, but I actually though they were a bit too sweet. I think if had made a fruit puree as a topping the would have been awesome, maybe next time.  My big dreamy breakfast ended up as two small coconut flour pancakes and sausage - maybe next weeks will be better.

Since the snow decided to hold off I took our VW Golf into Seattle to meet some friends to see West Side Story. I only leave about 20 minutes outside of Seattle so it should have been a quick trip. When I was about 10 minutes out it started snowing and traffic stopped and we crept the rest of the way while the snow continued to fall. Roads were being shut down, along with freeway exists but after 40 minutes I was able to make it to the theater safely. I saw my fair share of cars sliding down the hills, as well as fender benders. In Seattle no matter what the weather people can't drive, but toss a few inches of snow and the crazies come out. By the time we came out from the play the snow was already melting and made my drive home safe.

After taking 3 days off to let my back rest I am back in the game. I am going to try to get some running in but if my back acts up I will hop on the bike instead. My gym is finally starting Hot Yoga this week at $3 a class or $19 a month. I plan to give it a try this week and see if I enjoy it better then the other study. I really want to like it, as it is so much cheaper then the other studio I was attending. 

The rough plan is but at least it is a plan:
Monday - Spin and a short test run
Tuesday - 3 Miles
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday - Hot Yoga
Friday - 4 Miles
Saturday - Hot Yoga or Rest Day
Sunday - 6-8 miles (plan calls for 8, but we will see how my back feels about that)

How was your weekend? Did you see snow this weekend?


  1. Weekend was good. I went for a 10-mile run to test the waters for a half marathon in February. I saw the snow both days, but Sunday was crazy. Even being from Montana and having AWD didn't help yesterday. I fishtailed once or twice and slammed into a curb even though I was going <5 mph. I was happy to get home and stay there for the rest of the day.

    I heard West Side Story was good. Wow, those are some cheap yoga classes.....

  2. Glad your back is feeling better! No snow here, we're now too far south... but that was always scary watching people slide around when they don't know what to do it. Glad you're safe!

  3. We, in the PNW, do not know how to drive in the snow. I agree. Good luck getting back on track this week.

  4. Kind of funny about the different cities react...we are regulars with it here (although this year it has been super nice..and we are lovin it!)

    Take care..

  5. West Side Story with friends - sounds fun! Bummer the weather sucked so much!!!!

    I'm glad your back is feeling better. I hope you like your yoga class (fingers crossed).

  6. Don't feel bad. People in Nevada don't know how to drive in snow, either. Had our first snow since October last grateful! We needed it!

  7. Same here: as soon as we get some snow or heavy rain people suddenly can't drive anymore.

    Looks like a great date to see West Side Story with your friends.

    We have had no snow this Winter (yet) but snow isn't very common in Holland. We are having the most beautiful weather at the moment: cold, sunshine and blue skies.