Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend we had our final Christmas celebration at my Dad's house. He spent Christmas in the Dominican Republic this year so we had to move our celebration to a day when he was back. My Dad likes to do things a little different when it comes to Christmas Dinner and I love it. Instead of a Turkey or a Ham we did Seafood. Now, I love Seafood. I specifically love clams! Since I was a child I have loved clams, to the point where if a restaurant served a bucket of clams I would order them and eat every last one. We had Salmon, Oysters and 10lbs of Clams.....of the 10lbs I believe I ate at least 5lbs myself and washed all down with a bottle of wine.  It was wonderful evening of food and family. I was extremely thankful that I went to Spin class that morning after the calories I consumed.

Sunday I woke up in pain, not from the wine but my back pain was back in full force. I decided to postpone my 6 miler until later in the day in hopes that it would start to feel better. My goal this training cycle was all long runs outside, but my back is not going to let the happen right now. Around 6PM I hit the treadmill to get the miles done. It was a bit painful after mile 2, I had to stop several times to stretch out my back. At the end of the day I completed the distance I needed to and decided that it was time to switch back to 3 runs a week instead of 4.

The plan for this week. I have no Yoga workouts planned, but I plan to work them in. We just have a busy week with things planned after work so I am not sure which days will workout best yet.

Monday - Spin
Tuesday - 4 Mi and Arms
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday  - 4 Mi and Arms
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Spin
Sunday - 7 Mi

How was your weekend?


  1. My back hurt on my run today and stopped 2 or 3 times to stretch - it hurt so bad I thought I was never going to make it. Why does back pain get us down so much?

    I'm glad you got your miles in. I think 3 days a week of running is way easier and better on both my mind and body. I agree with your decision (I know you'll sleep better knowing that I agree with your decision - ha!).

    Feel better friend!

  2. Sounds like a great family weekend Jen. Would you believe it if I told you that I have never had turkey at our Christmas dinner?

    You're a rockstar for hitting those miles on your treadmill despite your back pain.

    As I told on DM (and I know you've responded to that but I didn't check it yet) I had it a few weeks ago too and I rested. I think it's wise to cut back to 3 runs a week which is perfectly too. It's not about quantity but about quality.

  3. Love the idea of seafood for Christmas celebrations. Your love of clams reminds me of my eldest, he loves mussels and requested the on his pasta last week, think he ate more than I did :-)